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A semi-regular reader and contributor to this site known by the handle Wookie made reference in the comment section of a previous post to a group known as the Menstrual Cyclists, who performed occasionally at Arizona State University. 

The stories related by Wookie and others about the group’s early days are intriguing to say the least and we would love to share a little more with n10ah readers. 

Does the group have a website/CD/on-line mp3 files for download? If you know a way to get in touch with this band so we could share more info. drop me an e-mail here or provide more details in the “Comments” section. 

If the band members themselves are out there reading, get in touch. I think we’d all love to know more.

Photo Credit: jeltovski, Morguefile



  1. Baba Gooey said

    First puh-puh-puh…POST!


  2. Baba Gooey said

    Suh–suh–second post!

    Hey, is it a holiday today or what? No one’s on yet!

  3. salad shooter said

    Hey what gives? Everytime I tried to post yesterday, nothing would go through! Seems like it’s working now though!

  4. Give It To Beaver said

    I knew this band from days long gone! I still get the a Christmas card every year from one the girls, I’ll see if I can find her e-mail address and ask her to pop on here and talk about the band!

  5. chippy_the_k said

    I was having the same problem all day yesterday salad shooter! This site does have it’s share of moments when it’s either off-line or suffering some other problem. The regulars around here have learned to live with it, you just wait a day or two and everything will be fine.

  6. Rasin' in the Sun said

    I’m glad someone explained that, I visited this site for the first time yesterday after hearing about it at indiemusic.com and I tried to make a comment but nothing happened!

    Anyway, I wanted to mention I saw these girls back in…maybe 1999 while I was attending Arizona State, they really couldn’t play very well, I’m surprised to hear they made a run at stardom!

  7. Riding Miss Daisy said

    Sweet sassy mollasey! Ain’t there be nothin’ to talk ’bout here at Noah? Where everybody be going?

    I don’t know nothing about birthin’ no babies!

  8. Baba Gooey said

    Hey everyone.
    I had the same problem trying to post all weekend. What gives? It was like the server was down or something.

    Hey, now that there’s a book deal in the works, I’m definitely interested in being a cub reporter for Noah. I tried googling Menstral Cyclists but got nothing. So I contacted Arizona State and tried their alumni dept. and they thought I was doing a crank call. So then it hit me… I’m a full paying member of Classmates.com. That gives you access to everyone, including the forums, etc.

    Long story short, I searched for classmates of ASU around 6-8 years ago that were into music and posted messages to see if anyone remembers the band. Guys, I think they might have broken up years back before everyone in the world had a website. Or, maybe they changed their name? Even the rock band KISS was originally called Wicked Lester when they played colleges.

  9. Give It To Beaver said

    Hey folks! I just got an e-mail from a friend of mine who was once in this band. I haven’t actually spoken to her in a few years, but I gave her the website address and asked her to check it out. She’s a little reluctant to post, ( I think she’s a little freaked out that anyone actually remembers the band so many years after they did anything), but if you have some questions you can post them and she promised she’ll post a brief history of the band in a day or two.

    So be nice….I’m looking at you my left nut!

  10. Baba Gooey said

    Was I right about the band changing its’ name? C’mon, let a guy know! I’m dying to know if I was right. It would make sense…

  11. Layna Pipe said

    I want to thank this site for helping me find a cute place in Arizona. What’s odd is that I came to the site by suggestion of my friend George and I just happened to be moving to Arizona. I stumbled upon the banner ad and found myself a great deal. I’m not a regular here, but the irony is terrific and I can’t thank you guys enough.


  12. Tessa said

    Hi everyone! My name is Tessa and I was a one-time member of The Menstrual Cyclists. My friend Mike (I hope he doesn’t mind me using his real name!) asked me to check out this site and give a little history of the band. I have to admit, I was a little stunned when he told me, I haven’t thought about those days in a long time and it seems a little weird that anyone would remember us. But I read the posts and it seems only one person really knew who we were, so I guess it all makes sense now!

    As to the band, we were “formed” in the fall of 1997 at Arizona State University. I was a freshman living in Hayden Hall and my new roommate Jenna, told me she meet some other students who were interested in trying out for the freshman talent show as an all-girl band. I played piano for years so I volunteered to be the keyboard player. As luck would have it, we never really got our act together to be in the talent show, but a few of the girls suggested we should try and perform at some of the local frat houses. Of course this was really just a way to get into some of the off campus parties, since freshman rarely got invited to those!

    The initial members looked like this: (I’m not including any last names here since I haven’t spoken to some of these people in years and I’d hate to have someone track them down from this website!)

