N10ah is not dead!

Lake View Cemetery Cleveland Ohio

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No, the vehicle that we hope will be the Internet’s premier source for independent music is not yet a piece of history and rumors of the site’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.


Though after two weeks’ hiatus as I did some rethinking of this blog’s purpose and aims it may have seemed that way, n10ah is back rising like some kind of ghoulish specter from an unmarked grave!


Well…maybe not like that exactly, but we’re back anyway.


In fact, after some planning and rearranging some of the other sites I am managing, I’m hoping this on-line music magazine/network will be part of something even BIGGER and BETTER.


In the coming weeks we’ll be laying down some ground rules that I think are clearly needed, straightening out some misconceptions and most importantly discovering some great independent music.


For now, check out the slightly misogynistic (or is it just satire you decide!) Toby Joe Turner with “The Girlfriend Song” and check out Toby’s MySpace site (which takes like an hour and a half to load but is worth the look) here.


Photo credit: Kenn Kiser, The Morguefile



  1. three=legged=man said

    *pops cork* Whoaaaaaaaa!!!!!

  2. Baba Gooey said

    Like a pheenix rising from the ashes… get ready to make history, people!!!!!!

  3. Baba Gooey said

    Crap… almost forgot to download Toby Joe in all the excitement. Downloading now… 🙂

  4. Baba Gooey said

    Damn dial up! Anyone else having a problem loading… I thought I was flying but my 28K modem keeps logging out or something.

  5. helen of troy said

    Well I’m glad to see this site isn’t dead, and I’m all in favor of some new rules as well.

  6. missing right nut said

    What’s the deal around here? Everytime I try and post as my old username, my left nut, nothing happens. Is one of the new rules around here censorship? This is wack dudes!

  7. my left nut said

    Well that last post worked, let’s try my old username now.

  8. Baba Gooey said

    Man, it took all night but I finally got it to download. Great stuff! Great stuff!

  9. my left nut said

    Ok, I think I know what the problem is, I keep trying to link to a myspace page and everytime I do, my post doesn’t go though. I’ll just tell you what I was going to post. At Toby Joe’s myspace page he’s got a friend who username is “President of the I Love Noah Fan Club”. It’s some hot chick and the guy she’s making out with isn’t Shawn, or maybe it used to be when he had a mohawk. Anyone know this chick? Maybe it’s Shawn’s wife or something, you know how these musicians always get the hottest girls, right? Like I said, I can’t post the link, you’ll just have to go to the page and see if for yerself.

  10. my left nut said

    Whoa dudes! I just took a toke of reefer and it just cleared my mind, I think it tuned me in to some fresh ideas. Check it, the chick at myspace lives in Florida, but Shawn lives in Pennsylvannia, maybe that’s some chick he hooked up with when he was doing a gig in Florida. Maybe that’s why Shawn’s never told us what name he performs under!!!

    Wait, wait, wait! No, it just hit me like a bold of thunder! What if Shawn is really the mohawk dude? Yeah, and the picture of him on this site is just some actor who’s picture he lifted from another site? And…his stage name is really Noah! I think it’s all starting to make sense…I just need some more “inspiration”! I’ll be back later with more!

  11. Baba Gooey said

    Whoa… how trippy would it be if this was like The Onion?!?

  12. Peter Guzenya said

    KC told me the boys were back on the site…sure enough. I like the Crow-esque look goin’ on wit’ the cemetary statue.

    What’s up, music lovers? Hey, time to break out a rhyme I’ve been schoolin’ for the right occasion:

    “I be the one, son…so don’t you try ta run… or you don’t get none.
    I comin on strong… and yeah, it IS long… but that’s a different song.
    You say you’ll come around… and that you’re ghetto bound…but I just can’t be found.
    Break out your boa… and start the show-a…and get on Noah!!!”

  13. Peter Guzenya said

    It’s a bit rough, yo… but it’s still fresh.

    R.I.P Ben.

  14. Shazbot Winx said

    Holy… everyone’s finally back. I just posted one last time on Monkeyseal’s site that I was leaving. Time to celebrate with a good joke:

    A married lady says to her neighbor’s wife, “Hey, the gay pride parade is today!”
    The neighbor says “We suck cock and take it in the ass, how come no one throws US a parade?!?”

