How to be a musician

Learn to be a musician humor

Canada’s The Tutorialist may have single-handedly reinvented the instructional video for the digital age…with a heavy dose of satire.


Have a look at the clip and see if it inspires you to pick up a guitar and find that “sweet spot” or to take up the harp for you “liars” out there.


For a fresh look at the nine to five grind you may also want to check out The Tutorialist’s “Work” as well and visit for more “scores of planetary minutiae.”


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  1. BabaGooey said

    First post. FIRST POST! EAT THAT, BLOGGERS!!!!

    Hey, the picture of the guy playing guitar is all fuzzy. Is that my screen playing tricks on me or should I up my resolution. I can’t make out the face on it either. Anyone having the same problem? If I stare at the picture for more than 10 seconds, my eyes start to hurt.

  2. Hessinger said

    YouTube video feeds are a bit on the blurry side. Watch the video clip for a much better picture. The grab is just illustration for the post.

  3. Mac Attack said

    Hey, anyone notice the gay undertones in this YouTube feed. There’s a guy practically hugging the other guy when he’s practicing guitar… and then when the guy’s playing it between his legs, the scenes are almost pornographic! Then they mention that you want to find the “sweet spot”. C’mon!

  4. Hasbeen_donethat said

    You can’t see the faces because there aren’t any faces, Babagooey. And Mac Attack, you’re thinking of the wet spot, not the sweet spot. Jeesus! I’ll give you that the YouTube clip seems like it has some gay undertones, but let’s try to have some civil discussion about indie music here or I’m picking up my blocks and going home.

  5. chippy_the_k said

    Alright, another new thread is opened! Hey Shawn, with all the people posting here lately, can’t you give us a message board? Or you could create a thread asking people to list their five favortie indie bands, that should generate some great debate! C’mon don’t leave us hanging, this is the most action this site has seen in months, you gotta give us more!

  6. Babagooey said

    I’m serious… is anyone else really having problems when they stare at the still picture of the guy playing guitar? I’ve shown this to about five people in my office now and they all say they feel the same way. It kinda gives you a headache.

    Hessinger, can you PLEASE find a clearer picture. I’m serious, I’m afraid it may cause someone to have a seizure.

  7. PuxatawnyFill said

    Hey Joe!
    You’re right…this picture is weird. I think you’re being paranoid though. My eyes hurt a little but I’m not having… errr… agh! Help! See—sure. Seizure!!

    LOL! Just kidding Joe. I think the pic is fine. See you at work on Monday.

  8. PuxatawnyFill said

    Hey Joe,
    I just realized your username is Babagooey. What the heck is that anyway? That’s a riot. Anyway, I’ll see you at work on Monday. Have a good holiday, man.

    Oh, if Damon asks about that cost analysis sheet from 4th quarter 2006, tell him to call up Sue. She handled that file last week when we were working on the last chapter case. I know she has it.

    later man!

  9. Big Ben said

    Judas f-ing priest babagooey shut yer damn yapping! Your all over these boards bitching like a chick on the rag about that pic!! Why don’t you just shove your head back in your ass then you won’t have to see it anymore!

  10. Nancy Blakesley said

    Hi Joe!
    It’s Nancy. I got your e-mail about checking out this site. I would say that although it’s slightly out of focus, I don’t think that can be helped. I hope that answers your question and have a great holiday.

    Oh, and is PuxatawnyFill “Phil Shamus” from work? If so, hi Phil!

  11. Dean Knopf said

    Joe, it’s just a blurry picture! I can’t believe you had Phil call me about this. It’s also the stupidest YouTube clip I’ve ever seen.

  12. test-results-negative said

    Hey guys thanks for suggesting the site! Speaking of music, anyone from the office want to go see Lenin’s Ghost tomorrow night at the Pit? Mike says if we stay through the set we can party with the band afterwards.

    Hey Dean, did you see what Candi wore to work today? Oh man, I was sitting across from her at lunch today and all I could think about was after the Christmas part last year! “I don’t know if she can cook or not, but that night she made a hell of sandwich!”

  13. Mac Attack said

    AGH! Enough guys! This thread is about making music and wanting to be a musician. It’s not some office thread! Any musicians in here that can relate to this YouTube clip?

  14. chippy_the_k said

    What’s going on around here? Everytime I tried to post yesterday, I got “page cannlt be displayed” messages! What kind of server is this site running off of anyway? You get 13 messages a day and the thing crashes!

    Forget independent music, this site to devote itself to discussions of food senior citizens can still eat! At least then the number of posts would dry up and the server wouldn’t crash!

  15. […] reader of this site, chippy_the_kay, recently shared a great idea for building a sense of community here at the n10ah network and I’m going to take him, and […]

  16. Hessinger said

    Chippy, the site is hosted by WordPress and sometimes gets a bit twitchy but generally works quite well. There is some good news, however, and I’ll mention it in a future post. We have Yahoo! and MSN groups that have gone pretty much unused until now, but if you scroll back to our first post in November you will see the links. Sign in to either Yahoo! or MSN, if you haven’t already. I think you’ll be pretty much alone at first, but feel free to invite some people and maybe that can handle any overflow from the comments on the main blog. Also, I’ve begun some question posts using your suggestions to hopefully develop some more discussion on Indie music so check it out!

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