QUESTION #1: Independent music

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QUESTION #1: What are your five favorite independent artists/bands? Tell us a little bit about them and give us a website (if there is one) for more information.

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  1. wookie-hunting-nookie said

    Man, I thought this site was dead and gone! Everytime I’ve tried to get on lately, I kept getting error messages!

    Now this is great topic! Finally, some music instead of all that blather about work!

    I don’t know if I can name five, but here’s three:

    1. Larry Does Lucia. This band’s best song was called “Take You Away From Here” and told the story of a Loletta-type relationship between an older woman her underaged lover. This band had real potenial but they broke up onstage when the lead singer and the bass player found out they were sharing the same girlfriend! I didn’t see them that day, but my buddy said it was their best show!

    2. The Menstrual Cyclists. I heard this band when I went to visit a another buddy at Arizona State. Not a great band, but I did hook up with the lead singer after the show–she was better than the band!

    3. My Meat, Your Potatoes. Another DC area band now since gone. They used to take 80’s soft rock standards and infuse it with a hard rock sound. They did a great version of Take On Me!

  2. Mac Attack said

    I’ve herard of the Menstral Cyclists but there’s no way I’m believing you had the singer, Wookie. Dude, their manager is her boyfriend.

    I posted my top five before but it never posted. So in case the site refixes itself, I’ll go with my top 6-10

    I like Kaiser Chiefs (New album out… download it now!)
    I also like Crooklyn Clan (great Reggae)
    Hollow Man (more great Reggae)
    Pixies (please…need I say why?)
    Finally, I love 喜納昌吉 (the best Japanese folk rock in town! すべての武器を楽器に」がスローガンのその音楽活動と, people!!! Forever! And I mean that!!!!)

  3. wookie-hunting-nookie said

    Cripes Mac Attack, what the hell do you know? Should I tell you what ink she has on her backside? Hell, maybe they broke up, or maybe she’s in a band and knows that people in bands sleep around. Why even be in a band if you can’t pound some groupies once in awhile?

  4. Mac Attack said

    You are SO lying, it’s not even funny. And I quote from the write-up that I have in front of me from the college newsletter from when they played around So Cal last year…

    “The band’s been dominating the local college towns along the seaboard, with the help of the band’s manager, David Duncan, who is also the long-time beau of lead singer Roz Lalli.”

  5. wookie-hunting-nookie said

    Hey Mac you must have shit your pants when you first heard John Lennon got with Yoko, what with him having a wife and kid at the time. How could that have happened?

    And don’t believe everything you read in the papers. Did your grandparents ever tell what life was like under the Dewey administration?

    Still, I’m not even sure it’s the same band. This was about seven years ago and the band’s gimmick was that they would ride bicycles to each gig carrying their equipment. They couldn’t have toured more than a five mile radius! I’m going to give my buddy a call and see what he remembers.

  6. Give It To Beaver said

    Hey I’m Wookie’s friend from Arizona and I can assure you he’ll telling the truth! But Mac’s right as well. The band started a few years ago as an all girl band who used to bike to each gig, I doubt they ever performed for more than twenty drunk frat boys back in the day. In fact, they would often “perform” just for beer at frat parties. They had no talent and no ambition either.

    Anyway, the group that goes by the name now only shares a bass player from the old days.

    But you know, Wookie’s leaving out the best part of the story! After the girl spent the night, he had to drive her in my van to her next gig–she made him drop her off three blocks away so the rest of band wouldn’t get mad that she didn’t bike there!!!

  7. Mac Attack said

    OK, now that makes more sense. I DO know that they used to bike to gigs because that’s how they got their name and the name stuck… but when they got a little more success, they stopped the bikes and that’s when I saw them.

    Sorry wookie… but hey, I’d be careful telling that story because if they ever get big, that could be sdlander.

  8. Mindy-me said

    ok I’m going to list my favorte singers now. there’ll all from american idol, but becuase I’m such a fan it just seems to fit. all my friends say I know more about the show than anyone else!!!

    1. clay aiken. people say he’s gay, but I don’t think he is becuase if he was he would have a boyfriend and you never see him with one, so I don’t think he’s gay.

    2. taylor hicks. some of my friends think he would be so hot if he dyed his hair, but I think he looks hot the way it is now. it makes him look older like, but he not really old.

