Question #2 Independent music

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QUESTION #2 How do you generally find out about new independent music you weren’t aware of before? Online, at clubs or concerts, on the radio, from friends, by picking up a record at the record store that looks interesting or some other means?

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  1. Mac Attack said

    Thank sites like Demonoid for that! Everyday, I click on “music”, then see what people have posted… then I download EVERYTHING I don’t recognize. I’m on my 1,457 DVD filled with bootstrapped music!

  2. More brains said

    I love Sanjaya! I know I sound crazy but I think he’s groovy! 🙂

  3. Gai Ramone said

    Me too! But Melinda Doolittle deserves to win. She’s so good, except when she speaks afterwards. Then, she looks like she’s five. ;(

  4. Sam Sung said

    I think what’s missing is a good country singer this year. Although that one chick has a rack like Dolly Partons.

  5. Amok Time said

    I usually go to Amazon, go to their music section and see what’s their #1 seller and scroll on down. It’s like a constantly evolving Billboard Top 100…just skip the Dark Side of the Moon album. That’s not new apparantally.

  6. Mac Attack said

    Man, I leave this post alone for a week and it turns into a scattered forum. People, this thread is about how you find out about albums you can bootstrap and sell. Let’s stay focused.

  7. Casey Jones said

    Ben, what gives?!? Show me the herb posts, dude. This site’s about music bootlegging (or strapping… I’ve never heard it called that.)

  8. Peter Guzenya said

    Yo KC, it’s Mike, dog! Ben told you about this site too, yo? He told me they was talkin’ all crazy shit about weed and toons and rippin’ cd’s. Yo cousin, sho’ me the money… where are all the spots to learn how to make bootstraps? Or whatever you call it?

    Yo yo yo… fore I forgot, you pick up 50-cent’s latest crazy spots, man. I caught two tracks and I tell you, it’s d-o—p-e! Get your head noddin up and down crazy funkingh beats, man. Fire me an e-mail and I’ll drop it on you wav-style.

  9. Peter Guzenya said

    Holla…holla… makin’ some dollas!!!! Now that’s what I’ talkin about.

    I pick up muy music at the record store, man. The ol’ fashioned five-finger discount Charlie way, right? I’ll pick uo a jacketful of whatever over at the Big K, crack the seal offa one and if I like it, I keep it. Otherwise, it’s “for sale” with the rest of whaever I grabbed, right? Back in the jacket and onto the street, right?

    And hey man, don’t bitch if you don’t like it… that goes twice for you bootstrapping bitches out there stealing from the net. Aint no better, bitches… lest I have the nuts to do it facetoface, right?

  10. Casey Jones said

    I’m beginning to like this guy, Ben. Hey Peter, I hear ya. There really isn’t a difference when you come down to it. Whether you bootstrap or steal, we’re all just providing a service to our customers.

  11. Randy Bot said

    Always from friends… but because I work long hours, I don’t see them as much as I would like. So they make me mix tapes and such. Anyone else a working mother here? It’s not easy, but the right music can help you through, right?

  12. Baba Gooey said

    In case anyone didn’t know, we lost one of our own. See question #5 for details.

  13. Hasbeen DoneThat said

    I just read about Ben. To everyone here that knew him, my sincere sympathies.

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