  15. Shazbot Winx said

    Got another one for you guys:

    What do a chick’s ass and a 9-volt battery have in common?
    You know it’s wrong, but sooner or later, you will stick your tongue on it.

    Ah man. I miss this. Monkeyseal’s site wasn’t nearly as fun.

  16. Long Time Cummin' said

    Monkeyseal’s site is a mess! Did anyone post on the topic “What’s Your Favorite Food?” I just mentioned that I love Shrimp Lo Mein and the jerk called me a racist and banned me for a week! Thankfully, someone there turned me on to this site, I’m just gonna post here from now on.

  17. Shazbot Winx said

    Yeah, Monkeyseal’s weird. I thought he made sense here because I guess I kinda got swept up in the whole Imus thing. But he turned out to be a wack-job over there! I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks he was crazy. In fact, where’s Mac Attack and ther rest of the gang?

    OK, back to the jokes: What’s the #1 lesbian pick-uip line?

    Your face or mine?

  18. Shazbot Winx said

    Hey hey hey… in honer of leaving Monkeyseal’s website, I have another one: How do Chinese people name their children? They throw a handful of silverware down the stairs. “ching, chong, ling, ping, ting…”

  19. Brother Jose said

    I got one.
    What do you call a hooker with a runny nose? FULL!

  20. Finger Lickin said

    Yo… anyone pick up on the fact that the moderator said “music magazine/network”? NO wonder they are in the middle of reconstruction. Noah is going newsstand!!! Congrats guys! Talk about a huge successful leap! I can’t wait to see the first issue…when will it come out?

  21. Baba Gooey said

    Holy… I missed that! That’s terrific news! Congratulations Noah!!!! This is amazing. Damn, I knew I should have submitted some pieces.

  22. Obi ArtiChoke said

    Supercool! My friend KC just told me about this. When is the first issue coming out, guys? Do you still need writers?

  23. Robbie Tech said

    Congrats on the new book deal, guys! What exactly will the book be about?

    Hey, anyone check out the auctions above? I don’t know what they have to do with this post, but I got the high bid on a 12″ Chewy with bandolier and crossbow. Don’t snipe me, guys!

  24. Long Time Cummin' said

    Man, those auctions rule! Thanks to this site I found this beauty:


    Tell me that doesn’t get your engines reved up boys! There’s just something about chicks and bannannas that gets me going…

  25. chippy_the_k said

    Hey guys, I think the boss man thinks of this site as an “on-line” magazine, not a print one. I don’t think there’s enough material here to support a real print magazine, unless you don’t mind getting a magazine that is only one article every six days or so.

    I’m a little miffed that no one bothered to let us know the site was not dead a few weeks ago. Some of us were still loyal after the idiots spilt the scene, but no one saw fit to post anything for us to talk about during that time.

    Anyway, I’ll do my part to help out and keep things on track. If anyone’s still interested in indie music, check out this called Swarf. It’s a female band from Brighton, England and they have a great electro-dance-pop sound.


  26. Hessinger said

    Actually Chippy, we’re remaining open to all possibilities as far as n10ah’s future. It will depend on the response of the users which, of course, is good and getting better. We’re going to try to get posts in more frequently, now that we’ve got a better sense of direction and yes Obi we welcome submissions of information from readers. Though we can’t offer any money yet (perhaps someday) there are benefits. If you have a website of your own we can provide generous links back to you. Please submit anything you think may work as a future post to idea_man68@yahoo.com!

  27. 'Roid Rage said

    Wow, this is so exciting! I feel like I’m on the ground floor of something big here. It’s like being a passenger on the Titanic or something!

  28. Robbie Tech said

    So there IS a book deal! You heard it straight from the moderator’s mouth, people. What’s the book going to be about and whose your agent? COngrats agaiN…hey, if you need a poofreader, I’ll do it for free.

  29. Baba Gooey said

    Sweet Jesus… so there’s a book deal? I thought it was a magazine? Kudos Noah!