    3. katherine mcphee. i don’t have her album yet, but she’s so pretty!!! i heard she was going out with some really old guy, and if she is that just gross. if that’s true I’ll find someone else for my number 3 spot.

    there you go!!! what does everyone think?

  9. chippy_the_k said

    Mindy, you ignorant slut. INDEPENDENT MUSIC means artists who haven’t been signed to a record label! All those American Idol morons have record deals! I’m choking on my own rage here!

  10. Mac Attack said

    Now hold on Chippy. Mindy’s feelings are her feelings and c’mon man, you’re pushing away one of the community here. If you look at Noah’s homepage, there are a lot of signed bands along the righthand side. I think we need to put this issue to bed… as the administrator, what do yuo think, Shawn? Is Mindy right or is Chippy?

  11. Mindy-me said

    bibby!!! your so mean!!!! and just so ya know I asked my dad and he said indepedant has something to do with taxes but it mostly means you still live with your parents! thats why I didn’t include Carrie Underwood in my list, cause she still lives at home!

    so who’s ignorant now bibby?

  12. Give It To Beaver said

    I’m not really into independent music or modern music either, but in an effort to get this topic back on track I can talk about an independent band I do like.

    When I was in college my roomate was a year ahead of me and when he was a senior he moved out. He wasn’t interested in taking all his stuff with him when he moved, so he left me a huge pile of CDs he’d gotten that he didn’t listen to anymore. Most of it was crap. I’d listen to one or two tracks and then usually toss it. But I found one band that really grabbed me. They were called the Traveling Wilburys. The Wilburys were much older than your typical indie-band, they were also five brothers. The style was sort of folk, but with a pop sound; you could imagine hearing them on the radio! My roomate had two albums by the band Vol 1, which was solid all the way through except for one song near the end where one of the brothers tries to sing like Bob Dylan. He also had volume 3, juding by the cover one of the brothers died between albums and the third one isn’t nearly as good as the first. I’ve tried for years to track down volume 2, but so far to no avail.

    Two years ago I was at a wedding in Florida and while the disk jockey was eating his meal he had a couple of songs playing and I nearly chocked on my halibit when I heard the Traveling Wilburys playing! After the meal, I told the disk jockey what I fan I was of the band and I asked him if he had Volume 2, but he just laughed and said it was impossible to find! And I’m still looking for it…

  13. Randy Bot said

    Ummm… does someone else want to explain to the poster above that there was no album #2? I feel kind of weird doing it.

  14. Shazbot Winx said

    This calls for a good joke… because I’m not gonna tell him the truth about the Wilburys. That’s just sad…

    Did you know that the Polish invented the toilet seat?
    The English perfected it 100 years later by putting a hole in it.

  15. Hasbeen Done That said

    Hey, I can play this game. I’ve got one:

    You know what a tiger is? That’s a 500-lb. pussy that eats YOU.

    A Chinese couple are in bed and the husband whispers, “I want 69.”
    His wife says “Why you want beef and broccoli now?”

  16. my left nut said

    I’ll break it to the man! Real gentle-like.

    Hey loser! Check out this link and you’ll see why Volume 2 is so hard to find!

    You can thank me anytime!

  17. Give It To Beaver said

    Oh shit! I feel like just an ass!!! Is there anyway the administrator can delete that post for me? I don’t know if I’ll be able to show myself around here anymore.

    This has really shaken my confidence…I’m starting to wonder if I really own the Brooklyn Bridge and the Old North Church now.

  18. Helen of Troy said

    Don’t let it bother you too much Beav! We all believe stupid things sometimes, I actually believed my husband when he said his wedding vows! Six months after the divorce I still feel stupid sometimes!

  19. my left nut said

    Hey Helen, I know things seems bad now, but it you ever need it, my left nut is always here for you!

  20. Hasbeen Done That said

    Hey Left Nut! Not only are you crass, but you’re wrong. The Traveling Wilburys DID have a Vol 2. In fact, there was even a Vol. 4! Both albums were created from outtakes from the first two ablbums (1 + 3) Don’t believe me? They just posted this on Demonoid:

  21. […] and contributor to this site known by the handle Wookie made reference in the comment section of a previous post to a group known as the Menstrual Cyclists, who performed occasionally at Arizona State […]

  22. […] it turns out the girls of Menstrual Cyclists, that mystery group fromArizona State first mentioned here in the comments section of a previous post, rode […]

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