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Loyal reader Chippy_the_k makes this great suggestion, a band from Brighton, England called Swarf.


The group’s website describes their sound as:


A form of dance music that doesn’t shy away from the beats but also produces great songs.


In addition, the site says:


Their brand of sophisticated electro-dance-pop takes in the influences of Trip-hop, trance, breakbeat and pure electro to produce something that is uniquely (their own.)


Listen to “Vision”, “Shadows” and “Reflect” from the album Art, Science Exploitation and check out other samples from the album here.



And check out the group’s site on MySpace as well when you get the time.


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  1. Baba Gooey said

    First post…FIRST POST!

    Eat that, blog buddies!!!!!!!

  2. helen of troy said

    Congrads to Chippy! First he gets the questions topics listed and now this. Can we start calling him a site contributor yet?

  3. Hessinger said

    All readers are…in a sense.

  4. Baba Gooey said

    Well said, Shawn. Well said.

  5. my left nut said

    Hey S-Hess, how come you’re the only one here who gets a picture next to your name? I wouldn’t mind seeing a picture of my left nut next to my posts!

  6. three=legged=man said

    I just out the music and it’s not bad! But on a side note, don’t you just hate it when bands tells you that their music style is mix of a dozen different things? I’m not just pointing out Swarf here, it seems everyone does it these days. Why can’t someone just say: “We sound like the Beatles” and be done with it?

  7. Prince S Die said

    This chick’s music makes my ears bleed, but she makes my nose grow… if you get what I’m saying!

  8. Peter Guzinya said

    Put your hands up for the band that’s all the rage, yo
    She’ll makes ya think when you see pink up on the stage, yo.
    Don’t call it hip ’cause it’s a trip, she’s tripping-hop, yo
    So call your bro, your sis, you mom and then your pop, yo.
    An’ introduce them to the juice she’s spinning out, yo
    It’s what this whole site Noah’s really all about, yo.

  9. Peter Guzinya said

    Damn, that’s serious fresh, yo.

  10. test-results-negative said

    *standing ovation*
    That is some great rappin’ Pete! Keep it up bro!

  11. Baba Gooey said

    It’s good, but it can’t be that hard to do. Let me try:

    Break it down to all the music sound
    She’s got pink hair and a butt so round
    When she sings, my ear rings because it aches
    Hopefully, lots of money she will makes

    OK, maybe it’s not as easy as it sounds.

  12. Gravy Train said

    You suck. Stick to what you’re good at… nothing.

  13. Shazbot Winx said

    Screw the rap… time for jokes!

    What did one Grateful Dead fan say to the other Grateful Dead fan when they ran out of weed?

    Man, this band sucks!

  14. Shazbot Winx said

    Q: Why did the pothead cross the road?
    A: Who else would follow the chicken!

    These jokes are for the stoners… I read your posts, guys! Rock on!!!!!

  15. Shazbot Winx said

    What do you call a cat of open tuna fish in a lesbian’s apartment?


    I’m on fire tonight, guys!

  16. Shazbot Winx said

    Hear about the Polish guy who got caught masterbating in a public restaurant?

    He saw a sign that said “First Come, First Served!”

    Where’s my rimshot? Where’s my rimshot?!?!?

  17. Shazbot Winx said

    What’s the difference between an eppiletic oyster shucker and a hooker with diaherra?

    The eppiletic oyster shucker shucks between fits.

    Whos’s dying out there?!? Who’s dying out there?!?!!?

    sigh…I love that we’re all back. I don’t know you guys personally, but I feel like I do. This site’s great!

  18. Robbie Tech said

    Hey, I have some jokes too. What’s brown and hides in the attic?

    The diaherra of Anne Frank.

  19. my left nut said

    Man the jokes are great, but hell can’t you guys put them in one post? When I noticed 18 comments I expected some good reading, but it’s all the same guy posting six jokes. (oh and some lass-ass rap from Baba) I was hoping for a reply from S-Hess on my question about pictures, but no dice. Is going AWOL again?

    Which reminds me, with news of a book deal or print magazine, does this mean S-Hess will finally spring for cable or DSL? If so, let me be the first to welcome you to 1999!

  20. Mr T-bag said

    Mr T-bag likes the smooth sound of Swarf, but Mr T-bag thinks they sound too much like early B-52s.

  21. Babble Gabber said

    Hey there!
    Newbie to your site and just starting to go through the archives. Great stuff.

  22. salad shooter said

    I’m also a new user! This place seems pretty cool, but how often are new topics added? I only see two this month so far, is that normal?

  23. Babble Gabber said

    I agree, Salad Shooter. I’ve gone through the website and it doesn’t look like there’s much info about music as there used to be a few months back. Is this site going ina different direction?

  24. Hessinger said

    To answer a bunch of questions in a single post:
    1. No Mr. Nut, I am not going AWOL. I do have several sites to maintain plus another career on the side and must ration my time unfortunately until n10ah becomes more sustainable. This looks like it is slowly becoming a reality, by the way, sao thanks for the help.
    2. My hook-up (cable, DSL or otherwise) will not assist users with speedier download. Most links take you directly to the site where the audio or video file is located anyway so my connection is irrelevant. It is the users connection that determines download time and I’m afraid I can do nothing about that.
    3. The thumbnail photo you see with my comments is a feature provided by which hosts this site and the photo is likewise uploaded to one of their servers. It is possible that a person signing up for a WordPress account and uploading their photo would see their thumbnail appear in the comment section of other blogs hosted by WordPress, but I have never tried this in practice and don’t know if it would work
    4. Salad Shooter and Babble Gabber. Welcome to the site! In all honesty, posting had fallen off for some time because of lack of response, but with increased interest from the Internet community, I am making a conscious effort to increase the number of contributions again.

  25. Babble Gabber said

    I, for one, am glad to be hear. Wow, and thanks for replying so quickly. 🙂

  26. Baba Gooey said

    Leave it to My Left Nut to be stupid!

    1. Hey Nut… S-Hess is right. It doesn’t matter what his speed is… you’re not downloading this directly from his company, so it’s not like the speed you need to worry about when you’re bootstraping music from a torrent site.

    B. The guy’s a journalist for like 40 sites and newspapers…plus, from what I read on the last post, he’s writing a friggin’ book! So cut him some slack and trust the vision of the site. We’re all enjoying it and if you weren’t, you wouldn’t be here.

    Fourth, quit telling people where to post their jokes. Man, My Left Nut’s a pain in my ass. That guy Shazbot posts where he posts, and I for one, like it. It;s like a palette cleanser after we get rolling on a good topic.

    Someone really needs to cool down My Left Nut.

  27. salad shooter said

    Hey what gives? Everytime I tried to post yesterday, I clicked “submit comment” and nothing would show up!

  28. my left nut said

    Man you some of people around here are a bunch of assholes! Look, I know how the internet works dumbasses! When I mentioned S-Hess getting faster speeds, meant gets DSL he can get on-line faster hence he’ll post more often. I know his speed has nothing to do with our download times! Jeez you people are morons!

  29. my left nut said

    Whoa sorry about all the bad grammer in that last post folks, I was pretty buzzed when I wrote it. It seemed to make a lot of sense at the time though…

    Note I’m just apoligizing for calling some of you guys assholes, that part still sticks.

  30. Baba Gooey said

    Why does my left nut always have a problem with people?

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