  30. Grippy and Slippy said

    Awesome! can you talk about the deal yet (five figures…six figures). I always wondered how book deals went.

    Hey, this guy’s song is a riot, by the way. Anyone else feel the same way about their girlfriends or what?

  31. Oh Me So Honkey said

    Hey, I just found this site from a friend and I almost shit my pants. What gives with the Crow picture?

  32. Mr T-bag said

    Just another new poster checking in here! I checked out the site a few times in the last few days but nothing was going on, glad to see some action here now!

    I’m really looking forward to picking up the first issue of n10ah at my local newstand though, just how close are we to a big announcement on this?

  33. Oh Me So Honkey said

    I’m new here, T-bag, but from what I can read, it sounds like they can’t announce things just yet or Shawn H. would have said something in his reply. That’s pretty cool though…

    I remember the day I picked up Ebay’s magazine. Which now that I think about it, I wonder if they will share the same publisher because this site is a business partner with Ebay (see the posts above.)

  34. Archer Armstrong said

    West Coast bloggers represent! Thanks for the shout-out, My Left Nut. Just scoped the site and dude, you’re right… I never would have known about this Asian chick or the spoon dude… this site’s dope!

    Thanks to the auction link, I also got a few bids on some sweet-ass auctions. Check out the anime Gungrave people. My best friend turned me onto it and I immediately started watching it on his recommendation… he was right! Best damn series ever created… buy a copy, but only after I’ve won my auctions.

  35. Harpers Fairy said

    Nice to see some anime fans checking in here! If you want some good anime, steer clear of Gungrave! It’s based off a video game and real otaku can tell you how successful that prospect has turned out in the past. (I’m looking at you .hack) It’s just more mindless demon/zombie killing like you find in dozens of low-end anime, only with Gungrave you have the added suffering of some of the slowest moving story sequences tucked between each lame action scene. I suggest the more sublime humor of Ah My Goddess or Fruits Basket, or if you want action with real story elements try the second season of Ruroni Kenshin!

  36. chippy_the_k said

    Hey S-Hess, how about linking Swarf to the bands section of the main page. I have you the link…hell I’m trying to contribute here!

  37. chippy_the_k said

    I mean I GAVE you the link. S-Hess you need to make an edit feature here, all the best sites use them!

  38. Archer Armstrong said

    Fruits Baskets?!? Oh My Goddess?!? I’m guessing that Harper’s Fairy is a 12-year old girl because with those tastes in anime, you might as well be wearing a dress!

    Pssstt! Harper’s Fairy? Ever think you chose that name for a reason? Newsflash! If you’ve got facial hair or a card in your pocket that says “Driver’s License”, then you’re too old for kiddie anime and it’s time to step up your game.

  39. Archer Armstrong said

    And in response to Chippy… Hell man, the guy’s writing a book, for cripe’s sake. Give him more than a day or so… books take years to write, right?

  40. Harpers Fairy said

    Hey Archer, I’m 22 old girl, so no facial hair, and a longtime anime fan. I won’t try and debate you on this, just knowing you like Gungrave tells me all I need to know about your taste in anime. I like many types of anime, my only point was that Gungrave is hardly the best in it’s genre, and it’s already a genre that well reprented in anime.

    As for my username, my last name is Harper and I enjoy Tokien’s middle Earth stories. Is that good enough for you? Isn’t your name from a comic book? Maybe I should start judging you now!

  41. Long Time Cummin' said

    You guys ever see any of that really wild sex anime? Man, that stuff is wacky! What kind of people make that?

    Of course, that doesn’t stop me from watchin’ it though! Who’s with me?

  42. wookie hunting nookie said

    I wouldn’t look for a book anytime soon. If memory serves S-Hess (thanks for that Chippy, I think we should all refer to the site’s creator that way!) only has dial-up. You ever try sending a word document as an e-mail attachment using dial-up? Let’s just say the pony express was faster!

  43. Archer Armstrong said

    Hey, I didn’t know you were a girl. Nice! Are you into Cosplay? If so, can I take a Pichacu? LOL!

  44. Archer Armstrong said

    Please, you think the internet has sped up writing books? Haven’t you seen enough movies to know how it’s done? They have to print it out all double spaced and stuff, then MAIL it to the publisher. All I know is I can’t wait to read it.