    Jenna- bass guitar
    Erin- vocals
    Melanie- lead guitar

    Of the five of us, only Melanie was a music major. She was the person most responsible for the band, she found places for us to play and tried to get us to practice at least three times a week, which we rarely ever did. Erin had the voice of an angel, but the rest of us were rank amateurs. Aside from our playing, the other problem for the band was that none of us had a car since freshman (or which there were four of us) weren’t allowed to have one on campus. I’m not sure who came up with the name of the band, but it was somehow related to us deciding to ride bicycles to the places we would play. (I still laugh when I think of poor Heather carrying her drums on her back—at least she was in shape!)

    Thankfully, the next year Erin got a car and we stopped riding bikes. It was just as well because I was getting tired of hearing all the new nicknames we’d picked up, like the Rag-time Band and Dykes on Bikes! By 2000 Melanie had graduated and we knew the band couldn’t last without her, which was fine since none of us really considered music a career we expected to get into anyway. During those three years we performed about twenty times at local frat houses and bars off campus. It was fun, but not something any of else except Melanie took seriously.

    In 2002, I had graduated and was working as a cost accountant when I got a surprise call from Melanie to tell me a guy named David Duncan wanted to use the name after he heard about it from a former Arizona State alumni. Melanie told him he could use the name as long as he gave open auditions to the former band members. I declined naturally, but Melanie was picked up as the lead guitarist. However, she told me later they only played six gigs and broke up when it became clear David was only interested in promoting his wife’s career and really thought of the band as studio musicians. The article someone mentioned earlier that said they were dominating college towns in southern California was, at best, some wishful hyping by an editor or writer!

    So that’s the story, if you want to know anything else, just post a question and I’ll try and answer it!

  13. Baba Gooey said

    Holy crap! This site is awesome! First Toby posts, then this! Artists are really finding out about the site and I’m thrilled to be on the curb of it!

  14. Baba Gooey said

    Crap… I meant to say “cusp”.

  15. my left nut said

    Hey I have a question. You mention dykes on bikes, I was just wondering, was there ever a moment, maybe after a killer set, when the band was hot and sweaty and surrendered to forbidden passions?

    If so, details please.

  16. Helen of Troy said

    Thanks for posting Tessa. It’s nice to see some some input from real artists here at n10ah, like the previous poster mentioned it does seem like our growing community here is starting to get noticed.

    Feel free to ignore my left nut, everyone elso here does.

  17. Helen of Troy said

    I just want to echo Helen’s sentiments and thank you for taking the time to write here and let us know a little more about the group. I’m a little puzzled as to why S-Hess hasn’t shown up yet since he’s the one who was asking for more information!

  18. wookie hunting nookie said

    Uhhhh…does Helen have different personalities inside her head? It looks like she echoed herself. Maybe there are two Helens here, both from Troy? I’m confused.

  19. Hessinger said

    Thanks Tessa,
    We’ll be posting the response for new visitors to see soon.

  20. Helen of Troy said

    Hey, I didn’t post that second message! Is someone using my username to make me look like an idiot? I sense my left nut in all this!

  21. Tessa said

    Shawn, if you would like, you may e-mail some questions that I could answer for your readers. Perhaps that would be better than an open forum.

    Let me know.

  22. my left nut said

    Gee Helen, the only way I could impersonate someone here would be if I knew their e-mail address…and it’s not like you gave it to me the night we chatted on IM or anything…

    *evil laugh*

  23. wookie hunting nookie said

    Wow, my left nut, that’s low–even for you! And Helen! I’m a little disappointed in you too, what would possess you to IM my left nut? You know what he’s like on these boards!

  24. Baba Gooey said

    Again, as I said in another post, MLN needs to chill. You don’t see anyone needling My Left Nut, so I don’t understand why he feels the need to be so hairy in his repsonses.

  25. my left nut said

    I only did it because she told that new guy to just ignore me! You can’t ignore my left nut, I’m out there and I’m in your face!

    But just to show my sensitive side, I’ll admint I was wrong to do it, and I won’t do it again. See Helen, you know I’m not always a jerk, so are we square?

  26. My Mouth said

    Wait a minute! This thread’s got the post that’s up right now. All this site’s doing is cut and pasting other people’s thoughts or posts and making them threads?

    Well, Hells bells…let me help write the site for you too. I remember when I was in New York, I passed a fiddle player who asked me for a quarter so he could but some Mad Dog 20/20. How about posting something on him? I remember he smelled like B.O and wore clothes soaked in his own urine. That should help you track down this “superstar!”

  27. My Mouth said

    Breaking news! A friend of mine just told me she tripped over him when trying to take the A uptown at 34th street. She should be sleeping next to a garbage can with a Walgreens bag sticking out of it. Can’t wait for the follow-up on his career.

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