Blogtronix trial may look at social shopping


Let’s pause for a post in our series here to thank George Athannassov over at Blogtronix for giving me a great test drive on the company’s blog/wiki/social networking platform.


As I noted in my first post there and at bootstrapme:

…the interweaving architecture of n10ah , with its combination of blog, Yahoo! and MSN Groups, a MyBlogLog Community was inspired in part by Blogtronix when I got my first look at it earlier this year.

But something else that’s unique is the focus on enabling media rich content.

Even though the company seems to see it mainly as a corporate networking tool, I think there are some serious independent media and entertainment applications possible. 

Actually what may come out of my little experiment over the next few weeks is a social marketing model that may or may not have much to do with this site. 

Whether it does or not, though, I think it’s safe to say that marketing of independent music might be part of that equation as well. Stay tuned.
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