  45. wookie hunting nookie said

    Please Archer, you take book writing tips from movies? The don’t have to print out shit, they just e-mail their stuff to editors, agents, etc. I’m no expert, but I’m sure that’s how it done. Maybe I can find a movie on it somewhere…

  46. test-results-negative said

    Dudes, why isn’t anyone talking about my left nut? That guy has some wild ideas about S-Hess! In fact has anyone seen my left nut lately? It seems like my left nut is here and then gone again…

  47. Archer Armstrong said

    What the hell are you talking about? Why would anyone want to talk about your genitals?

  48. test-results-negative said

    my left nut is really a poster here. Scroll up a bit and you’ll see some my left nuts handiwork. Stick around long enough and like most of us, you’ll be thrilled whenever my left nut comes out to play. He’s that good!

  49. Mr T-bag said

    I pity the fool that doesn’t like My Left Nut!

  50. Archer Armstrong said

    Oh, I get it now. Sorry, I thought you were being a gross poster.

  51. Harpers Fairy said

    Archer, I’m not into cosplay. I enjoy anime from time to time, but I’m not an obsessed fan. Frankly, some of those people freak me out, and I don’t think they do a service to the industry. But….play your cards right and you might still get a picture of me. *wink*

  52. wookie-hunting-nookie said

    Hey wouldn’t it be great if Peter Guzenya made up a rap about my left nut? What do you say Pete are you up giving us something for my left nut? C’mon man, your rhymes are great! Show us what you can do!

  53. Archer Armstrong said

    mmmmmmm… send the pic to valeint3333@biznet.com

    You’re over 21, right?

  54. Amok Time said

    Rak Begok Gah Borah Ta Star Trek!

    That’s Klingon for “Screw anime and start watching Star Trek, dorks!”

  55. Amok Time said

    Fah Grak Tuk Ma Nuhrak Bah Ta Wrek!

    That’s Klingon for “Congrats on the book deal, Noah!”

  56. Harpers Fairy said

    Hey folks, looks like Archer was dumb enough to show us all his e-mail address and he’s asked for some pics…anyone have anything they want to share?

  57. Mr T-bag said

    Oh I pity Archer’s inbox!!!!

    It’s about to get a taste of Mr T-bag’s personal collection!

  58. Long Time Cummin' said

    Hey Archer do you have any particular fetishes or other areas of interest? I wanna make sure the pics I send you are something your at least interested in! LOL!!

  59. Tiberius said

    Hey Amok Time, great to see ya again! I check this boards usually once a week but it seems all the trekkies have moved on. Bummer.

    Hey what dialect are you using on your Klingon? I showed it to a friend of mine who speaks Kingon and she says your stuff makes no sense. For example, Noah is a name so it should just show up as Noah in the sentence, but it doesn’t.

    Just wondering.

  60. Amok Time said

    That’s because I speak “Klingon” and not “Kingon”. And, it meant “Congrats on the book deal”… I didn’t bother to pu in Noah. Maybe you should worry morer about your typos than my dialect.

    Oh, and here’s a message just for you… and don’t worry, I added the name so there’s no mistake this time: Frak Yu Tiberius!

  61. Tiberius said

    Except still none of the other words in your sentence exist in Klingon either, dumbass! I think you’re a fraud. And I’ll bet Shawn speaks Klingon too since he’s trekkie and he’ll know the difference and ban you from these boards.


  62. Amok Time said

    The language has different sects, just like human language does, you dork. There are certain words that are specific to certain regions. I’m from Canada, so we have a different dictionary: Ak Nock Reh Bau Tok!

    That means F U, Tiberius.

  63. my left nut said

    Hey when a trekkie calls another trekkie a dork, isn’t that a sign of the apocalypse or something? That’s like an accountant calling a politician a crook isn’t it?

  64. Archer Armstrong said

    GUYS!!!!! Stop sending me pictures!! Each one is more disturbing than the next!!!

