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Come up with your own band gimmick

Godzilla funny satire guitar shades
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And while we’re reflecting on the great gimmick of an all girl group traveling around on bicycles, what other ideas can our burgeoning community here at n10ah come up with for future music groups yet unborn? 

One that occurred to me recently is a bit tongue and cheek but should certainly get the discussion started. 

The idea would be to have a group dressed up like characters from a Japanese monster movie.

Just think. They could call the group Kaiju, the term for the Japanese giant monster movie genre, and little kids everywhere could spend time on the Internet trying to figure out the origin of the name.

There might be a bit of a problem with copyright and trademark infringement, but it seems to me that imaginary characters could be used to get around the issue, or a “fair use” argument could be made saying use of the characters constitute a parody.

Anyway, I haven’t quite figured out what kind of music the group would play, but I think that’s kind of secondary in any case.

The live shows would be fantastic.  I may act on this one if someone else doesn’t beat me to it.

 Let’s have some other ideas and see if we can’t influence the next wave of independent artists looking for the next big thing. 

For more on-line photos of Mr. Tall Green and Anti-social like the one I mutalated above, visit Barry’s Temple of Godzilla when you have the chance.


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Bikes not bikes

free photos bike illustration

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So it turns out the girls of Menstrual Cyclists, that mystery group from Arizona State first mentioned here in the comments section of a previous post, rode bicycles.


Somehow, the idea of a girl group riding around on a couple of Harleys or even Hondas seems a little cooler (sorry, girls).


Anyway here’s the full story from one of the members, also entered in a previous comment section and reprinted here for anyone who missed it, a true tale of musical obscurity that definitely belongs in a book somewhere:

Hi everyone! My name is Tessa and I was a one-time member of The Menstrual Cyclists. My friend Mike (I hope he doesn’t mind me using his real name!) asked me to check out this site and give a little history of the band. I have to admit, I was a little stunned when he told me, I haven’t thought about those days in a long time and it seems a little weird that anyone would remember us. But I read the posts and it seems only one person really knew who we were, so I guess it all makes sense now!

As to the band, we were “formed” in the fall of 1997 at Arizona State University. I was a freshman living in Hayden Hall and my new roommate Jenna, told me she meet some other students who were interested in trying out for the freshman talent show as an all-girl band. I played piano for years so I volunteered to be the keyboard player. As luck would have it, we never really got our act together to be in the talent show, but a few of the girls suggested we should try and perform at some of the local frat houses. Of course this was really just a way to get into some of the off campus parties, since freshman rarely got invited to those! The initial members looked like this: (I’m not including any last names here since I haven’t spoken to some of these people in years and I’d hate to have someone track them down from this website!

Jenna- bass guitar
Erin- vocals
Melanie- lead guitar

Of the five of us, only Melanie was a music major. She was the person most responsible for the band, she found places for us to play and tried to get us to practice at least three times a week, which we rarely ever did. Erin had the voice of an angel, but the rest of us were rank amateurs. Aside from our playing, the other problem for the band was that none of us had a car since freshman (or which there were four of us) weren’t allowed to have one on campus. I’m not sure who came up with the name of the band, but it was somehow related to us deciding to ride bicycles to the places we would play. (I still laugh when I think of poor Heather carrying her drums on her back—at least she was in shape!) Thankfully, the next year Erin got a car and we stopped riding bikes. It was just as well because I was getting tired of hearing all the new nicknames we’d picked up, like the Rag-time Band and Dykes on Bikes! By 2000 Melanie had graduated and we knew the band couldn’t last without her, which was fine since none of us really considered music a career we expected to get into anyway. During those three years we performed about twenty times at local frat houses and bars off campus. It was fun, but not something any of else except Melanie took seriously.

In 2002, I had graduated and was working as a cost accountant when I got a surprise call from Melanie to tell me a guy named David Duncan wanted to use the name after he heard about it from a former Arizona State alumni. Melanie told him he could use the name as long as he gave open auditions to the former band members. I declined naturally, but Melanie was picked up as the lead guitarist. However, she told me later they only played six gigs and broke up when it became clear David was only interested in promoting his wife’s career and really thought of the band as studio musicians. The article someone mentioned earlier that said they were dominating college towns in southern California was, at best, some wishful hyping by an editor or writer!

