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Since before your sun burned hot in space and before your race was born, I have awaited a question.

                                                         –The Guardian of Forever

One reader of this site, chippy_the_kay, recently shared a great idea for building a sense of community here at the n10ah network and I’m going to take him, and everyone else, up on it.


Chippy suggested listing a couple of topics for comment by our burgeoning audience with the hopes of getting some discussion and debate going on the topic of independent music.


So without further adieu here are some questions for independent music fans in no particular order of importance and I hope answers will be forthcoming in the comment section as the beginnings of ongoing discussion threads.


(By the way, some readers have also expressed interest in my own musical ambitions and accomplishments. More on that and some offerings from other folks connected to this site will be forthcoming so please stay tuned.)



*Another Note: The photos for the next few posts are from Dennis Hill’s great 9,100 free photos site. Dennis and his friends offer these photos free on the Net without need for attribution, but I like to give props and link back to creative people online whenever possible.


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  1. Mac Attack said

    Great idea, boss! Hey, I clicked on the l9nk and I can’t seem to ask a question. Am I stupid? I clicked on “discussion board” and I see your new page, but I can’t seem to add to it.

  2. Hessinger said

    Seems to be a comment problem. See the complaint by chippy_the_k. I’ve had no problems thus far but we’re also having trouble with the ad server. WordPress usually corrects these problems pretty swiftly but I’ll shoot out an e-mail. When you click on “discussion threads”, you won’t be able to ad a post of your own because this is still a blog not a community board. However, suggest a future thread in the comment section and I will add it . Meanwhile check out the links to our Yahoo! and MSN comment sections. The links can be found by scrolling back to the first post. Join either MSN or Yahoo! if you haven’t already and invite a friend because it is pretty lonely over there at the moment.

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  8. Tiberius said

    Man I love that obsure Star Trek reference at the begining of this thread! Is the site creator (Shawn, I think?) a Star Trek fan? Maybe you guys have heard of a group called Net Trekkers? They perform at Star Trek/Sci-Fi conventions on the east coast? They actually do a version of the Star Trek theme with the actual words. (Most people don’t know Roddenberry wrote lyrics to the opening theme, but they weren’t included in the actual show) They also do other sci-fi themed music too.

  9. Hessinger said

    Hey Tiberius,
    Talk about obscure Star Trek references. I like the handle. Anyway, to answer your question here and in the about column, I’m more of a popular culture fan and a lover of popular culture references really, which obviously takes in Star Trek. However, I do have about half of the original series episodes on VHS at home. I knew there were lyrics to the Star Trek theme that were never used in the show but wasn’t aware of the group. Is there any place on line where there is audio or video of this that we could link to. The definition of independent music for this site is going to remain pretty broad.

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