Citizen journalists needed

Write a music review 

Have a favorite on line music site, artist or resource that you’d like to share with others on the Internet? Got a passion to be a part of an online music revolution?


Well, does “N10AH: your independent music network” have the solution for you. We’re looking for citizen journalists interested in sharing their online discoveries with our readers.


Send us a link, a review or some information and we’ll provide a mention in the post you help us create with a link back to your website or online profile. Podcasters, if you’ve got a particularly great program to share, let us post it and provide a link back to your site as well.


Remember, n10ah will never knowingly post any copyrighted material without the copyright holder’s permission except for commentary, criticism or other uses permitted under the doctrine of “fair use”.


When you submit materials to n10ah you represent that you either hold the copyright or have obtained permission for use of the material from the copyright owner and will assume full responsibility for copyright infringement resulting from your actions.



We hope to create a great core of contributors consistently helping us uncover what’s best in independent music on the Internet and growing n10ah into the premier guide to independent on line music we believe it can be. 


Get involved. E-mail us today.

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  1. […] Original post by Hessinger […]

  2. Rodney Jordan said

    How much do the job paid? I can write for you but I need to no if I can do it for free?

  3. Rodney Jordan said

    I make a mistake on my last message. I meant to say “do it for a fee”, not “for free”.

  4. Lord Byron said

    Is this offer limited to only US bands? If you yanks are interested I can clue you in to some happenings here in OZ. I recently saw a Wiggles cover band called Wiggle This, they do hard rock/punk versions of Wiggles songs. Their version of Yummy Yummy Fruit Salad is a thing of beauty! They actually end the song by throwing rotten fruit salad at the audience!!

  5. Pozatron said

    Hey Lord Byron,
    I haven’t heard of Wiggle This but they may want to do their research in case there’s any copyright rules that apply. There’s another small band over in the UK called Wiggle That and they do the same exact thing. But I guess since they don’t own the rights to any of the music either, there’s really no legal issues, right?

    They used to be a cover band doing Jethro Tull B-side songs, but I don’t think that did well for them.

  6. Hessinger said

    Sorry no. We don’t pay for stories or info. N10ah is a small bootstrap start-up (See my other blog for details) and that means no money and no paid staff–at least for now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from sharing information, clips and links with us here at the network. If you have your own blog whether all music or on a combination of themes we will provide generous links to your site when you provide information we can use here at n10ah. That means more traffic and, if you’ve already monetized your blog, more potential income for you. And, yes, Lord Byron, we’d love to hear about music outside the U.S., all around the world in fact, as long as the information we provide to readers is in English. Well, that’s about it and we hope to get some more posts up in the near future so for now enjoy the site and tell a friend.

  7. Mac Attack said

    I can’t believe Rodney thought it was a paid gig, especially when the whole idea of bootstrapping means on the cheap. Does anyone know why they associate the two? I heard that when soldiers were captured and they knew they were going to be forced to give up information, they would use their bootstraps to hang themselves before they confessed anything that might give away their unit. Or, use them liike a garotte to kill their enemies when they didn’t have anything else. Interesting, no?

  8. Samus-Aran-Fan said

    Wiggle This do a great short garage tour with Samus Aran’s Hot last year, Lord Byron. Instead of playing bars in the UK, they actually performed out of people’s garages! I would have LOVED to have seen that but I couldn’t get out of doing community service that weekend. Don’t drink and drive folks… the law will keep you from seeing your fave bands, that’s all I’m saying.

  9. Samus-Aran-Fan said

    Crap… I just realized my parole officer is going to flip if he finds out I mentioned that. Is there a way to remove my last post… I really don’t want to go back into the system. Thanks!

  10. Samus-Aran-Fan said

    Wait…scratch that. I noticed the site doesn’t show e-mail addresses so I’m fine. Leave my post… leave my post! It’s more important for me to turn people onto good music than be paranoid. Just don’t show my e-mail, OK. Thanks!

  11. I want to thank Wookie for telling me about this site, but hey guys, no offense but this site sucks.

    If you really want to be a part of the know, head on over to Trust me, the information is better and at least we refresh things every day. I’m all for the grassroots thing, but christ, what are you people, throwbacks to the hippie age? So far, the only thing this site has taught me is never have one, let alone TWO pics of yourself on a website…yet NOTHING else that’s even related to the topic. I wouldn’t even know the site was about music if I didn’t accidentally trip on the posts on the right hand site. How about an icon or two that shows someone playing music instead of headshots of bald guys that look like they were taken in a bathroom stall!

    We’ll be waiting for ya over at indie-music!

