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And while we’re reflecting on the great gimmick of an all girl group traveling around on bicycles, what other ideas can our burgeoning community here at n10ah come up with for future music groups yet unborn? 

One that occurred to me recently is a bit tongue and cheek but should certainly get the discussion started. 

The idea would be to have a group dressed up like characters from a Japanese monster movie.

Just think. They could call the group Kaiju, the term for the Japanese giant monster movie genre, and little kids everywhere could spend time on the Internet trying to figure out the origin of the name.

There might be a bit of a problem with copyright and trademark infringement, but it seems to me that imaginary characters could be used to get around the issue, or a “fair use” argument could be made saying use of the characters constitute a parody.

Anyway, I haven’t quite figured out what kind of music the group would play, but I think that’s kind of secondary in any case.

The live shows would be fantastic.  I may act on this one if someone else doesn’t beat me to it.

 Let’s have some other ideas and see if we can’t influence the next wave of independent artists looking for the next big thing. 

For more on-line photos of Mr. Tall Green and Anti-social like the one I mutalated above, visit Barry’s Temple of Godzilla when you have the chance.



  1. Robbie Tech said

    LOL… hey, first post, right? I beat Baba Gooey for once.

    What a terrific idea, Big Daddy! I almost fell out of my seat laughing so hard at the possibilities. You really have a knack for thinking creatively!

    I have one! The Pop Singers…they would all be dressed up like soda cans. I think the irony might be lost in the North (since they call pop “soda”) but wouldn’t that be absolutely hilarious?!?

  2. Hessinger said

    Good one, Robbie. I wonder how it would be received internationally. What do they call soda around the world? I also wonder what kind of music they would play.

  3. Mr T-bag said

    The Pop Singers would sing pop songs! What kind of fool can’t figure that out?

    Someone should make a band based on the A-Team? I don’t know what kind of music they’d play, but I pity the fool that wouldn’t want to see that!

  4. Hessinger said

    Maybe there are lyrics to the show’s theme song. Doesn’t have much of a groove, but maybe they could do a remix.

  5. Mr T-bag said

    Mr T-bag just noticed something! Is that crazy Godzilla monster smoking a joint? That stuff is junk! Real winners don’t use drugs! I don’t know who Godzilla’s momma is, but that’s just disrespecting her! I don’t care if you can shoot fire from your mouth, or destroy twelve city blocks with your nuclear radiated tail, if you smoke dope you are a dope!

    No wonder Mothra beat his ass! I never saw Mothra taking a bong hit before going in to battle! And Gamara! That crazy turtle didn’t even have a mouth,he couldn’t do drugs–or flip himself over when he was on his back!

  6. Robbie Tech said

    What a great idea again, Shawn! I’m gonna investigate that right now! 🙂

  7. Harpers Fairy said

    For years now, I’ve thought that there was a great opportunity for some resourceful musician to make a killing performing J-Pop here in the US. If you don’t know what J-Pop is, it’s Japanese pop music. Check this link:

    As silly as it sounds there is already a huge build in audience for this music. Go to any anime convention (unless you’re easily scared, in which case run in horror from one) and you’ll find vendors selling J-Pop cds by the boatload! Of course 99% of the kids buying them have no idea what the words even are! (In fact when you translate the lyrics, they often make even less sense!)

    So all you need is a bilingual singer! And if you manage to find a band that will dress up in cosplay, you’ve got a formula for success to take milk money from countless teenage manga freak girls who think they can draw!

  8. My Mouth said

    Holy crap… I come back and thank god. You people need help. I have one for you. How about teh Bloggers. This band would play all their instruments from couches with their pants down to their ankles and the stage set so it looks like it’s 2 in the morning.

  9. Baba Gooey said

    man, this is tough! Hey, I got one! The Seven Wonders! Picture a 7-piece band that are each dressed up like one of the 7 wonders of the world. The great Wall could be the drummer with a huge wall around him…tell me that’s not crazy clever!!!

  10. my left nut said

    Hey My Mouth, leave the funny stuff to my left nut.

  11. three=legged=man said

    Man, that band idea about the Seven Wonders had me laughing so hard I spit hot coffee all over my keyboard! (Hey, I heard you can just stick these things in the dishwasher and they’ll end up just fine, anyone know if that’s true or not?)

    The last time I laughed this hard on this site is when that one Star Trek asshole told the other Star Trek loser that Canadians use a different Klingon dictionary!! LOL!!

  12. Lala Ganoosh said

    Jumpin’ Geehosephat! I think having a band dress up like Looney Tunes characters would be histerical. Imagine Yosemite Sam thrashing out on his bass while Foghorn Leghorn lays down some serious vocals.

  13. Felcher-McGee said

    I got it… a band where everyone’s dressed up like dead band members. And they do all the cover tunes of their respected bands. You would have Elvis, Morrison, that scraggley-haired guy who was doin’ Courtney Love and that guy from INXS who offed himself while jerking off. I’m telling ya…it’s like lightning in a bottle!

  14. Shaxbot Winx said

    Joketime, music lovers!

    How is a drum solo a lot like an orgasm? You know when it’s coming but there’s nothing you can do to stop it!


  15. Shaxbot Winx said

    Got another one!

    Why do bagpipers walk when they play? To get away from the music!

    (cue audience laughing)

  16. Shaxbot Winx said

    What’s it say on a blues musician’s tomestone?

    I “didn’t” wake up this morning.

    (cue roaring applause!)

  17. Shaxbot Winx said

    What’s the difference between a pig and a musician?

    A pig won’t stay up all night trying to f**k a musician!

    Bada-boom! On fire, tonight folks! Don’t forget to try the veal and tip your waitress!

