Inexpensively create T-shirts for your band (Part 6)

Making T-shirts for your band free online



How are creating cutting edge software and creating T-shirts inexpensively for your band related?


Er…um…give me a second on this, O.K.?


Oh, yeah! The answer is that a quote from start-up guru Guy Kawasaki can apply to both endeavors.


In his post “The Art of Bootstrapping”, Kawasaki makes the argument that:

“Perfect” is the enemy of “good enough”…Besides perfection doesn’t necessarily come with time–more unwanted features do… It’s definitely a tradeoff: your reputation versus cash flow, so you can’t ship pure crap. But you can’t wait for perfection either. 

So, when you’re working on your T-shirt project try not to get bogged down with perfection and remember the objective here, promoting the music…and maybe making a couple bucks on the side. 

Read the rest of Guy’s comments at my BootStrapMe post here or on his very popular and thought provoking post at the above link. 

Then read the next blog post for more on our project. 



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