Question #3 Independent music


QUESTION #3 Do you have a favorite style of music? If so what is it? Will you generally listen to new music in the style you prefer or do you like to experiment?


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  1. Mac Attack said

    When it comes to what I sell bootstrap, that would be pop. But I personally like ska if I’m toking or trance if I’m tripping!

  2. Big Ben said

    I like whatever kind of music you can hear at biker bars down south. I guess that’s usually blues and southern rock. Let’s just say any band that can perform Sweet Home Alabama gets my beer money!

  3. sim sim la bim said

    Hey Ben…cool site.

    Yeah, I agree with Ben. Pop music’s for pussies. Stick in a little 70’s rock like Skynard, grab a Pabst and what else do yuo need?

  4. More brains said

    Forget that! Vote Sanjaya tonight, homies!

  5. Mindy-me said

    oh my god!!!!!! sanjaya is soooo hot!!!!! clay was robbed in season 2 so its only right sanjaya wins this year!!!! peple say he cant sing but he just sings softly becuase thats his style


  6. Gai Ramone said

    I love salsa… which everytime I say that, all my friends think I’m talking about the food because I tend to say ditzy things. But that latin beat makes me move my feet!

  7. chippy_the_k said

    Geez Louise Mindy! Get your ass back to junior high, the adults need to talk!

  8. Mac Attack said

    Hey Chippy, we can all have an opinion here. We’re all friends here. And I for one don’t mind having some female opinions in this forum. 😉

    So Chippy… what is your favorite music?

  9. Mindy-me said

    whats your problem bibby?!! i’m just giving my views, isnt that what this site is about?

  10. Mac Attack said

    Mindy-me’s right, and hey, she even got me to vote Sanjaya yesterday. CONTESTANT EIGHT!

  11. Sam Sung said

    Gotta go with country on this one. Then again, I’m from Kentucky so you’re really stuck with doing three things when you live there: listen to country, become an alcoholic and marry a relative.

  12. Big Ben said

    Well I’ve done two of those three…I’ll have to start showing up at more family reunions to complete the hat trick!

  13. Sand Jaya SuX said

    I love hard core indie stuff, but recently, I’ve been broadening my tastes a bit. Now, I’ll listen to everything from hip hip to jazz, but I don’t like musicals because I’m no fag.

  14. Shes dead, Jim said

    70’s rock… the blues… and Yo Yo Ma. One makes you look tough, one makes you look hip and cool and one makes you look smart. Understand all three and you’re set for life.

  15. Mac Attack said

    Hey, did you guys vote Sanjaya last week? That rat hairred kid has made it through again! I think it’s great to do it because it pisses all over that pop show. Keep voting for him and we’ll tear down the walls of corporate pop crap this year… I can just feel it!

  16. Baba Gooey said

    You know what I really like but would never admit (unless hidden under a name on a blog…)… I love Gospel. Anyone else enjoy singing about our Lord and Saviour?

  17. Casey Jones said

    I like the Dead. I like Floyd. Cream’s good. Hendriks. Sabbath. You know, the classics. They haven’t done no better since if you ask this old stoner and they never will.

  18. Peter Guzenya said

    Bro, like them’s is stoner bands, right? Like, you need to try some decent hip-hop, gansta rap shit, right? That’s what is now, not what was, right? I’m down with the smoke cousin, but you need to step up with the tunes.

  19. Big Ben said

    Souther rock and blues for me. That hip-hop shit ain’t even music, it’s just fools talking fast!

  20. Big Ben said

    Oh hell, I just noticed I already posted my tastes on this page earlier this week! Sorry for the double!

  21. Amok Time said

    “You’re so stolid. You weren’t like that before the beard.”

    Q to Riker in the episode “Deja Q”

  22. Peter Guzenya said

    Yo Big Ben… don’t be knockin’ what you don’t understand, a-aight? You and Imus kin take your trailer livin’ music back on the farm, understand? You aint been where I been, a-aight? You ain’t seen what me and my boys seen, get it? Rap aint for you, then that’s fine cause you aint for it, dig? Keep your good-ol-boy crap and go blow it out ya ass!

    NWA…bitches! East side…East side…nigga what? HOLLA! I’m out!

  23. Casey Jones said

    Hey Peter,
    Ben’s just telling it like it is, buit hey, I like rap too. He’s no Imus, trust me. Just likes his southern rock and Northern smoke.

