Spoon slide guitarist offers unique sound

Hannes Coetzee

Watch this YouTube video clip of South African spoon slide guitarist Hannes Coetzee from the David Kramer documentary Karoo Kitaar Blues.


Coetzee’s notability is still being debated for inclusion by editors over at Wikipedia and frankly the music is new to me, but my own two cents is that it deserves a wider audience based only on the little I’ve heard.


Visit David Kramer’s homepage for more info and for music from Coetzee and other musicians from around the world be sure to check out Calabash Music, dubbed the world’s first fair trade music company.


Add any thoughts including more information on music available from Coetzee below.


Photo credit: www.davidkramer.co.za



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  1. Mac Attack said

    Holy smoke! I can’t believe this guy. He makes Eddie Vetter and Van Halen look like they’re amateurs. I haven’t seen this much passion in a performance since the Red Hot Chili Peppers played at Woodstock II!

  2. Casey Jones said

    Whoa. Hey, I’m a big anagram believer, meaning that the letters in your name spell out what you contributr to life and such and this guy, I’m serious, take the name Hannes Coetzee and run it through an anagram generator and the letters sopell out “Can see the zone”. Watching this oldtimer play, you can tell he’s seeing that zone alright.

  3. Casey Jones said

    Don’t believe me… Shawn Hessinger (the moderator of this site) is a newsman and a songwriter. Run his name through an anagram machine and here’s what pops up: HE RASH NEWS SING

    News: what he does for a living
    Sing: I’m guessing he sings from his bio
    He: He’s a guy
    Rash: I’m sure it’s personal, but he could have psyrisis or something (I get it on my elbows)

    Cool, right? Try it with your own name.

  4. Peter Guzanya said

    Hey, I ran his name through and I got “ASS WHEN SHE GRIN” instead.

    This Jumble shit is fun, man. I jus’ ran my name through and it came up “BADASS HUNG PLAYA” Looks like you’re on the money, KC. I can’t disagree with fate, right?

  5. Peter Guzanya said

    PS: This white boy looks like he be a little too good with his lips, if you know what I’m sayin’.

  6. Peter Guzanya said

    Yo yo… anyone click on the african masks link? I was chekin’ out this boy’s site and hit it by mistake. It took me to a bunch of auctions. Some sweet shit up there, man. Can’t tell if the ol’ man’s sellin’ it or none but I’m gonna bid ona few.

  7. Baba Gooey said

    Hey, glad to be back guys, but anyone else having a hard time seing this YouTube clip. It takes forever… I’m new to this whole youtube thing but does having dial-up make it not work or something?

    Hey, I just checked out the blues records that are next to the african masks. Now that’s cool. Is anyone else bidding? I figured I’d look a t a few auctions whiole the youtube thing loads.

  8. my left nut said

    Does it seems strange to anyone else that there’s a link to African mask auctions below the story? Maybe Shawn just forgot to link it to one of his questions. Here’s a little help from me:

    Question 6:
    Have you ever worn an African mask before? What kind of mask do you like to wear? Do you wear an African mask when you listen to independent music? How do you usually find out about new masks? Have you ever committed a crime while wearing a mask, if so please explain. In the future how to thing masks will change?

  9. Tiny Tim said

    Hi folks. My name is Tim and I don’t mean to hijack this thread about the man who plays guitar with a spoon, but I have some news about a member of your community and I wanted to pass it on.

    The person who posts here under the name Big Ben is really Benjamin Hanover, and he was killed Saturday night. He was riding his bike late that night in the rain and may have just a lost control or tried to avoid an animal in the road, either way he was discovered Sunday morning. I didn’t know Ben very long, he came to live Waycross, Georgia about a year ago after he lost everything after Katranna hit New Orleans. I worked with him at a local printing press here in town. He had no family, but plenty of friends at some of the local bars in town, and he would often take three day weekends to ride his bike around and meet friends in other states that he rode with. He had his share of personal problems, he drank a bit, but he was generally a nice guy and everyone enjoyed having him around.

    Ben posted at different sites and he told about this one at work. He called it something else, and I had a hard time finding it on Google, but I got ahold of his laptop this morning and found it there.

    This weekend some of Ben’s friends are going to take his ashes and spread them along Route 66, one of Ben’s favorite rides. One of Ben’s favorite songs was Arlo Guthrie’s City of New Orleans, perhaps today some of Ben’s friends hear will play the song and remember the friend they lost.

  10. Hessinger said

    I’m sure I speak for us all when I say we are terribly saddened.

  11. Casey Jones said

    He was a good friend.

    I’m going to be off the posts for awhile, everyone. I just found out this morning. I’ll be back soon, I just need some time away.

  12. Baba Gooey said

    R.I.P. Ben. I didn’t knoe him, but I’m saddened by the news.