  12. Mac Attack said

    Whoa, what’s with the namecalling, Daized? The site’s in the middle of a relaunch, so bear with it. I’d say it’s a success so far since after hearing about the redesign, the site’s getting a lot of people talking. So why not shut your fat yapper and contribute something useful like a band suggestion instead of grooming tips. I’m bald and heavyset myself, but what does that have to do with what I post or contribute?

    here’s mine: There’s a speed metal band called “Greenhouse Effucked” that’s emerging on the scene in Tampa. Hot, hot, hot… went down for spring break just recently with my old lady and this band was playing for free at the local surf shop. I bought a CD out of their trunk, and I’m telling you, there’s like Nirvana meets ButtHole Surfers meets Seal… that’s the best way I can describe them.

  13. Big Ben said

    Hey any of guys into Harleys? Ive been all over hte south hitting biker bars and hearing some great blue grass music. I can turn you on to some of the best stuff out there.

  14. Mac Attack said

    I’m into bikers and that whole scene. can you turn me on

  15. Mac Attack said

    Crap! I hit the submit button by accident! I meant to say “can you turn me on to some cool blugrass bands?”

    Seriously, I can’t believe I friggin did that. I have a girlfriend, Big Ben… you replied to me about her on another post. Totally straight here.

  16. chippy_the_k said

    Forget! That is the most pretentious site on the internet! I love how everybody there acts like they’re so great they would never “sell out” and sign with a major label, but they reality is anyone of them would sell their mother’s soul to be a real recording artist. Meanwhile none of them get signed because they suck! I hate these “artists” who think their shit doesn’t stink.

  17. Hasbeen_donethat said

    I agree, but it’s ironic because I actually found out about this site because someone posted something on one of their boards. You have quite a community here and I look forward to talking music with like-minded people like myself that wouldn’t sell a drop of their own blood to the man, let alone a drop of their creative juices, just for money.

    Hey mac Attack… Greenhouse Effucked is good, but I can’t stand all their conservative preachings in between songs. The one tune they do called In The Arms of Ann Coulter off their Rush the Limbaugh album is a riot though… I’m not one for political music but the lyrics in that song made me laugh so hard, I almost crapped myself.

  18. Mac Attack said

    Couldn’t agree more, Hasbeen! Man, I thought I was the only one that knew about this band. Before this band, I would say Weird Al was like the best satorist, but these guys make him look lame. But it’s “Bumrush the Limbaugh”, not rush.

    Man, I should have bought more of their albums when I saw them. Thing is, I only had like $30 that night and it was wing night. Gotta keep the old lady fed )Hey, what can I say… I like ’em plump!) Only had $5 left after we saw them play so I was only able to buy one album and a button.

  19. Hasbeen_donethat said

    I’ve got all three, Mac. Wanta “share” music? E-mail me at and let’s make a deal. It sounds like you might have some things that I need.

  20. Babagooey said

    Hey, has anyone seen the picture on the April post yet? It gives me a headache because it hurts my eyes. Is anyone else having the same problem?

  21. Mac Attack said

    Hey hasbeen!
    I definitely may have what you need. E-mail me some of the bands you like and I’ll see if I don’t have any “legal” copies to trade.

    Man, this website is great! I know the other post this month discussed how Noah should evolve and I think it should turn into a smaller-knit file sharing community. Who is down? It makes sense to me… Noah has two of everything on the ark, right? So maybe NoahMusic could be the arc of indie-music.

  22. Lord Bryon said

    Whoa! I forgot I posted here a few days ago, and now look at all the traffic! I can’t believe someone else here has heard of Wiggle This! I’m still interested in writing more about the band and giving them some exposure in the US, who knows maybe a tour will come out of it! What kind of articles is the site looking for? Should I write about the set I’m set to see them do in a few day?

  23. Mac Attack said

    Yeah, traffic is picking up Bryon. And I’m with you!

    Hey Shawn, what type of articles are you looking for? Do you need pics? Do we need to seek approval or if we end up going to a gig on the fly, can we write up something and send it? Etc.

  24. Hessinger said

    No premission needed to write something up. And, yes, Lord Byron, we’d love to have something from that show. Any way you could shoot a digital photo or two? Perhaps with some rotten fruit salad in mid-flight? Send it to Perhaps you could even talk your way back stage, interview the band and get some photos. Whatever’s possible. Make it as long as you like. If it’s too long for a single post, we’ll chop it into several. We here at n10ah, of course, reserve the right to edit for content and length considerations. Remember, you grant us right to use anything you submit, but copyright is retained by you of the original unedited article and photos to do with as you see fit. If you have another website let us know and we’ll be happy to direct links there. For now we’ll be on the honor system that those writing articles are not representatives of the bands or artists they cover. It’s fine for a representative or artist to submit an article or photos so long as they properly identify their relationship to the artist. That’s about it. We hope to develop an informal core of citizen journalists covering and writing about music regularly and perhaps can create relationships that can lead to this.

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