    Hey Ben! Everything’s cool now… I did’t use her e-mail, it was my other one. Her’s is… I had used my other reefer one, so tell the administrator it’s all good.

    I still can’t find any pot threads though…what gives? Anyway, check out Miss High Times July… that’s my wall paper now.

  24. Big Ben said

    Sure Pete, I’ll go back to my trailer and my farm. And the next time your old lady kicks you out because you passed out on her cat and killed it, don’t call me! I don’t know where you’ve been? I know you’ve been on my couch enough lately!

  25. Peter Guzenya said

    I jus’ sent yer mamma an e-mail, dog!!! Pussnbootscoots jus’ got a jpeg of my big, black pole, dog!!!

    Jus’ kiddin bro. Yo, you guys are down wit’ the smoke too, right? We cool then… we all cool.

    THis site ain’t half-bad, man. Any site that talks about herb and rolling papers and “bootstraping” is cool wit’ me.

  26. Casey Jones said

    Holy crap… I almost shad myself. Hey Peter, you got me with that one.

  27. chippy_the_k said

    A few days ago on this thread (before the American Idol-Star Trek-pot smoking posters hijacked this board) Mac asked me what kind of music I like. Sorry I didn’t respond sooner.

    When it comes to independent music I like cover bands. I graduated from high school in the mid-80s and I still enjoy that stuff once in awhile. I also like 70s rock and even some dance music from then as well (read that as disco, I guess). So if I’m listening to a cover band and they do a decent job of sounding like the original artists it can take you back! But what I hate are these new bands that try and do modern or updated versions of those songs! Here’s a good example that even Mindy can relate to: a few weeks ago on American Idol (yeah, I watch it with my kids!) Lulu sang To Sir With Love in some new upbeat, dance, techno, whatever style and it bit big time! Why not just come out and sing it the way everyone remembers it? Ahhhh…maybe she can’t hit the high notes anymore.

  28. Randy Bot said

    I’ll listen to anything my friend’s suggest…including gospel, jazz, soul, rap, indie, rovk, etc. I drive a lot so it all depends how awake I am when I’m listening to music. Sometimes I need some pep from my music and othertimes, I need it to bring me down from a hard day and relax me. So I’d say I listen to anything and everything deopending on my mood.

  29. Shazbot Winx said

    I prefer comedy albums. Got a joke for ya. Why do squirrels swim upside down? To keep their nuts dry!

  30. Hasbeen Done That said

    Now you’re talking my language! I’ll do you one better!

    A guy goes to the pharmacist to ask questions about Viagra. He says to the pharmacist “Can I get it over the counter?” The pharmacist says “Sure, if you take two or three.”

  31. Mac Attack said

    That’s true about Viagra. After a few tokes, I have to sa that the only thing that’s bad about herb is that it makes your willy weak.

  32. Baba Gooey said

    Hey Shazbot! I have another: What’s the difference between a jew and a canoe.

    A canoe tips.

  33. Shazbot Winx said

    Not bad, Baba!
    Here’s one:

    A guy with a limp walks past another guy with a limp and asks “Hey, what happened to you?”
    The first guy says “Vietnam…about 35 years ago. What happened to you?”
    The second guy says “Dog shit…about 35 yards back.”

  34. Monkeyseal said

    You guys are crazy, man. OK, I’ll play along. I usually don’t do this sort of thing, but I have a bad joke for you: What did Jesus say to the Polish people before he was crucified? ANSWER: Act stupid until I get back.

    I’m not a very good joke teller, so I’m sorry if that wasn’t very good.

  35. Monkeyseal said

    Or if it offended people. I’m a christian and half Polish, so I figured it’s OK.

  36. Hasbeen DoneThat said

    No offense here. I have one too.

    Did you hear about the near-sighted skunk?
    He tied to f**k a fart.

  37. Hasbeen DoneThat said

    Crap… I meant to say “tried” instead of tied.

    And that…ladies and gentlemen… is why I’m not a great joke teller. 😦

  38. Hasbeen Done That said

    OK, I’m gonna try again:

    What’s scarier than a pit bull with AIDS?
    Answer: The guy that gave it to him.

    What did Helen Keller say when someone passed her a cheese grater?
    This is the most violent book I’ve ever read.

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