Question #4: Independent music

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QUESTION #4 What do you think the next big trend in music will be and why? Are there artists that you think have a big future even if they are obscure today?

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  1. Mac Attack said

    I think that being able to download any song, anytime, at the touch of a button in a portable devide will be the next step. You’ll be able to type in a song, title, artist, etc., hit a button and boom…instant music when you want it…right in your hands. It breaks my heart because it’ll put bootstrappers like me out of business, but then again, there are always DVD’s so I’m cool.

  2. Shes dead, Jim said

    I think there will eventually be a backlash when it comes to the whole digital thing and more and more people are going to start asking for vinyl again. I know that sounds absolutely crazy, but I’m putting all my cash in wax!

  3. Amok Time said

    Hey Trekker!
    Ack nosh posha guk guk druch!

    Only true fans need apply!

  4. Mac Attack said

    Guys…c’mon, this thread is about what technologies you think will eventually put bootstrappers who do illegal downloads out of business. If you want to talk Trek, and that’s fine (I am fully functional and programmed in multiple techniques… remember that line?) then maybe the host can open us up a Star Trek thread.

  5. Baba Gooey said

    I think that eventually you’ll be able to contact the artist directly and get their music. Think about it… before that, artists needed record companies to make their albums. But now, in an all-digital world, why not just call Bono up and say “here’s $5 and let me download your music” You heard it here on NOAH first!

    Hey, anyone know why this site’s called Noah?

  6. Mindy-me said

    i think its called noah because in the bible, noah was there after the flood when the earth was new. and this site is like noah because its at the begining of a new age in music.

  7. Peter Guzenya said

    Sup’ y’all? Jus’ visitin’ by request of my bro-in-arms, Big Ben. Yo, I’ll put my two-sense in on this. I think it’s not Noah… look at the way it’s spelled, right? Break it down, it’s like N-one-zero-ah-music. Like think backwards, like a countdown, right? N equals like all numbers right? Like whatever to the Nth degree, right? Then it’s one, then zero, like it’s counting down, right? So it’s like all numbers, then one then zero… after that, it’s like boom, right? Ah as is ahhhhhhhhhhh, like you is relieved and stuff, right, cause finally there is some good music.

    So that’s what I think it means… like this huge countdown to zero, then ahhhhhh, finally some decent MF’ing music, right? So did I win? Is this a contest of guessing it? Let me know… I’ll be checking back. Or let me know if I won Ben, right?

  8. Amok Time said

    Hey Peter,
    I think you could be right. I never saw the space countdown angle until now.

  9. Casey Jones said

    Hey Ben! When you get this, fire me an e-mail and tell me hwo to get my e-mail off. First you tell me it’s got pot posts, then I put my stupid mom’s e-mail in this thing. Dude, I’m serious… if they sent out e-newsletters about how to roll a tight doobie and stuff, she’s gonna kill me, dude.

  10. Casey Jones said

    Hey Ben,
    It’s all good… it’s all good. I got your last post. I’ll see you at 12.

  11. Casey Jones said

    Ben! My mom’s asleep. Christ, get yer ass over here.. I don’t feel like sitting here all night.

  12. Hessinger said

    I’m reluctant to say anything about the meaning of the name of the site as I saw it now. The guessing game has become too wonderful to watch.

  13. Casey Jones said

    Whoa! Hey, I’ll guess then. I think I got it. I think I got it. No offense, Shawn, but when I look at your pics, you seem a bit pale, which is cool, but is the site affiliated with this site?

  14. Casey Jones said

    If that’s not right, I have one better. Is it because you’re an animal lover?

  15. my left nut said

    Hey I just found this site through a friend, what a crazy, wild ride! I’m be sticking around for awhile!

    As for the name, I think if you break it down it makes some sense. You start with N and 1, say it together a few times and you get “anyone”. That leaves you with oah, say that a few times and it sounds like “know”. So the title is actually asking the question: Anyone Know?

    Makes sense to me.

