Michigan songwriter has roots in Singapore

Dawn Xiana Moon Folk Singer


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Michigan-based songwriter Dawn Xiana Moon has roots in Singapore where she was born coming to the U.S. at age 5 when her father got a job transfer to Farmington Hills.


She returned to Singapore with her family after less than a year but was back at age 6 after the family had decided to settle in the United States permanently, she told Michael Teach of Chicago Acoustic Underground recently.


You can download the entire 27 minute podcast here with music and interviews, but be ware dial-up users. It’s going to take a while.


Or visit the Chicago Acoustic Underground site to sample a growing archive of independent music podcasts here.


Dawn also maintains a website and blog with more photos like the one above, writings on a variety of issues and has a CD for sale.


Photo credit: Ennei, DreamLoud Records 



  1. Baba Gooey said

    My dial-up keeps crashing on me when I try and download her. And man, can I just say… I REALLY want to download her. Am I right, fellas?

  2. Hessinger said

    These recordings will take a very long time to download on dial up. I’m talking go to bed and wake up in the morning and it will be done long. If you’re going to do it and you don’t have high speed access, you’re going to have to make sure you’ve got a service that won’t have you timing out all the time when not moving the mouse.

  3. my left nut said

    I hear ya Baba! Me love her long time!

  4. Hasbeen Done That said

    Mmmmm… she’s nice! But what the hell? Are you people living in the 19th century or what? Dial-up? Are you serious? You guys are bloggers and you still have dial-up? That’s like a telemarketer having one of those phones you crank up and talk into the bell!!!

  5. Monkey Seen said

    Hey, I like that you posted this about Ms. Moon, but what gives? I’m looking at the three ads for auctions and the first one is karaoke. KARAOKE?!? I’m half-Asian (the other half Polish) so I’m justified in asking, “Why is the first thing veryone associates with my heritage is Kareoke? Why not just have cameras and Chinese Cutlery up there while you’re at it?

  6. my left nut said

    Isn’t Shawn a reporter? I wonder if he runs around with a big camera and an oversized flash wearing one of those hats that say “Reporter” in the brim?

  7. Monkeyseal said

    You mean “PRESS”? More like “surpress”…surpressing how far Asian-Polish Americans have come in this country. Karaoke? I still can’t believe it. I told my friends at MIT about this site, but now, I don’t know.

  8. Monkeyseal said

    People. It has come to my attention, as well as My Left Nut’s attention, that this site has everything we need, but is lacking in other areas. What I personally enjoy about this community are the people that make it up, but I think we could create this kind of magic anywhere in a less racist environment where the administrator addresses the needs of the community.. or at least speaks to them on a daily basis!

    If you’re feeling the same way, my private e-mail is smith23@yahoo.com If Big Brother doesn’t yank this, then e-mail me and we’ll start our own community until things clean up around here.

  9. my left nut said

    Hey Monkey Seen, I’ve got a stain in my best pants, do you recommend Calgon for that?

  10. Monkeyseal said

    Exactly. My Left Nut hits it on the head again. I already have five posters that have e-mailed me, so I’m glad to see I’m not alone in this. Let me make a few things clear, administrators: I don’t eat Asian food every night; I don’t speak Chinese; I don’t know Kung Fu; I don’t have a small penis; my eyesight’s just fine, thank you; I’m not into anime, electronics, cameras or girls dressed up in little schoolgirl outfits.

    You’re doing an injustice to Ms. Moon and I pray to Buddha that she never finds out you placed an ad link for Karaoke under her write-up… how do you think that makes HER feel?

    I just got another e-mail from Shazbot…that makes 6 posters that are boycotting until we see some changes around here.

  11. Shazbot Jinx said

    I may tell some foul jokes, but I’m definitely no racist. I’m with you, Monkeyseal. Here’s my last joke:

    What do you get when you cross a well-spected Asian folksinger with a banner ad for Karaoke?

    A boycott!