  18. wookin' pa nub said

    That dead band idea is brilliant!! It’s like Beatlemania but with all kinds of dead bands! You could have Jerry Garcia singing with Janis Joplin while Jimi Hendrix and Keith Richards are playing guitars! (I know Keith’s not REALLY dead yet, but hell just look at him! Frankstein was more alive than that guy is today!)

    Damn, but that’s a great idea!!!!

  19. Hasbeen DoneThat said

    I got one!

    How do you make a folk singer’s car more aerodynamic?

    Take the Domino’s Pizza sign off the roof!

  20. Tiberius said

    Hey Three=legged=man, I resent you calling me a loser! Just because I like Star Trek, that doesn’t make me a loser! You know Shawn that runs this website is a trekkie too!

    Although I do agree that Amok Time is an asshole!

  21. light my fire said

    Yo pete, where you at? i been checking dis board all day and you ain’t showed up yet!

  22. Tom Servo said

    Keeping with the theme of bands in costumes, how about the Despots? You cold have Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Vladimir Lenin, and Saddam Hussein in the band! Who wouldn’t pay to see that?

  23. Hessinger said


  24. wookin' pa nub said

    That Despots band idea reminds me of an old Saturday Night Live bit where they had Tommy Lasorda, Pol Pot, and Chairman Mao all doing a Slimfast commercial! I’ve haven’t seen it years, but it was damn funny! (back when the show still was I guess…)

  25. Helen of Troy said

    Given the number of responses in the last 24 hours and the fact that everytime I try to post a response and nothing happens, it looks like we’re into another site problem/downtime.

    Shawn, is there any chance the increase in traffic here, that we’ll get a new site that isn’t under wordpress? Their ability to keep the site up seems to change with the temperature. I hope you don’t pay too much to keep this site up!

  26. Tom Servo said

    So this happens fairly often Helen? I’ve tried to post twice yesterday and each time I hit submit comment, my page would seem to go through but nothing would show up in the comments section. How long does this usually last?

  27. eat me said

    Great site! But whydo l have to hit submit three or more times before my message shows up?

  28. chippy_the_k said

    This is just something that happens from time to time here. I’m sure other sites have this too. How many times have you tried to visit a site and it’s down for maintenance? It’s just part of life on the WWW.

    That being said, S-Hess you might want to find a new host for this site. Everytime this happens it seems to take awhile for everyone to find their way back here!

  29. Hessinger said

    Unfortunately, part of the reality of dealing with a start-up effort like n10ah is a certain lack of control over inexpensive technical options as well as a lack of time to devote fully to the enterprise. We continue to build readership and interest in the hope that both will improve with future success.

  30. Helen of Troy said

    As far as finding time to fully devote to n10ah, we understand you’re not a full time blogger, so no problem there. But what did you mean by “lack of control over inexpensive technical options”? Do you mean WordPress is the cheapest server you can find? I’m sure there must be more out there.

    I don’t want to write too much, just in case this comment never shows up once I hit submit.

  31. Helen of Troy said

    Well what do you know, it worked!

  32. three=legged=man said

    Actually, I thought of something that would bring some new interest to the site and help Shawn fulfill a promise that he’s neglected for awhile. Last week we learned that Shawn performed under the alias Big Daddy Blue, but that’s all we know.

    How about a thread where the posters can ask Shawn some questions about his musical past, or any general questions that you would answer. This was promised on the About thread weeks ago, but nothing ever came of it.

    What do you say Shawn, how about some real interaction with the community you started here?

  33. wookie hunting nookie said

    What’s going on around here? I know we’ve had posting issues, but if things get any more dead around here we’re going to need another thread telling us noah isn’t dead just to get a response!

    Of course, I type all this not even knowing what will happen when I hit “submit”

  34. Tiberius said

    I would like Shawn to post a thead telling us about his love of Star Trek! What series does he watch the most? Who is the better Captain, Kirk or Picard? What’s his favorite episode? How many conventions has he been to?

    I’d love to see some answers to these questions!

  35. Tom Servo said

    Anyone here follow politics? If so, you might remember back in the spring of 2006, the french-looking John Kerry was coming under fire from former swift boat vets for the validity of his Vietnam service. Kerry appeared on Meet the Press and promised to release his military service records to prove the vets were lying about him. The election came and went, and to this day Kerry has never released his records.

    What does any of this have to do with this site? S-Hess promising to talk about his music career reminds me of John Kerry promising to release his records.

    Maybe it’s just me.

  36. my left nut said

    Hey all!! Is the site back up now? Man, this site goes down more than a crack addict when the rent is due!

  37. Baba Gooey said

    Back from a long Memorial Day weekend. A big shout out there to the men and women who gave their lives for our freedom. The music evolution and expression we experience in this country comes from that freedom, people… so remember that the next time you’re bootstrapping someone’s music from the torrent sites. Show your appreciation to the troops by seeding a 1:1 ratio.

  38. Baba Gooey said

    Is My Left Nut right? Was the server for Noah down again this weekend? Is there any way we can all chip in and pay to help upgrade the site or something? I’d throw in a few bucks to keep the movement alive and kickin’.

  39. Peter Guzinya said

    Homey’s right, dog! Tried to bust a rhyme when the spirit moved me over the weekend and I kept gettin’ cock-blocked by the world wide web. What the dilly-yo?

  40. Peter Guzinya said

    Yo yo yo… dat one went through! Time for some holiday rhyme.

    Break out ya flags, y’all, break out ya rocket
    It be time to celebrate those on the docket
    For those who broke heads in World War one and two
    For those in Vietnam or fought Saddam, yeah you know who.
    For all the homies and the hos who wore the colors
    So we could all live free…I reach out to all my brothers
    Step step to the rhythm…step step to the rhyme
    Give the soldiers their props, yeah, yeah, it’s about time.