  16. Casey Jones said

    OK, if that’s not it, this might be. I’m guessing that maybe you don’t live in the US or maybe adopted a baby. Is this why it’s called NOAH?

  17. Casey Jones said

    Crap… I just saw what My Left Nut said! That’s a good one. I’m taking my other guesses back… unless we can have more than one. I think he’s right.

    Hey Ben, wake up! You’re missing this.

  18. Casey Jones said

    Taking it back… taking it back. The administrator is a successful businessman, but he doesn’t talk much about what he does. So I’m guessing it’s a hint about his businesses. I think it’s named after this:

    If I’m right, I want a free sandwich!

  19. Casey Jones said

    Taking it back again… the administrator is also a successful writer, so he must have access to that kind of stuff.

  20. my left nut said

    Actually, Google has given me another idea. If you google the name the first link you get allows to check for aircraft with that same registration. And guess what? Kokomo Aviation has a 657 35A registered with that set of letters and numbers. So what could that mean? Has Shawn been on this plane? Maybe he asked his wife to marry him while on this plane? Hmmmm…the plot thickens.

  21. Randy Bot said

    Wow… what does the person who guesses right win?

  22. Shazbot Winx said

    I think there will be a resurgence of comedy albums. I got a joke for ya.

    What do you get when you cross a penis with a potato?
    A dictator!

  23. Hasbeen Done That said

    A drunk gets into a cab and asks the driver “Hey, do you have room in the front seat for a pizza, two burgers and a 12-pack of beer?” The driver says “Sure!” So the passenger throws up on him.

  24. Mac Attack said

    Guys, this postis about music trends, not bad jokes! Shawn’s making us a thread for that soon.

  25. Peter Guzanya said

    Sweet! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

  26. Hessinger said

    I don’t think a bad joke thread is forthcoming. The focus of the site remains music, but I am trying not to be too dogmatic about editing off topic comments.

  27. Baba Gooey said

    Oh! I posted that there was a joke thread coming, but I guess there’s not. That’s fine… now that I know we’re all on dial-up, that can be a time-eater.

  28. Tiberius said

    Hey we think Shawn might be a Star Trek fan, right? So maybe the name has something to do with that? If I had a website I’d include some strange Star Trek reference in it. Does anyone remember the ID numbers on Khan’s ship in Star Trek II? I’m going to check that!

  29. Peter Guzenya said

    I think there should be some sort of prize here, holmes. Yo big SH! How bout’ offering some sort of prize to the winner, dog?

  30. Gaga Googoo said

    KC, I now understand why you were so upset when you called me. Reading what you were writing to Ben that night, you couldn’t have known and it wasn’t your fault. Please learn to forgive yourself. I’ll see you at the funeral on Wednesday.


  31. Shazbot Winx said

    Guys, don’t be sad. I think a joke may make us all feel better in this tragic circumstance.

    Why did the Jewish guy buy a dog instead of getting married?
    The license was cheaper, the dog didn’t have a mother and it already had a fur coat.

  32. Monkeyseal said

    Crazy site! Sorry about your loss. Just checking things out on recommendation of a friend. Funny jokes, by the way.

  33. Hasbeen DoneThat said

    Yeah, we’re all pretty sad about Ken’s death, but we’ll get by. Hey, I agree with Peter… what’s the prioze for guessing what Noah-one stands for?

  34. Will Ingham said

    What the…? Where’s the music news? Where’s all the indie talk? It’s all jokes, bad rap, sci-fi crap and dead people!!! Later, people!

  35. chippy_the_k said

    Oh my God!!! Ken died too! How come no one told me? I didn’t even know he was sick!!

    His name was BEN dumbass!

  36. Baba Gooey said

    Show some respect, Chippy! Some of us are really sad right now.

  37. Hasbeen Done That said

    How could you be so cruel, Chippy? I make one simple spelling mistake and you jump on it like some insensitve qolf. I’m not the most super-sensitive guy in the world, but that’s not very nice.

  38. Hasbeen Done That said

    Wolf… I meant to say wolf.

    I guess you’re gonna jump on that next, Chippy?

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