So that’s the story, if you want to know anything else, just post a question and I’ll try and answer it!

Tessa has graciously offered to answer some more indepth questions for a future post and we’re trying to set up a connection now to get things rolling. Tessa, if you’re reading this, you can contact the n10ah editorial department here.

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N10ah on MyBlogLog

MyBlogLog music community

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If you weren’t aware of it yet, n10ah is on the MyBlogLog community and becomming a member is FREE. 

You can upload your own image for your profile (please use some discretion here, folks. I’d rather not get any cranky e-mails from the  MyBlogLog support staff), interact with other readers of this blog via our group’s message board and wander around the MyBlog Log community making other friends and contacts. 

Just sign in here to get started, create your profile and then go to the n10ah community and select the Join Community button. It’s that easy! 

Hope to see you there!     

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Swiss record label cultivates tradition

rock-a-billy new Europe Swiss

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While the rest of the independent music world seems ready to move completely into the digital realm, Swiss label Blue Lake Records, located in Vevey on the banks of Lake Geneva is firmly rooted in tradition.


Its roster of such traditional rock-a-billy style groups as Rewinders, Jerry & the Rockets and Hot Rhythm and Booze include many that have recorded on the affiliated JCR Recording Service.


The studio is equipped with vintage analogue and tube sound and recording gear to capture the mood and feel of mid-fifties rhythm and blues and rock n’ roll recordings.


The studio and label’s approach is spelled out in a kind of mission statement on its index page:

Instead of trying to develop a commercial activity, our goal is to have fun by sharing our passion.

Check out the label’s catalog and shopping pages including a vinyl section. But remember, this is not an oldies or re-release label. These are new recordings by new European groups. Crazy, Daddio!

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WANTED: Menstrual Cyclists

girl motorcycle Menstrual Cyclists indie band

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A semi-regular reader and contributor to this site known by the handle Wookie made reference in the comment section of a previous post to a group known as the Menstrual Cyclists, who performed occasionally at Arizona State University. 

The stories related by Wookie and others about the group’s early days are intriguing to say the least and we would love to share a little more with n10ah readers. 

Does the group have a website/CD/on-line mp3 files for download? If you know a way to get in touch with this band so we could share more info. drop me an e-mail here or provide more details in the “Comments” section. 

If the band members themselves are out there reading, get in touch. I think we’d all love to know more.

Photo Credit: jeltovski, Morguefile

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Trip with Swarf


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Loyal reader Chippy_the_k makes this great suggestion, a band from Brighton, England called Swarf.


The group’s website describes their sound as:


A form of dance music that doesn’t shy away from the beats but also produces great songs.


In addition, the site says:


Their brand of sophisticated electro-dance-pop takes in the influences of Trip-hop, trance, breakbeat and pure electro to produce something that is uniquely (their own.)


Listen to “Vision”, “Shadows” and “Reflect” from the album Art, Science Exploitation and check out other samples from the album here.



And check out the group’s site on MySpace as well when you get the time.


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N10ah is not dead!

Lake View Cemetery Cleveland Ohio

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No, the vehicle that we hope will be the Internet’s premier source for independent music is not yet a piece of history and rumors of the site’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.


Though after two weeks’ hiatus as I did some rethinking of this blog’s purpose and aims it may have seemed that way, n10ah is back rising like some kind of ghoulish specter from an unmarked grave!


Well…maybe not like that exactly, but we’re back anyway.


In fact, after some planning and rearranging some of the other sites I am managing, I’m hoping this on-line music magazine/network will be part of something even BIGGER and BETTER.


In the coming weeks we’ll be laying down some ground rules that I think are clearly needed, straightening out some misconceptions and most importantly discovering some great independent music.


For now, check out the slightly misogynistic (or is it just satire you decide!) Toby Joe Turner with “The Girlfriend Song” and check out Toby’s MySpace site (which takes like an hour and a half to load but is worth the look) here.


Photo credit: Kenn Kiser, The Morguefile

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