Inexpensively create T-shirts for your band (Part 8)

Design a T-shirt using your own artwork!



So, how do you go about creating customized merchandise for an online boutique to promote your band or musical project?


Well, the way I got started was by using two preexisting pieces of visual art.

  1. A cropped photo of a television antenna we had used as the photo for the first post on this site (seen here)
  2. A drawing I had made on an old Microsoft art program that had been originally planned as part of a design for a vintage t-shirt


What you use when you begin your project is really up to you and depends on your talent, creativity and ingenuity.


You might, for example, take some great photos of the band, or photos of some interesting scene or event.


You might just sit down with a graphic design program on your PC and whip up something completely incredible.


Here are the details of what I did and how. Your own project may, and probably will, differ substantially.




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