  13. Tiberius said

    Of my friend Ben, I can only say this:

    Of all the souls I’ve encountered in my travels, his was the most…human.

    May the Great Bird of the Galaxy guide you in your journey.

  14. Baba Gooey said

    Ditto Tiberius.

  15. chippy_the_k said

    For the love of God, Tiberius!!! What goes on in your warped mind that makes you think a Star Trek reference is needed here! Are you one of those losers that wears his Star Trek uniform to work?

    R.I.P. Ben, you at least seemed to be one of the normal ones around here.

  16. Peter Guzenya said

    Holy snap! I didn’ know Ben that long, right? But I’ve lost some brothers myself so I know the pain. I know the pain. I’m droppin’ this one for Big Ben.

    Look out y’all and all the angels above
    ’cause our man Big Ben is comin’ who we love
    He shared our beats and our feats and he shared our pain
    So respect him and protect him and please let him reign…

    Yo, it’s a little raw but it’s off the hook the best I can do without knowing him that well. Peace and love, Biggie Ben.

  17. wookie-huning-nookie said

    Hey folks! I’ve been checking in here the last few days, but I haven’t posted in awhile. However, I did want to post and pay my respects to Ben. You will be missed.

  18. Helen of Troy said

    Rest in Peace Ben!

  19. Gaga Googoo said

    “Those who die remembered never die at all.”

    I never came to this site, but I know it’s all he talked about for the past two weeks. I’m glad to see Ben had a lot of friends here. Thank you all.

  20. my left nut said

    Ya know what’s weird? Ben’s liked to drink, and his last name was Hanover. Now say Ben Hanover a few times together. Doesn’t it sound like: Been Hang Over? I’m just saying it’s weird is all!

    But this is getting depressing already! Let’s get back to music! I have a new topic: Mariah Carey–Would you hit it?


  21. test-results-negative said

    That’s a little crass isn’t left nut, I mean the man just died. Show some respect.

    Yes, I’d hit it.

  22. Gaga Googoo said

    Please do not discuss someone that you don’t know with such ignorance.


  23. Shazbot Winx said

    I just heard about Ben. I didn’t know him, but I think he’s want us all to remember to be happy.

  24. Monkeyseal said

    This guy’s guitar playing is flipping incredible. I’d love to see this guy in concert, but I’d be afraid to. I’m Asian and these country bands tend not to be as receptive to minorities. It’s still cool though.

  25. my left nut said

    You know what really bothers me about the video? I’d be more impressed if the guy used the spoon because he didn’t have fingers, but he does so why not just ’em? I mean when you get some gimp artist who can’t walk but draws with his teeth, that’s impressive. But this guy? Just use your fingers man!

  26. Tiberius said

    Chippy didn’t seem to like my last comment, so let me just say this: Ben truly isn’t dead, so long as we remember him.

    To the Stars my friend.

  27. Hasbeen DoneThat said

    My deepest sympathies to the friends and family of Ben.

    First Johnny Hart, then Vonnegut, now this. Life’s not fair sometimes.

  28. Will Ingham said

    I came here for music news, not obits. I’m outta here, jackasses.

  29. chippy_the_k said

    Will’s right about one thing at least. We need to get back on track here. Shawn, perhaps you could start a new thread for us. Maybe ask another question, or repost Question 1 again. It seems like when the new threads arrive the old ones get less views and I don’t think we exhusted all the indie bands that might have been mentioned in Question 1.

  30. Hasbeen Done That said

    Easy. Signed bands include: The Church, Tool, Bunny wailer, Lenny Breau and They Call me Hallelujah.

    Unsigned: I only know one that I caught on a college tour: Dicin’ Tyson: Rap band who’s lead singer looks JUST like Iron Mike. He even throws in references to Iron Mikes career in his songs like “Cuss Damato” and “Givens what she deserves”

  31. Monkeyseal said

    Hey! I originally posted here and thought this was a great thread and was impressed with the guitarist, until I saw Ms. Moon’s post and noticed the web ads attached to her were partially racist. NOW… I’m checking this post out a second time and noticed that the same thing happened with this musician. African instruments, I’ll give you… but masks?!?!

  32. Monkeyseal said

    People. It has come to my attention, as well as My Left Nut’s attention, that this site has everything we need, but is lacking in other areas. What I personally enjoy about this community are the people that make it up, but I think we could create this kind of magic anywhere in a less racist environment where the administrator addresses the needs of the community.. or at least speaks to them on a daily basis!

    If you’re feeling the same way, my private e-mail is smith23@yahoo.com If Big Brother doesn’t yank this, then e-mail me and we’ll start our own community until things clean up around here.

  33. Rick n Rock said

    HI everyone!
    This musician is interesting. I don’t think I would have ever known about him if I hadn’t read about him here. Thanks for the tip, guys.

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