Inexpensively create T-shirts for your band (Part 5)

Design your own band T-shirt!



This means don’t even think about hiring that super cool nifty brainiac hanging around all day at the college computer lab if he:


  1. Wants to charge too much for his work (Since, with just a bit of creativity, most of us could throw something together for that first band T-shirt, in my mind it’s hard to justify paying a professional at first).
  2. Is too wrapped up in his other geeky projects to give your effort the attention it deserves.

After all, if he’s such a genius what is he doing hanging around the college computer lab all day?

Heck, I passed over the idea for using my wife, a talented graphic artist, for the project because her busy schedule would have delayed the project in definitely.

Instead, I enlisted the talents of my eight year old son (seen above) with some creative lettering to be used in a pretty straight forward photo. Read more… 



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