  41. my left nut said

    I got a tear in my eye reading that rap Peter! That’s brillant, you can really crank out the mad beats brother! S-Hess, if you need to break back into the music scene I think Peter here may be your ticket! Has there ever been a blues/rap combo? This could be the big break Big Daddy Blue needs to set the music world on fire!!!!

  42. Helen of Troy said

    Did Baba just equate the sacrifice of American troops in the service of freedom with the right to pirate music? I’m stunned.

  43. salad shooter said

    I think my left nut just came up with a great band gimmick! How about a band that blends blues and rap? Sure on paper it’s sounds like the dumbest idea since the pet rock, but look how much that sold!

  44. Peter Guzinya said

    Yo yo… I would love to bust out big time with a real pro-fessional like Big Daddy. Hit me up, dog! How do we kollaborate on some mad beats?

  45. Peter Guzinya said

    Oh… and I’ll offer a fair exchange. How’s an 85/15 split sound on the profits… I’ll break out the beats, you can bust out the albums and shit and lay down the tracks. I think 15% is a fair standard, yo.

  46. the 80th man said

    Has anyone seen that Old Spice commercial where the guy plays a slow piano version of Duran Duran’s Hungry Like the Wolf? That only is that the best commercial on TV, but I think it would be a great idea for new band! Imagine the great sounds of White Wedding, Money for Nothing, or Land Down Under played like that? I get chills just thinking about it!

  47. the 80th man said

    Hey how do we make our own threads around here?

    Also, I made a mistake on my last post, I meant to say “Not only is that the best commercial…”

    Where’s the edit function on these boards? I’ve been looking all over for it. I know I’m a new, so can someone point me in the right direction?

  48. Wookin' Pa Nub said

    Hey new guy! Let me clue ya in to some things you need to know to be a member of our “graveyard”.

    1. You can’t create your own topics. Don’t cry about what you can do on other message boards, around here we all live under the heal of our Overlord S-Hess. If doesn’t deign to post in a week, you just smile and thank him when he finally does.

    2. You can’t edit your posts. S-Hess likes to see our mistakes, this is to show that he is better than us. Of course we all know this, he is after all the Overlord, but it makes us feel better to know how great he is.

    3. There are times when this site goes down for long periods of time. We must not question this. If we get depressed when the site is down, it only makes the joy we feel when it’s back up that much greater. S-Hess knows this, he enjoys our pain. For he is the Overlord.

  49. chippy_the_k said

    You know, I’m usually one of the guys who doesn’t dump on Shawn and defends him when some our homegrown idiots around here pile on for stupid things, but I can understand some of what Wookin’ Pa Nub is talking about.

    This topic is already nine days old, and since then he’s posted three times and his total wordcount in those posts will be less then what I’m writing right now. I know he has a day job and posting everyday may not be practical, but surely this site needs more than one thread a week. In fact, now that I think about it, why can’t he post everyday? I’m sure everyone here has a day job too, but we manage to find time to post–sometimes even at work! I know he has other blogs too, but I checked them out and he’s doesn’t have anywhere near the comments he gets here. (although he still posts on his other blog more than he does here!)

    I’m not Shawn needs to be here everyday, but if he really wants this community to grow wouldn’t he want to be?

    Just my two cents.

  50. chippy_the_k said

    That last part should say: I’m not saying Shawn needs to be here everyday

  51. Baba Gooey said

    As one of the founding members of Noah, I have to come to his Overlord’s defense. THE MAN IS WRITING A FRIKKIN’ BOOK, YOU JACK-ASSES!!! Do you know how long that takes? And we’re all in it probably, at least those of us who have remained loyal to his Holiness. So give him a break… he’s like the next James Earl Joyce and you guys are crapping all over his success.

  52. chippy_the_k said

    You know, he’s never ACTUALLY said he’s writing a book. Some of the posters here assumed with all Shawn’s talk about how big things are/were getting here that he was looking into new ways to move the community. Someone else said book, Shawn has never confirmed or denied this book. And really, what is God’s name would he write about?

  53. Baba Gooey said

    What are you talking about?!? He’s never denied it because he’s too humble!

  54. my left nut said

    Guys, we already had this arguement! Jeez, why don’t you morons debate the Vietnam war, maybe President Nixon will listen and get us out. Oh hell…that already happened….. twenty-five years ago!

    Check out the About page, weeks ago I compained that S-Hess was like Moses and we’re just the fools he let follow him out of Egypt! It doesn’t matter! He’s not posting everyday, he’s not talking about his music career, he’s not adding an edit function, and I doubt he’s writing a book either. It’s been this way for months, why get mad about it now? We’re talking about a damn web page!

  55. Harpers Fairy said

    I think some of you are missing the point of this website. It’s not about Shawn or his music, if it was it would be called Big Daddy Blue or whatever other name he performs under. It’s about independent music. Yes, Shawn could post threads more often and it would generate more traffic, I can’t defend why he chooses not to. (On this point, I agree with Chippy. We all have jobs, how many minutes out of your day does it take to make a new thread?) On the other hand, think of this website as a flower in your house. Some flowers need to be watered everyday and some can go a week without being watered. This website is the same, this community can survive without a new update everyday or every week.

  56. light my fire said

    who sez we all gots jobs? i aint got no job and i still postt heree

  57. Baba Gooey said

    Harpers Fairy… I couldn’t agree more. Wow… I almost had a tear in my eye from your words.

  58. Gaga Googoo said

    Check it again… it was probably just an eye booger.

  59. Shaky-me-jewels said

    I love this… you’re all posters ON a website and you’re complaining about someone that runs a website not posting enough. That’s like being angry that your friend can’t come to the Dcotor Who convention with you because he actually has a date.

    If the guy has a life, give him a break. He’s a musician whose also an international business author, AND the guy runs a successful produce business, for God’s sake!

