More recording tips

Reel to reel tape recorder

Here are some more recording tips from independent
Nashville based Renaissance Recording Studio’s John Wheeler


Wheeler suggests a project studio with good quality tape deck, mics, mixing board, can be thrown together for around $8,000.


Here’s the breakdown:

  • Mics—high end AKG C-414 for slightly under $1,000, lower end AKG C-3000 or Audio Technica 4033 both for under $500
  • Recording decks—ADAT (digital) for under $1,000 or 8-track reel to reel recorder for a little over that (In fact, the above Tascam MSR-16S 16 track analog reel to reel which is more than Wheeler says is necessary to get started was being listed for a “Buy It Now” price of just $1,600 from a Syracuse, NY, seller on ebay at the time of this post)
  • Mixing board—Mackie 8-channel console for around $500 used
  • Other odds and ends—microphone preamps (budget Symetrix and DBX units or Avalon and Focusrites high end), JBL or Yamaha NS-10 monitor speakers, good low cost reverb either Lexicon or Yamaha REV-500, low cost DBX 160A or RNC compressors
  • Things to avoid—cheap microphones with poor sound quality, multi-track cassette recorders, mini-discs
  • Other alternatives—Record directly to your hard drive provided you use 44.1 kHz or greater (This may require extra hardware and software for your computer)

For more on Renaissance Recording Studio serving the independent music community check the studio’s main link and for more tips on microphone selection and placement, tracking techniques and mixing click here, here and here.

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