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Citizen journalists needed

Write a music review 

Have a favorite on line music site, artist or resource that you’d like to share with others on the Internet? Got a passion to be a part of an online music revolution?


Well, does “N10AH: your independent music network” have the solution for you. We’re looking for citizen journalists interested in sharing their online discoveries with our readers.


Send us a link, a review or some information and we’ll provide a mention in the post you help us create with a link back to your website or online profile. Podcasters, if you’ve got a particularly great program to share, let us post it and provide a link back to your site as well.


Remember, n10ah will never knowingly post any copyrighted material without the copyright holder’s permission except for commentary, criticism or other uses permitted under the doctrine of “fair use”.


When you submit materials to n10ah you represent that you either hold the copyright or have obtained permission for use of the material from the copyright owner and will assume full responsibility for copyright infringement resulting from your actions.



We hope to create a great core of contributors consistently helping us uncover what’s best in independent music on the Internet and growing n10ah into the premier guide to independent on line music we believe it can be. 


Get involved. E-mail us today.

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N10ah is evolving!

dinosaur skull

After almost four months on the Internet, n10ah is undergoing a transformation.


Though originally intended as a network for both creators and listeners of independent music, we’ve decided to focus our attention on developing this website into the premier guide to independent music online.


Past forays into the behind the scenes how-to’s of independent music for those interested and involved in the indie music business both online and in the F2F world will continue on a new website soon to be announced.


And of course there will be some overlap and cross linking in future features where obvious connections exist.


We also don’t expect this shift in focus to diminish in any way the community spirit we’ve tried to foster here at n10ah and still strongly encourage you’re comments and other input.


Increased focus on citizen journalism with reviews of online music and shared favorite links from readers is one place we particularly hope this sense of community will thrive.


And, of course, information from bands, artists, independent labels and podcasters particularly connected to music with a high availability online is still welcome.


We’re simply looking for a way to allow independent music listeners to focus more on finding the music they love or new music they can get into online without wading through post after post of do-it-yourself recording techniques, info on how to start an independent record store or other topics best left to another forum.


In this case, we’re hoping less will be more in the sense that less focus on info aimed at the music professional will leave more room for just plain music.


We hope you agree. For input or questions about some of our future plans and how you can be involved, e-mail us here.

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