  60. Shaky-me-jewels said

    And he’s an artist too… anyone notice the stellar work on the Godzilla picture in this post? I’ve used Photoshop for years and I’m telling ya, I couldn’t do that.

  61. light my fire said

    i saw that to! i also think hes a stoner since he gave the monstar a joint! smoke on dudes!

  62. my left nut said

    Shakey, now you’re telling me S-Hess runs a produce business? Where’s this info coming from? Next you’re going to tell me he’s also invented a cure for ass cancer!

  63. Wookin' Pa Nub said

    I think my left nut is a little misinformed. The Overlord did not run a produce stand he INVENTED produce.

    If I’m not mistaken he also invented ass cancer as punishment to those who make too many mistakes when they type.

    Rumor also has it that the Overlord has not posted because he’s busy crafting new Rules That All Must Obey to replace the outdated 10 Commandments.


  64. Shaky-me-jewels said

    Hi My Left Nut,
    Answering your question about produce, I’m an avid reader of, which is how I found this website. I’ve read and reread every post several times while trying to start my own used videotape business and that’s where I learned about Shawn Hessinger’s credentials. I’m not sure of where it’s mentioned on that site, but he’s mentioned on it that he also runs a successful produce business in addition to his album recording and journalism career.

    You could stand to learn from his ability to multi-task.

  65. Shaky-me-jewels said

    I don’t think that’s a joint or a doobie or whatever the right expression is for marijuana nowadays. I believe it’s a simple cigarette and I don’t think Mr. Hessinger would appreciate the drug reference. He sells albums, stories and produce…not quarter bags or dime bags (whatever you hippies call it.)

  66. Aku-Achoo said

    Hey guys!
    Can anyone tell me how to sign up for the free prize that was posted for joining this site’s bloglog? It’s not on the bloglog site or this one. Can someone tell me where I need to sign up for the free TV? I thought the duedate was this Sunday.


  67. Baba Gooey said

    Sorry for the delay, guys. Been bootstrapping all freakin’ week and my modem’s on fire from all the downloading. Slows my whole system down… I feel like I’m using frikkin dial-up right now.

    Anyone download the latest Modest Mouse album? Priceless!

  68. Baba Gooey said

    Whao! What’s the TV deal? I didn’t know about that! I signed up awhile ago on MyBloglog… how can I get in?

  69. Helen of Troy said

    I think Shawn mentioned on the bloglog page that the prizes were a scam. That might explain why so many people have joined in the past two weeks I guess.

    I can’t seem to find the post on Shawn’s other site that mentions he runs a produce business, I wonder he doesn’t list that with all his other credits on the About page.

    Is it just me or does it seem like Shawn does alot, but it’s all small-time stuff? I mean, he’s a singer/writer/producer but he only recorded cassettes. He blogs, but he still has a dial up modem. He may have a produce business, but really how large is the market there? Kind of reminds me of someone who meet at a high school reunion that has fifty things going on, but still lives at home.

  70. Baba Gooey said

    I found it!:

    Hey, wait a minute? This is his produce business?!?!

    “–When I convinced some local diner’s to buy apples from trees my brother had pruned in the back yard allowing us to cover costs of upkeep and increase our yield.”

  71. Baba Gooey said

    Hey, what the Hell?!~?

    Look at this!

    “Visitors to the n10ah site were asking for new features most of which I had fortunately anticipated and I began stringing up ads from AuctionAds, a new service that had sent me an invite to join up in mid-March.

    The company specializes in link ads to eBay auctions which the site administrator chooses for relevance. The blog creator then profits from a percentage of any sales (The term “affiliate program” does not do this service justice and I’m rooting for them because their success should ultimately be my success).”


  72. Baba Gooey said


    Look at this! :

    Not only does Shawn write about sinkholes in the middle of PA… he’s gay!

    “O.K. It’s time to come out of the closet.”

  73. Baba Gooey said

    MOTHER OF MARY?!?!? People, all this time we thought Shawn was an actual musician, but he only does it in his spare time!

  74. Baba Gooey said

    It’s 3:30 in the morning… I’m still stunned. I feel like I’ve been a science experiment in marketing for the big S-Hess. Say it ain’t so, Big Daddy!

  75. my left nut said

    Holy Hell! I feel like a rat in a maze! Reading some of that shit on his other blog has made my brain bleed through my ears! The guy is a scam artist!! Check out all these “ideas” he had for businesses, he was just begging people to give him money:

    You know it’s our S-Hess because he seems to have a real hard-on for Kaiju, it shows up here and there! I feel a little used, now I have a sense of how the chicks I’ve told I call them the next day felt!

  76. Tiberius said

    I knew S-Hess was trekkie!! Did you check out that Christmas post! He’s says he has nearly half the episodes on VHS! Live Long and Prosper my friend!

    Seriously though, VHS???!!!! Good luck finding the rest of the collection, I think they were discontinued ten years ago. So S-Hess prefers VHS over DVD, casettes over CDs, and dial-up over DSL. Is there any ancient technology this guy doesn’t embrace? Anyone want to bet he drives a Pacer, with a bumper sticker that says My Other Vehicle is The Enterprise.?

  77. Amok Time said

    You mean to tell me that all this time, I’ve been saying nasty things about this site and how it blows in Klingon… and he’s understood every word?

    Gah ragk S-Hess ka assk meh bak!!!!

    And I mean that this time!

  78. Wookin' Pa Nub said

    So all this time the Overlord was really the Wizard of Oz? “Step away from the curtain, there’s nothing to see over here!” He’s writing about us, on his other blog, while we’re over here wondering where he is! I can’t help but notice he posts hundreds of useless things on his blog can barely show up here long enought to post “Eeeeeeee!”

    So I guess now that we know we can hijack this “music” site and talk about anything we want–what can he do? Shut us down?

