N10ah is evolving!

dinosaur skull

After almost four months on the Internet, n10ah is undergoing a transformation.


Though originally intended as a network for both creators and listeners of independent music, we’ve decided to focus our attention on developing this website into the premier guide to independent music online.


Past forays into the behind the scenes how-to’s of independent music for those interested and involved in the indie music business both online and in the F2F world will continue on a new website soon to be announced.


And of course there will be some overlap and cross linking in future features where obvious connections exist.


We also don’t expect this shift in focus to diminish in any way the community spirit we’ve tried to foster here at n10ah and still strongly encourage you’re comments and other input.


Increased focus on citizen journalism with reviews of online music and shared favorite links from readers is one place we particularly hope this sense of community will thrive.


And, of course, information from bands, artists, independent labels and podcasters particularly connected to music with a high availability online is still welcome.


We’re simply looking for a way to allow independent music listeners to focus more on finding the music they love or new music they can get into online without wading through post after post of do-it-yourself recording techniques, info on how to start an independent record store or other topics best left to another forum.


In this case, we’re hoping less will be more in the sense that less focus on info aimed at the music professional will leave more room for just plain music.


We hope you agree. For input or questions about some of our future plans and how you can be involved, e-mail us here.

Photo Credit: Bobainsworth, Morguefile

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  1. chippy_the_k said

    Oh Man!! This new site idea has me so excited I think I just ruined my best pair of jeans! I can’t wait!!!

  2. Iris Gardner said

    Can you sent or post the link for downloads? How do we download free music to listen to?

  3. chippy_the_k said

    Hello? Hello? Is anyone here?

    Where’s all the talk about dependent music? I keep checking everyday and it’s look like the same site…

    Hell…I’m sure NAMBLA sites get more traffic then this place. My mom got more hits from my dad in a week then this site sees.



  4. Cindy Curtis said

    It’s pronounced “independant” music. How can you consider yourself a fan if you can’t even speel? Besides, this site isn’t the only site he works for. You should check out bootstrapme.com

  5. chippy_the_k said

    Hey Cindy, get a clue! I know it’s called independent music, but do you see the links on the right side of the page? Bare Naked Ladies? Dave Navarro? Pete Townshend? What indie label do these guys struggle under?

    Next time you try to insult me, I’ll bootstrap your ass!

    I know the guy works for other blogs, hell I have an idea for a new writing essay: How to Maintain a Website!

    Tip One: Update it at least once each lunar cycle…

  6. Cindy Curtis said

    Just because an artist once made it successfully doesn’t mean they haven’t the need to start from scratch again. I don’t think any of the artists you mentioned have been successful in recent years, which may be why they are on the site. Perhaps in a sense, they are starting again and just because they were big once doesn’t mean they don’t need our help becoming big once more. Even John Travolta went from famous to obscurity to famous again…although I do think he may be a little crazy now with that whole Kaballah thing he’s into.

    And please, Chippy. There’s no need for name-calling. This is a community of like-minded individualls that believe in the same bootstraping principles. We need to work together, not against each other, if we’re to make an impact.

    I guess the only thing I do agree with you on is that I keep checking back for more one-on-one advice from Mr. hessinger. But I’m sure that’s coming soon. So pleae be patient.

  7. Doug Ferling said

    Hey guys!
    I couldn’t disagree more with Chippy. I’ve never heard of the singer Sananda Maitreya before, but after finding his (or her) site…I’m not really sure if it’s a boy or a girl), I’m gonna check it out. Although the singer looks a lot like that Wishing Well singer (Terence Trent) from back in the 80’s, which is weird! Check it out…he/she is the spitting image of him.

  8. Hessinger said

    Hey folks,
    Thanks for tuning in but let’s keep it civil. Yes, n10ah has had little content added in the past few weeks since we are just beginning a relaunch of the network that will include a new and different concept than what we first anticipated back in November of 2006. And, yes, Chippy is right that some of the artists linked to from the site are more independent than others, something else we hope to rectify as our redesign moves forward. While we here at n10ah are appreciative for the early support and understand the frustration of a website that is not regularly updated, we also remind you that n10ah is also a small bootstrapped start-up. (See my other blog at http://www.bootstrapme.com) Translation: Lots of enthusiasm, no capital, no full-time staff. So we ask you to be as patient as you can, check back regularly and give us some feedback, which is what you have been doing. Ultimately, the success or failure of this site depends on you!

  9. chippy_the_k said

    Did you hear that Cindy? The man asked you to be civil!

    Thanks for checking in boss-man! I’ll tone down my comments about updating the site so long as you check in and keep us informed about what’s coming up at n10ah.

    Now let’s talk music! Has anyone heard of a small band called Larry Does Lucia? I saw the group perform at George Mason U a few months ago, I’m just wondering if they’ve landed a contract yet.

  10. Pozatron said

    Whoa, looks like I got here just in time for the party.

    Hey guys, I just read the whole chain of messages and Shaun’s right. If we’re going to make a difference in turning people onto music, we have to do this together. It starts right here…with little blogs like this one…awhich if you put enough blood, sweat and tears into it…can turn it into an even bigger blog. You think Google or Myspace or YouTube started off big? We’re on the ground floor of something huge hereand I’d just like to say that I’m onboard and will be anxiously saving my pennies for the day this site and sites like it go public.