    See you on the other side, bloggers!!! The revolution will not be televised!

  12. chippy_the_k said

    Are you idiots serious? You’re boycotting a site which has less then 10 threads. Quick, call the New York Times they’ll want an exculsive on this story. A boycott? That’s real effective; about a effective as eating a Fudgesicle while ridding your exercise bike. Go head take off, I’ll still be here.

  13. Hessinger said

    In fact, the banner ads on this site are content based since karaoke singing is specifically mentioned in the interview with Miss Moon at Chicago Acoustic Underground, but in a completely different context. Unfortunately, it seems the interpretation of this ad has more to do with the readers of the post than the posters. Additionally, karaoke originated in Japan and is now a fairly international phenomenon. Miss Moon was born in Singapore not Japan and the authors of this site are not in the habit of lumping groups of people together into broad stereotype categories. Nor would it have occured to us to associate a widely used piece of technology like a camera with an ethnic group or culture. Never the less, in an effort to demonstrate a sensitivity to the concerns raised by commenters, the ad in question will be relocated.

  14. chippy_the_k said

    See folks? Nothing to see here, move along. I guess now the biggest non-story of the year is over.

    So where is everybody?

  15. Helen of Troy said

    I’m still here Chippy, I think some of us still are. There just isn’t much to talk about at the moment. Once we have a new update I’m sure everyone will be talking again.

  16. wookie-hunting-nookie said

    Hey I just wanted to check in with everyone! I’ve been away for a few days, visiting some friends in Virginia after everything that happened down there. But I’m back now, but things seems a little slow around here right now. I’ll keep checking back though.

  17. Monkeyseal said

    Dear Wookie,
    We’ll all be back in two days. Many of us decided to take a stand against any racial indisgressions this site was doing indirectly… so we’ve banned the site for 7 days. Seeing that Noah is willing to work with us, we’ll all be returning after our 7-day boycott.

  18. chippy_the_k said

    Sadly, it looks like Shawn has joined his own boycott. It’s been days since he posted anything. Not everyone’s boycotting but there just hasn’t been much to talk about the last few days.

  19. Helen of Troy said

    Hey Chippy, I was wondering the same thing. Not everyone here was going to stop posting, so why didn’t the site creator stand up to the quitters and post some new stories? I told three of my friends about this site, but none of them have posted because they told me everytime they come here it’s looks the same as the day before. I don’t think too many people here are going to miss the raps and the lame jokes, so why not foster the community that was willing to stay here when others left? Maybe the site creator is less committed than the rest of us.

  20. humpback mountain said

    Oh maybe, Helen, the guy who runs the site just gave up when he realized how stupid everyone was acting after he linked to a karoke ad in the story above. I’m sure the guy has a day job, isn’t he an actor or something? Maybe he just decided to pull up the stakes and let the circus move on.

  21. Rick n Rock said

    I love Dawn Moon’s music. I saw her play in my hometown of Chicaho last year and she put on a performance that would send shivers down your spine.

    And from what I’m seeing in terms of problems with any ethnic remarks about this site, I think Monkeyseal took things a little too far, but I respect his/her senstitivity. It sounded like there was a fun community here and I hope it comes back soon.

  22. three=legged=man said

    I agree. I was turned on to this site by a friend who’s a big fan of Dawn’s music. I downloaded the podcast linked above and I have to say I’m really impressed! We need more sites like this, I’m looking forward to seeing other artists this that get the spotlight around here.

  23. Fredinstein said

    Asians need to get more attention in today’s music scene. I’m amazed this chick hasn’t taken off…she’s like Michelle Wie with a hot bod and great lungs!

  24. Baba Gooey said

    I’m back, bee-itches! I tried to hang on Monkeyseal’s website but the posts were getting lame. I think a lot of original posters would agree. But hey, what gives? Were all of us the only ones posting here? I expected to come back and find a lot of news. Let’s get this site fired up again!

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