  65. Archer Armstrong said

    Especially the shirtless ones! Good god… what gives, guys?!? Like seeing an 40-year old Otaku dressed up like a Dragonball Z character isn’t disturbing enough, seeing a SHIRTLESS 40-year old Otaku dressed up like a Dragonball Z character is gonna send me to therapy!

  66. Peter Guzenya said

    Yo! You want me to break out a fresh one about My Left Nut? You got it, homies!

    Who’s the one, son? I got you hung, son.
    He’s coming downtown, so watch your back now.

    I’m talking ’bout My Left Nut, y’all…
    Ain’t number three or number two but try the number one ball, ‘yall!

    You think he’s swinging high? No, he’s swinging low.
    Dropping load after load… and that ain’t H20.

  67. Peter Guzenya said

    Hopefully, My Left Nut can appreciate the respect I’m feeling him with by scratching him with those mad beats. It’s raw, but it’s fresh.

  68. Peter Guzenya said

    You got me rolling now, boys. Here’s another rhyme, labeled “F” for fresh.

    Twizzle dizzle rumble fumble fiddle my rhyme
    He’s talking back or is it wack, I’m talkin’ Amok Time!
    What he be layin’, people sayin’ that it’s nothin but jive.
    Or is it Romulan or Borg, I’ll see ya back at the hive.

    Poppin’ in and poppin out, speaking Klingon-eze
    Just like Q, he shows himself and then he’s out with the breeze.
    All my homies think his lines are just some made-up hack
    But you can bank my boy Amok Time, he be coming right back!

  69. my left nut said

    Man Peter! That is some sweeet shit you’re laying down brother! Someone needs to sign this guy up for a contract! Hey S-Hess we got ourselves a REAL indie music player right here!

    Give it up for the brother!!!

  70. Baba Gooey said

    I’m not really into rap, but that is some pretty good music.

    Hey, so what’s the status on the book? Does anyone know?

  71. Baba Gooey said

    Hey, by the way. I went to Monkeyseal’s website and he closed it down! RIP Monkeyseal!

  72. Toby Joe Turner said

    So I’m Googling my name to see who’s talking about my music and I come across this site. I’m not sure if I’m honored or confused. Reading this chain of e-mails is like one of those secrets you whisper in someones ear, then watch it go around the room and get distorted. It’s a riot! I’m turning on a few of my friends to this site now.

    Thanks for the props, Shawn… and congratulations on the book deal.

  73. Baba Gooey said

    Holy crap! Hey Toby! Thanks for stopping by… we love your site here at Noah and your song’s are hilarious. That’s why I don’t have a girlfriend, my man… they are a big pain in the arse!

    Well, it’s official. We’re big time guys!

  74. my left nut said

    Hey Tody, if you happen to check back in here, could you give some info on that chick on your site you calls herself The President of the I Love Noah fanclub? We’re trying to find out her connection to S-Hess around here, if you have an insights we’d love to hear them!

  75. helen of troy said

    On any day of the week I have no use for rap music, but I have to say Peter that Star Trek rap is really cleaver! Nice Job!

  76. Baba Gooey said

    Man, why are all our posters illiterate! First, My Left Nut calls Tobt “Tody”…good job! So much for seeing that superstar come back here after you misspell his name. My Left Nut is good for nothing!

    Then, Helen of Troy thinks Peter’s rap is really “cleaver”.

    Hey S-Hess…can you post a link to a spellcheck for this losers?

  77. test-results-negative said

    Geez, who invited Emily Post here!
    Hey Baba, I would like to indicate to an on-line friend that I am laughing out loud, which is proper–lol or LOL? Also, how may exclamation points should follow that? I don’t want to offend anyone…

  78. Gravy Train said

    The test results are in, babagooey… and he’s right. Stop worrying about everyone’s typos and worry about the fact that you’ll probably never know the touch of a woman.

  79. my left nut said

    Man, you pawned his ass with that one!

  80. Mr T-bag said

    I pity the fool that can’t type on these boards!

    That’s why you kids need to stay in school and respect your mothers!

  81. […] some voices of techies and kardel and other characters…but lyrics are of little message…N10ah is not dead! No, the vehicle that we hope will be the Internet?s premier source for independent music is not yet […]

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