Musicane website puts musicians in control

musicane-screen-grab.GIFThanks to this post at Musick in the Head for pointing me to Musicane, an exciting service allowing online upload and sale of songs, films and other content right from your site. 

According to its homepage, Musicane allows you to:

  • Promote and sell your own songs, films, ringtones, and other content online.    

  •  Drag & drop the Musicane Player onto your social networking profile, homepage, or blog.       

  •   Manage your fanlist and send out custom email blasts… all from one  site. 

With Musicane, according to the website:                                                                                             

  • You set the price for your content. Keep up to 80% of whatever you sell
  • Fans can drag & drop your Musicane store onto their own websites.

  •  Uploading is easy and content is up for sale immediately

Find some background on how Musicane came to be here and a free sign-up form for the service here.

We’ll probably be releasing some original material on Musicane in the future so stay tuned. Meanwhile the link to the site will be added to our resource library very soon.

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