    This is the future of music right here guys… you should feel honored to be at the ground floor.

    The first band I’d like to suggest to people doesn’t have a website yet because the lead singer is a little cash poor, but I’m telling you, she’s like the next Enya or Sia. Her name is Pokey and right now, she’s playing a lot of Seattle gigs, but her music is over the top. Wai a few months and then Google her to see if she was able to drum up some monry for web hosting…right now, all you’ll get is porn stuff and Gumby stuff, but give her six months and you’ll be hooked on this blonde hottie.

  11. wookie-hunting-nookie said

    I’ve heard of Larry Does Lucia, they actually broke up on stage a few months ago. The lead singer and drummer started a new band called Pigsfeet and Pepsi, but it also failed. Too bad.

    I just found this site seems pretty cool!

  12. Mac Attack said

    I just found it too Wookie. I was searching for ways to record things professionally and the word “boot” got me here and I stumbled upon it.

    Hey, so I have a question for the panel: I want to get into the whole bootlegging thing to make a fast buck. I live in New York and there are a LOT of indie bands up here. I’ve tried stuffing digital recorders and such into my shirt, but the quality is a little grainy…it always picks up my girl saying stuff like “I like this song” or “Give me a hit” or “Check it out…do you think that’s his real dick or a sock?” That sort of stuff. How do I tune out the background noise so I can get a cleaner sound?

  13. Notesonmymind said

    Go with the Edirol R-09.

    The Edirol R-09 is a handy field recorder with some surprisingly sophisticated file-maintenance features. It is profoundly easy to use, records to inexpensive media, and the onboard mics do a decent job. Battery life is outstanding. It looks cool, too…even though the bands you’re recording will never see that fact! LOL!

    Another thing: I’m guessing you’re a guy so you don’t have many options for placing the mic just right. My tips: Invest in two upfront seats, bring a girl with big breasts (you’ll look less suspicious and you’ll need the cleavage, trust me), have her stuff the recorder between her breasts (angle the mic out or you’ll get a lot of breathing) then have her sit still. At the end of the night, you’ll have quality recordings you’ll have burned and on Ebay before she can say “Hey, untape this recorder off my boobs!”

  14. 7thLevelMaster said

    Whoa! Mac Attack told me this site was going to rock with details on bootlegging. The recording tips aren’t bad (those that apply to making Ebay material). Anyone using Demonoid to pull down albums for ripping? Sometimes, the quality is great, but othertimes, my customers complain about the sound quality. Makes it tough to build up good feedback. I may be bootlegging (or bootstrapping, if that’s the new term for it) but i still pride myself on what I sell.

  15. wookie-hunting-nookie said

    Does anyone know of a way to break the code that prevents ITunes music from being copied to another MP3 player? In my opinion, if you pay for the music you should be able to listen to it however you want, right? I heard in France Apple has to change it’s encoding to allow this, I’m sure someone knows how to do this already…

  16. Big Ben said

    Cripes Mac Attack ya cant let some damn chick get between you and maken money! Just tell her the next time she talks over the mic youll drop on the street corner and make her work back the cash she lost ya. Dont be a wuss, make er do it!!

  17. Mac Attack said

    I hear what you’re saying, Big Ben and Notesonmymind, but here’s the thing: my girl doesn’t really know I’m selling these things. I keep telling her that I’m making copies of different CD’s for my Aunt Agnes who lives out in Boonton, right? Thing is, her brother’s a cop! So everytime she keeps seeing more CD’s burned, I keep sayin I forgot to mail it out. Any pointers on what to do from other bootstrappers out there?

  18. ponyupbigtime said

    Hey guys!
    After posting on the ABOUT page, there was discussion about Paul Giamatti… any fans over here of the actor and if so, what is your favorite Giamatti movie. and don’t everyone say SIDEWAYS…c’mon, think out of the box!

  19. ponyupbigtime said

    Oh… and if you’re wondering why we’re talking about the actor, someone had commented that Hessinger looks like him on his bio page. Don’t forget to sign in there and say hi…

  20. Mac Attack said

    Paul Giamatti’s best performance…The Truman Show. If you can sit through his last scene and not cry, you have no soul.

  21. Hasbeen_donethat said

    What’s with the threads going away from the main point? I don’t think this is what the proprietors of this site were hoping the site would evolve into. Let’s talk MUSIC, PEOPLE!!!

    But as for best Giamatti film: Thunderpants You’ll laugh ’til it hurts.


  22. chippy_the_k said

    Let’s not not forget Giamattis cut his acting teeth in Private Parts, if he wasn’t so brillant there he never would have made it into any of those other films. Hey, wasn’t he called pig vomit in that movie? I’m sure Shawn must be thrilled to know people around here thinks he looks like a guy named pig vomit…

  23. Babagooey said

    People on this post! Can you check out the pic on the April 4-5th post? I’m very concerned that it’s hurting peoples eyes because they have to strain when looking at it. I want as many people as possible to ask the administrators to change it. I’m serious… I knew a girl here in my office that had a seizure playing a Ninendo DS game because of the flashing lights and stuff.

  24. Mac Attack said

    Hey Chippy the K!
    Hasbeen brought that Stern reference up on the other Paul Giamatti thread we have going on the “about” page. You should add your comments there.

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