Swiss record label cultivates tradition

rock-a-billy new Europe Swiss

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While the rest of the independent music world seems ready to move completely into the digital realm, Swiss label Blue Lake Records, located in Vevey on the banks of Lake Geneva is firmly rooted in tradition.


Its roster of such traditional rock-a-billy style groups as Rewinders, Jerry & the Rockets and Hot Rhythm and Booze include many that have recorded on the affiliated JCR Recording Service.


The studio is equipped with vintage analogue and tube sound and recording gear to capture the mood and feel of mid-fifties rhythm and blues and rock n’ roll recordings.


The studio and label’s approach is spelled out in a kind of mission statement on its index page:

Instead of trying to develop a commercial activity, our goal is to have fun by sharing our passion.

Check out the label’s catalog and shopping pages including a vinyl section. But remember, this is not an oldies or re-release label. These are new recordings by new European groups. Crazy, Daddio!



  1. Baba Gooey said

    Get your mojo rising, people! TS-Hess is right on…this stuff is definitely crazy, daddio!

    First post, by the way bee-oyches!

  2. my left nut said

    What is with the sudden return of vinyl lately? Geez, next we’ll be remembering the greatness of 8 tracks and AM radio! I just don’t get it!

  3. Helen of Troy said

    Good luck to these artists, but it seems silly to me to release new material on vinyl and expect it increase sales. Most of the people who still have record players on audiophiles or people who refuse to update to new technology. (ie the over 65 crowd!) From a business standpoint, I don’t see the value in selling to the smallest possible market. I hate to say it, but I find myself on the side of my left nut with this one.

  4. chippy_the_k said

    What happened to all the excitement over the return of n10ah? There’s just nothing much to talk about in these new stories. I hope something new comes along soon, because right now this place has as much life as a graveyard.

  5. Shazbot Winx said

    The excitement’s back, bitches!

    What’s it mean when a woman is lying back in bed gasping your name?

    You didn’t hold the pillow down long enough!

  6. Shazbot Winx said

    Ready for another?

    A couple is lying in bed. The woman rolls over and says “I’m going to make you the happiest man in the world.”

    The guy turned to her and ays “I’m gonna miss ya!”

  7. Shazbot Winx said

    Here’s one for the ladies:

    A guy is doing laundry and he yells over to his wife “Hey, what setting do I put the machine on to wash my sweatshirt?”

    The wife yells back, “What’s it say on the sweatshirt?”

    The husband looks down and yells back “University of Oklahoma.”

    rimshot…where’s my rimshot?!?!/

  8. Gammy loves Shortenin' said

    New blogger here!

    Oooooo… I love jokes. I have one. A proctologist is talking with a patient and says ‘I’m going to write you a prescription before you go.”

    He takes out a thermometr and starts writing on his pad. The pateint says “Doc, what are you doing? You’re trying to write a prescription with a thermometer!”

    The doctor throws down the pad and shouts “Dammit! Some asshole’s got my pen!”

  9. Harpers Fairy said

    Hey all! I’ve been checking out this website every few days, but it rarely seems to change. Is this the way it always is? Also, I was reading Shawn’s about page and he says he’s a musician, songwriter and producer. Do any of the regular’s around here know more about this? I’d like to hear some of his songs, does he have them posted somewhere for download?

  10. Hessinger said

    Harper’s Fairy,
    Right now the stuff I’ve done is exclusively in the analog world mostly on a tiny independent label I operated some years ago before I started my career in the newspaper business. I started this site as a way to launch into the evolving digital music world and to connect with others who are doing the same. There are likely to be other projects and other sites on the way as I try to make this more than just a side project and shift some of my priorities so please be patient and stay tuned.

  11. Peter Guzinya said

    Hey yo!
    If you goo-goo-google, you’ll find our main man S-Hess definitely had a musical career, yo.

  12. Peter Guzinya said

    Yo, Big Daddy Blue! Was that you, yo?

    I love it, bro… I knew when ya dug my mad beats, ya had some soul up in your white ass. Yo, I’m gonna break it down real quick:

    Razzle dippy dazzle…Steppin’ in the shoe
    I’m breakin’ down crazy beats with Big Daddy Blue

    He’s on the tip, he’s on the top, you know he jus’ can’t stop
    givin’ all the indie bands out there some sweet mad props.

  13. Hessinger said

    Yes Pete,
    One of many personas. Perhaps I’ll offer some of the old cassettes for sale on-line.

  14. Peter Guzinya said

    Hey yo… I’m down. Bust me out one of those joints, yo… but bro, it’s a digital age. What’s a cassette? If it ain’t an MP3, I can’t listen to it.

  15. Peter Guzinya said

    Ain’t bein’ snotty, yo. I’m jus’ sayin… I don’t have no cassette boombox or nuthin’. Or a CD player. I don’t think no one listens to music that way no more, yo. How ’bout bustin them mad Big daddy tracks as MP3’s and postin’ them up on the site, dog?

  16. chippy_the_k said

    Wow, I had to scroll through that list for ten minutes to find out what you were talking about Peter! So now we know that S-Hess’ stage name was Big Daddy Blue! Interesting!

    Man, I don’t even think you can buy a car that still has a cassette player in it these days. How long ago was this? Does this pre-date CDs? I know Shawn looks old in his about page, but I didn’t think he was THAT old.

  17. Peter Guzinya said

    Dude, I found our Big Daddy’s website. No wonder we ain’t seeing our boy that often. Between the book deal and touring, this guy’s off the charts! Ain’t no mistakin’ that beard, bro!

  18. Baba Gooey said

    Holy moley! No wonder we’re getting all these semi-famous superstars on the site. Forget S-Hess! It’s Big Daddy Blues from now on! Man, I feel like an idiot… if I knew this site was managed by someone that’s got their own musical career, I wouldn’t have been so “where’s everybody?” when I didn’t see any posts.

  19. Baba Gooey said

    Hey! I just noticed… we’ve been asking for clues and S-Hess has been secretive of the origin of the site and his background in music. The clue’s were always there… what’s this post about but “BLUE” lake records! We’re all idiots… he’s been giving us hints all along.

    Way to go, Daddy Blues!

  20. my left nut said

    Here’s another clue we all missed! According to his Yahoo profile his nickname is Big Daddy!

    Man, I can’t believe I missed that! I’m usually so good as figuring out shit like this!

    Well, that’s one mystery solved, but we still don’t know who that chick is that claims to the President of the I Love Noah Fanclub! Gotta think harder…

  21. My Mouth said

    Hey guys…no offense, but I think you’re all praying to false gods here. Every artist on this site looks like they store all their band equipment in their mama’s garage! Where’s the indie music info? I just googled this site and it started as a site dedicated to teaching people how to record music, then it switched directions to covering indie bands and then there’s a NEW direction coming soon?!? I change my socks less often than this site changes direction.

  22. salad shooter said

    So can we assume you’ve only changed your socks less than three times since November?

  23. My Mouth said

    It’s a joke, salad shooter… you know, kinda like this website!

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