    Anyone think the Yankees can make the playoffs this year? There already 13 games behind the Red Sox. I think Joe-T will be unemployed very soon!

  79. Wookin' Pa Nub said

    Hey Amok Time, check out the time stamp–we posted at the exact same moment!


  80. Wookin' Pa Nub said

    Hey Baba, can you post that link again where the Overlord, er I mean the mid-boss admits to being gay? That link you posted doesn’t work.


  81. Amok Time said

    Hey Wookin’
    Just chop off the colon on the link (I had the same problem)… here it is:

    Out of the closet? Gahg Homok S-Hessek!

  82. Flamin-Mo said

    Jeez… keep Googling people!

    Holy Hell! If you go to MyBlogLog and click on Shawn’s picture, it’ll take you to his personal page. From there, scroll down the comments posted on the right… there is an icon of feet in high heels that tells Shawn “Hello Shawn Hessinger and thank you for your kind words. Liquorice-Allosaurs does not offer drop shipping I’m afraid, our products are only available through Liquorice-Allosaurs. com”

    So I click the website to see what S-Hess wanted drop shipped to his house and it’s stuff little girls wear!!! Why is he buying brotches and necklaces with high heels on them!?!? Ohmycrap…what false god have we all been praying to here!?!?

  83. Flamin-Mo said

    Christ on a cracker!!! Look at this!!!

    Now we know where he was during February! This guy runs through websites like I do socks! No wonder he’s never on this thing…he’s already packed up his suitcase with his snake oil and headed to the next town of suckers!

  84. Shes dead Jim said

    Are you serious?!? Ted just called and told me! So this was some big Amway scheme meant to sucker all of us…being monitered by Mr. Hessinger over at another site?

    Sweet Moses… I feel like Truman in the Truman Show. Hey Mr. S…was any of it real?

  85. chippy_the_k said

    You know what’s REALLY sad? On this website that S-Hess can’t be bothered to post on, we have comment sections with dozens of comments. Over on his other blog he’s got hundreds of posts and the only comments I can find are from real business people telling him his business advice sucks!

    I’m just a little disappointed that the people here who seem the most interested in what he had to say were the ones he neglected the most.

    And did anyone catch where he mentions that the idea I had to post questions for the members to answer, was an idea that he already anticipated? Funny how it never showed up until I mentioned it though…I guess I just jogged his immense imagination.

    Sorry folks, this is it for me. Good night and good luck!

  86. Harpers Fairy said

    So the scam is that whenever he posts a new topic he includes those auction links and if we buy anything he gets money? Didn’t someone buy a Chewbacca doll or something a few weeks ago? I wonder how much he made off that sale?

    I guess this explains why the first thing he did after someone discovered he was Big Daddy Blue was offer to sell his music to us.

    Check out some of those ideas he had that he was looking for money for: a beef feed farm, a soda company, and an African Tiki shop! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve passed through small towns in Pa and wondered where the local Tiki shop was! I can’t believe that idea never took off…

  87. my left nut said

    Oh man, our S-Hess is such a poser!!! You know how he’s brags he’s been a journalist for 15 years? Well if you’re thinking Bob Woodward and Watergate, think again. Here’s the most recent article he wrote:

    Here’s our cub reporter sitting in a hot gym to report on 75 kids graduating from high school!!! LOL!! Man, we used to get that many kids in dentention each day at my school!

  88. Shes dead Jim said

    What the bloody deuce… didn’t anyone ever bother to Google this guy? Here we are all asking questions about his career and the internet’s proving he never had one to start.

    Hey, I used to mow my neighbor’s lawn when I was 12 for $10 every weekend…should I start a website on the Dept of agriculture and include a few auctions for hedge trimmers so I can collect a percentage from whatever poor sap buys it?!?

    I’ll bet the whole book thing was a sham too…

  89. Peter Guzinya said

    Yo yo yo..s-s-s-say it ain’t so!

    This rapper is left–for once–at a loss for words, G. I thought I wuz lookin’ at connaborating with a real rock star, yo! Big daddy up in the house, yo! But you is tellin’ me this guy’s some beat reporter for the local pennysaver I usually walk pas’ shopping at the ACME markets, yo?

    Yer killin’ me… yer killin’ me.

    Gotta get my thoughts in check before they wreck, you know what I’m sayin? Back when I can attack, yo.

  90. my left nut said

    Hey all! Here’s another piece of hard-hitting journalism from the recently cut down S-Hess:

    Talk about ripped from the headlines, I think I saw this turned into a story on Law and Order! Search the archives and you can find all sorts of crap like this!!

    I also notice on one of those pages I posted earlier, he lists himself as an actor. What do you want to bet he’s refering to his role as munchkin #3 in the middle school version of the Wizard of OZ!!!

  91. my left nut said

    More evidence that S-Hess doesn’t have a pot to piss in, check out the first line of this blog entry:

    “While griping recently to an associate about the lack of Microsoft Excel on my Windows XP Home Edition…”

    Jeez, who doesn’t have MS Office on their computer? Show of hands? Anyone?

  92. Wookin' Pa Nub said

    Forget office, did you read hear this one? When Mid-Boss wanted to make t-shirts he had to borrow a camera and drive 45 minutes to his dad’s house to use his printer!! Check it out:

    I heard our ace reporter actually borrowed that camera from Jimmy Olsen of Superman fame! (Yeah, I know Jimmy Olsen isn’t real, but neither was Mid-Boss’ music career!)

    Just an observation: if you read the other blog, everytime we see the word bootstrap just substitute the word “cheap-ass” and everytime you see bootstrapper substitute “bullshit artist” everything will make sense!

  93. Peter Guzinya said

    Guys… I’m dying here. I feel like I’m at an emotional crossroads. Yeah, it’s me… Pete… but as you can tell, I’m not rappin.

