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If you weren’t aware of it yet, n10ah is on the MyBlogLog community and becomming a member is FREE. 

You can upload your own image for your profile (please use some discretion here, folks. I’d rather not get any cranky e-mails from the  MyBlogLog support staff), interact with other readers of this blog via our group’s message board and wander around the MyBlog Log community making other friends and contacts. 

Just sign in here to get started, create your profile and then go to the n10ah community and select the Join Community button. It’s that easy! 

Hope to see you there!     



  1. chippy_the_k said

    Hey folks, I’m a member! Check out my pic on the main page! It’s about time the rest of the regulars step up and join!

  2. Peter Guzinya said

    yo…yo… I don’t like havin’ too much personal info over the net. Big brother watches all, my man. Don’t kid yerself.

  3. Baba Gooey said

    Like the government’s gonna give a poop? C’mon Peter, what kind of secret info is anyone really going to learn about you by posting your handle, the fact that you like indie music and tacos and picking a 1/2 inch logo that’s probably going to be a Superman logo. Big brother has better things to do than decipher your rhymes and fix your typos, man.

  4. my left nut said

    Hey, did you folks see the other thread below this? Someone finally found out S-Hess’s recording name: Big Daddy Blue! So it’s not big brother who’s watching us–it’s Big Daddy!

    Here’s his webpage for more information:


  5. my left nut said

    Hey folks, check it out! Big Daddy Blue’s other website has a guestbook! Let’s all sign in and wish Shawn the best! So far there aren’t too many people there, but I know we can fill that sucker up quick! I’m posting there right after I submit this!


  6. My Mouth said

    This fat guy is the moderator? This fat guy is the guy that claims to be a singer/songwriter? This guy looks like he just stepped off the short bus and landed a job entertaining folks at the local crab shack!

  7. salad shooter said

    Good grief, someone calm down My Mouth! You’re ripping on S-Hess for being overweight? I know it’s a sterotype, but I usually assume most bloggers are overweight, pajama-wearing, computer geeks! The more I look at the pictures at the Big Daddy Blue site, the more I’m convinced that it’s just a persona for S-Hess. Maybe he just puts on weight and grows out his beard when he goes down South to perform, since he lives in Pa most of the time. Actors do this all the time, look how big Renee Zellweger gets in those Bridget Jones movies, she doesn’t look like that all the time!

  8. My Mouth said

    The only time this guy’s losing weight is when he has major dental work or he rolls over on his back and there’s no one within earshot to help flip him back over.

  9. Hessinger said

    Actually, fellas, not that Big Daddy Blue. You’re looking at the wrong website. We never even had a website. Just sold cassettes to some vendors who regularly carried our releases. Like I said, strictly analog. The direction I’m planning to go in the immediate future is still uncertain.

  10. My Mouth said

    So wait… there are two Big Daddy Blues?

  11. 'roid rage said

    Wait, can two Big Daddy Blues occupy the same space and time without causing a rift in the space/time continium?

    Or maybe the other Big Daddy is like the Bizarro version from that episode of Seinfeld! They both blog, but the other guy posts EVERYDAY!

  12. wookin' pa nub said

    Now this is fun! Here’s another way Bizarro Big Daddy would differ from ours: he has high speed internet!

  13. My Mouth said

    And…there are super hero nerds on this site as well.

    O-Kay, I’m done! Somebody e-mail me at branka@aol.com when this site starts reporting on music.

  14. Helen of Troy said

    So long My Mouth, you won’t be missed!

  15. wookin' pa nub said

    Hey all, I just signed up at the community! If you look at some of the other sites out there, most of them don’t have very many members. If we keep reminding all the new people to sign up Noah will be the largest community out there!!

  16. Hessinger said

    That’s the idea, dude.

  17. Robbie Tech said

    I’m joining soon! I can’t wait to feel a part of a community!

  18. Harpers Fairy said

    I just joined! I’ll pass the word on to a few of my friends too!

  19. my left nut said

    Well this blows! I take the time to register and find a great picture for my left nut, and it doesn’t even show up when I post! S-Hess’s face is right up staring at us, but no one can see my left nut! C’mon Big Daddy, we need a forum that actually displays our avitars!

  20. light my fire said

    Yo Pete!!! i finally found dis site!! i thoutht you say casey posts here, i dont see him anywhere! ya all check out the members we gots here? some of those pictures are jus crazy!

  21. chippy_the_k said

    C’mon, some of those guys have to fake! Did you see some of those usernames? Amanda-lay? Hugh Jass? Shakey me Jewels? Where are all these losers coming from? I don’t seem them posting here where all the action is!

  22. Peter Guzinya said

    Yo yo… I hear ya, Chip. But check it…there be some other peeps on there with normal names, yo… and I ain’t seen them post neither. Some people jus’ got crazy handles and shit and like to join forums and stuff. Ain’t nothing but a G thing, dog!

    peace… I’m outta here like Vladamir!

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