    I gotta come clean. I’m not really a rapper. I’m not even black. I just kind of pretended to be to get attention. So you see, I kind of understand S-Hess’s position. Sometimes, it’s easier to use the net to pretend to be something you’re not to get attention, even if it’s from a roomful of strangers. Whatever keeps you off the ledge and jumping, you know?

    Anyway, I’m here for you S-Hess. I’m sorry for lying and all the raps…even though I still think I have talent.


  94. Harpers Fairy said

    Peter I assumed you were white when I saw your picture at BlogLog. Isn’t that you?

    Well this has really been a wild day. It’s seen the Emperor has no clothes, and I think we may have seen the last of Chippy–that guy was a rock around here. I can’t help but notice we haven’t seen hide nor hair of S-Hess.

    Anyone else feeling like this is the end of Noah?

  95. Peter Guzinya said

    I’m afraid not, Harper’s… I’m actually a white guy who manages a Blockbuster in South Carolina. But I love rap… I really so. It’s always been my passion. In fact, here’s one to remember me by…just in case we’re seeing Rome burn here:

    Look to the left…deft…now to the right.
    Put it in check…heck…all through the night
    Now turn it up…sup! Let the noise fly
    Now take your ear…and hear..all the beats that I try

    Swizzle it, dizzle it, sizzle it…rock it in the street
    It’s your main man Petey G…bustin’ out the beats
    If this is it, yo, don’t cry for me, no…
    I’ll see you soon, yo… on death row

    Peace. Pete Guzinya is out! Check it!

  96. Wookin' Pa Nub said

    You know Pete if you follow Mid-Boss’ Rules for Resume Enhancement you can call yourself a rap star based solely on the rhymes you’ve posted here. If fact if you record one or two of those on a tape deck you can also call yourself a producer! Oh, and I’m sure you wrote those yourself, so guess what? You’re also a songwriter! Just like Mid-Boss!

    I remember once in high school my mom left a kitchen towel too close to a burner and it caught fire–I grabbed a glass of water and put it out, so guess what? I’m now a firefighter!! Thanks Mid-Boss!

    Anyone else have new career paths available using this new found method?

  97. Gaga Googoo said

    Damn, I can’t believe this was some covert joke to get us to buy crap and make this guy money! Anyone else annoyed that for the entire month of May, he only posted two things that were his own (one post telling us the site wasn’t dead and the other to beg for us to join MyBloglog…WHICH WAS HAS THAT SERVED, BY THE WAY!!!)

    All the other posts technically came from us… Menstral cyclists, swarf, name a band, etc. Talk about the “cut and paste” king! Forget about being a so-called journalist…try plagerist!!!!

  98. Helen of Troy said

    Wow, just wow. I go out of town for two days and when I get back everything at n10ah has changed. I read that one post and now I understand why Shawn was continually coy about talking about his musical past: he made his own tapes and sold them at gift shops in the Poconos. I’m pretty sure if he had just showed up and explained that, everyone here would have been fine with it, but instead he just let people believe he was more than he really was. It’s the same thing with the book, he never said he was writing a book–but he never bothered to correct any misconceptions either. That seems to be the Shawn way, here at n10ah people are calling him on the carpet and he just ignores us. Did anyone notice he’s making new posts at bootstrapme? As for this site, I’m guessing he’ll either close it down or just wait for everyone to tire of bashing him and move on.

  99. my left nut said

    Hey folks, you know if you check out S-Hess latest blog entry at bootstrapme (the only blog where he still isn’t afraid to post!) he references an article he wrote called “How to start an online music network” where he talks about starting noah. Maybe in a few days he’ll follow up with one titled “How to shut down an online music network after all the posters realize you’re a big fraud”

    Step 1: Stop posting!
    Step 2: Cry yourself to sleep

  100. Gaga Googoo said

    How deep is this conspiracy? I can’t believe that this guy hypes being something he’s not on other websites, then cross-references them in his bios!!! He even mentions Bootstrapme in his bio here…then when you go to it, it’s filled with posts about how he hopes to scam us into buying from his freakin’ banner ads!!!!

    Good lord…it’s like the on-line equivalent of standing to the left of someone, reaching around them to tap on their right shoulder, then waiting for them to turn around thinking there’s someone behind them and telling them you didn’t do it.

  101. Shazbot Winx said

    Wait a minute? You mean all my jokes were being used to make someone else money?!? I had all these zingers ready:

    Why didn’t Frankenstein have kids? Because his nuts were in his neck!

    Why did the Polish helicopter crash? It got chilly, so the pilot turned off the fan.

  102. Shazbot Winx said

    Did you guys hear about the gay cannibal?

    He blew lunch!

    Getting my last jokes in before this site goes the way of the dinosaur! Cha-cha-cha-cha!!!!!

  103. Shazbot Winx said

    What do you get when you cross an octopus and a Mexican?

    I don’t know, but man, can that thing pick lettuce!

    Double rimshot…very hot… very hot!

  104. Lala Ganoosh said

    People, don’t sidetrack things! I just found this over at S-Hess’s other site:

    How the Hell can we believe anything in this site? Accordingly to this, he charges people to blog about them! That measn that it’s possible that every single one of these “supposed” posts about “supposed up-and-comers” in the music business might have PAID him to blog about them…THEN he attached auctions to them to make even MORE money!

    This is worse than Amway and Nuskin!! FRAUD! FRAUD!!!!!!!

  105. Lala Ganoosh said

    OHMYGOD! It gets worse! All this time, we’ve thought Mr. Hessinger was successful. Some of his boasts (from other defuinct websites) include:

    “As a newspaper man, he has spent years covering business issues ranging from economic policy on the state and national level to local economic development efforts and their often mixed success.”


    “As a perspective entrepreneur he has interacted with the U.S. Small Business Administration, financial institutions and local government officials gaining an intimate knowledge of the challenges faced by fledgling start-up businesses.”


    “He maintains a blog detailing various proposed start-up ideas as a stimulus for both creative entrepreneurs and investors at The Upstart Entrepreneur.”


  106. Gaga Googoo said

    Did anyone see this?

    He’s telling US how to start your own music business and the guy can’t even aford an air conditioner…AND WANTS SOME SUCKER TO GIVE HIM ONE!!!

  107. Gaga Googoo said


  108. Gaga Googoo said

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? S-Hess even tried to get people to give him free computers?!!? Oh yeah, I’ll skip giving my computer to a school and get a tax write-off when I can give it to this guy…WHO IS TELLING PEOPLE HOW TO RUN THEIR OWN BUSINESSES!!!

    Wake up everyone…soylent green is people! IT’S PEOPLE!!!!!

  109. Gaga Googoo said

    Here’s the computer one!

  110. Baba Gooey said

    Felcher just sent me this (the site’s not letting him post it for some reason!)

    People, I wouldn’t feel so duped. Go here, click on the first link (Noah’s science) and you’ll see, according to the “about me” section, Hessinger’s very first blog.

    He only gave his own kid three months before letting his blog lapse into Google obscurity. We were lucky to get 6 months!

  111. Baba Gooey said

    I think we finally have our answer why the website is called Noah… it’s honoring the first website he kicked to the curb!

  112. my left nut said

    Ahhhh…another website, another opportunity for S-Hess to pad his resume! Check out this quote: “By day I’m an investigative and political reporter for a local newspaper.”

    Here he is getting to the bottom of why only 12 people showed up for a board meeting:

    Man, how big is this town he covers? I think only 12 people showed up because it was on the same night as My Name is Earl…

    I’m actually surprised he didn’t bill himself as a scientist and paleontologist on that site!

  113. Casey Jones said

    It’s Casey, guys! Back from a long hiatus (slang for pot bender).

    Granny’s garders!!! Sal told me all the scoop but I didn’t think it was true. You’re telling me all this time, we thought this was going to be a website to discuss music and it was really some get-rich-quick scam? I’m reading these links now… how the Hell did no one catch all this?!?

  114. Casey Jones said

    And I quote from the bio page:

    Noah was “created to link fans and creators of independent music via the Internet.”

    Go through the site and it seems that the only creator any of us were hooked up with was some chick who used to be a member of a garage band in Michigan to put herself through school.

    So according to this bootstrapme site, it was all a set-up to get us to buy crap? And what a businessman! I’m reading all the posts I missed and SH had a guy interested in buying his music and he never bothered to post a link. HE POSTS EBAY AUCTION ADS FOR GODZILLA TOYS AND NOT FOR HIS OWN MUSIC?!? AND HE RUNS A WEBSITE ABOUT HAVING A SMALL BUSINESS!?!? Anyone sense the irony here?

  115. Casey Jones said

    It’s worse…now you guys have me fired up, especially because I told most of you about this site.

    All we’ve been getting is stuff “splogged” for months, heck, someof us have even had own posts splogged… then I read this (go to where S-Hess posts…he attacks people for cutting and pasting his work…but that’s all we’ve ever gotten here!!”

  116. Casey Jones said

    LOL! Check it out… Shawn talks about having 15 years of “journalism” experience, until he posts on a businessweek website…suddenly it’s 16 years… and the post is from LAST YEAR!

  117. wookie hunting nookie said

    I’m in the same boat as Helen, I haven’t checked the site all weekend, but good God I can’t believe all the shit that hit the fan while I was gone!!!

    Shawn’s whole background seems like something from the secret life of Walter Middy! He’s claims to have been everything, but he’s really just a fraud! We should have figured some of this out when some of the members here all but begged him to talk about his music career. He would just show up and pretend he never read those posts! What a loser!

    I sort of thought that Shawn got some kickback for listing those auctions, I work in webpage design so I know how those things work. What cracks me up though, is he brags about using us to make him money on that other site!

    And speaking of making money, I nearly pissed my pants when I read about that post where he asks for laptops–state of the art as well! I guess I can understand why he’s so obssessed with the almight dollar, it looks like being a reporter for a small paper doesn’t allow high speed internet, printers, or air conditioners. I can’t bust on him for that, but cripes why did he have to pretend so hard to be things he clearly wasn’t. I wonder if the people on his other site realize he’s giving business advice and he’s never even owned his own business. I don’t have the heart to tell them.

  118. Casey Jones said

    Another barnburner! Seems when we’re begging for him to post, he’s putting more effort into blogging about spamming issues on other people’s blogs. This was just last month!

  119. Casey Jones said

    Look at this! He’s even on MySpace, checking in regularly, yet doing nothing more than sucking up spam on his message boards…when he could be posting here!

  120. test results negative said

    Here’s a great quote from that above link:
    “MyBlogLog has managed to create a much more intimate, personal communication network here.”

    Of course Shawn’s not referring to the community here at n10ah! Let’s face it, Shawn never considered himself a part of this community, he thought he was better than the rest of us! We were just the trolls that lived in the little world he made, and if we bought something at one of ad links that would make it even better. But Shawn made himself believe he was a musician and business owner (we now know the truth!) who was too good to run with this crowd! We’ve all run into assholes like this, Shawn’s just the latest.

    Also, has anyone noted the number of times Shawn mentions that one Romanian business guy Christian Dorobantescu? He lists him at one of the people he’d most like to meet, and his name is all over the posts at bootstrap me! I’m telling you if Shawn can’t find a way to detach himself he’s running the risk of dying of rectal poisioning!

  121. Casey Jones said

    I feel like a sea monkey…poured into Noah and watched for someone’s amusement.

  122. wookie hunting nookie said

    Hey check out Shawn’s latest entry at bootstrapme, he’s working the freebie angle again:

    “Hey, guys! Can I get a hold of a T-shirt?” How about a A/C? A computer? C’mon at least give me a guitar pick!

    I’ll bet when this guy takes his family out to eat, they go to the grocery store and chow down on free samples! I’ll bet he even—wait a minute–I gotta run—I see Shawn out front going through my garbage again—damn that’s the third time this week!

  123. Hessinger said

    Astounding. To set a few matters straight, NO ONE pays to be covered on this or any other site that I edit. The post you are referring to was a call to do professional blogging, what is called “evangelism”, for other entrepreneurs. Such blog posts, if they had ever materialized, would have been clearly marked as ads similar to pay for posts you may have seen on other sites. There is one pay post on though the revenuue went to the company I blog for not to me. Since you have all shown yourself capable of scouring the site, I’m sure you can find it clearly marked. Yes, it is true I do not post here often, primarily because of my day job in the newspaper business which, I can assure you, provides an above average living for my family regardless of the size of the paper, a circulation of about 30,000, if you are interested. (We can’t all work for the New York Times, something I thought would not be lost on fans of independent music.) Another site, also provides an income. This site, for all intents and puroses DOES NOT. An attempt to create this site and other sites like it are part of the process of entrepreneurship. Yes, it is a business, though at the moment not a very successful one. It is simply impossible to dedicate the level of resources to the development of this site (like the investment in a better hosting option, Helen) unless revenue can be adequately generated to support it. I would very much like this site to be self-sustaining allowing me to spend more time here and less time elsewhere, but currently it is not. Incidently, the posts offering to list free business equipment were an attempt at social entrepreneurship, to help others with few or no resources get started. A similar system exists in California but we had 0 takers. Those listings too would have been FREE. N10ah is a little like owning a community coffee house. I would love to do it, but couldn’t if it didn’t pay the bills. Mercenary but true. Few of us can take the time away from family and other pursuits to spend endless hours searching the web for photos, interesting sites and writing posts when there is simply no return on that time. It is amazing to me that readers who are interested in independent music are disappointed to find that a small independent magazine set up to cover that music is itself a small startup created in someone’s spare time. On a final note, I have refrained from heavily moderating content on this site because I felt that a certain freewheeling looseness would lend itself to the kind of atmosphere I hoped to create. But now one member has begun spamming another of my sites with an attempt, it would seem, to libel both sites and me personally. This cannot be tolerated and I can see once again I’ve been too nice a guy. In the future, along with a probable move to another home page, a set of policies for participation will be established, comments may be held for moderation and those not conforming to the policy may be vaporized. Stay tuned for more details.

  124. Lala Ganoosh said

    Anyone else notice that S-Hess has dodged the answers to every question we asked yet again, and brings up some other interesting queries like:

    1. How can we have confidence in a website that, history shows, will most likely be abandoned like every other one you’ve created?

    2. So unless this site earns money, you WON’T spend as much time here? So unless you figure out how to make money from us, the site gets abandoned like your other sites that didn’t make any money after a few months, right? You can’t fight your history, Shawn…you’ve ignored several sites that went nowhere.

    3. So you only “work” for bootstrapme and the air conditioner and computers asked for free weren’t going to you? Then why was the link your e-mail (it even says they would be going to PA and that’s where you’re based according to your job, right?) If you only work for bootstrapme, you would think the e-mail link would have gone to them, not you. C’mon S-Hess, we’re not dumb…you were asking for free stuff!

    4. “along with a probable move to another home page?” So you’re already thinking of leaving this little town called Noah behind for yet another site then? That’s no surprise…

    5. MOST IMPORTANTLY, YOU’VE COMPLETELY DODGED YET AGAIN being called out on being a fraud! You claim to be a successful investigative journalist, songwriter, producer, entrepreneur, etc. and yet, the Internet (and the good people at Noah) have proven you aren’t.

  125. Hessinger said

    Do you have a job? A family? If your boss said to you tomorrow “Hey, you’ve got to stay here every day like you’ve been doing, but we’re not going to pay you anymore,” would you stay? If I asked you to take time away from your job and family and spend money on a web domain and all for no return, would you do so? Is it a crime to earn a living to feed your children and cloth them? I must be living on the wrong planet. The auctions you refer to clearly say “ads”. You do not have to bid on them to use the site or to comment on this page (or, as it turns out, to accuse the moderator of rediculous unsupportable nonsense.) Also, for the record, the about section does not use the adjective “successful”, you did. I make a good living writing for a newspaper. Guilty as charged. That newspaper sells advertising which pays my salary. Guilty again. In an effort to provide a better living for my family, I too provide ads on this and other sites in the hope that I may one day be able to spend more time with my wife and child instead of always being out late covering something while I should be home with them. Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! By the way, as a fellow independent music producer who has released recordings in the past, (Yes, I actually charged for them. Can you imagine? I was trying to make a living. What a fraud.) I hoped (and still hope) to create a network to bring musicians and listeners together. These musicians, by the way, would like to make a living someday from their art instead of simply being called a fraud for selling their recordings. As for the office equipment. I’m not even going to go there. Clearly it would have been better to have businesses in need list their personal contact information on the worlwide web than to set up an intermediary way for donors and startup businesses to find eachother safely. (Why do you use a handle and not post your e-mail address again, Lala? My bad. N10ah’s move will hopefully create a better positioning online to do what it was intended to do in the first place. Create a community for independent music fans and musicians. As for libelous comments, like using the word “fraud” with absolutely no supportable proof, perhaps free speech can be taken too far. The community will likely be better off without it.

  126. Peter Guzinya said

    Hey lala… hold up! I was kind of on your side with this, but now, after coming clean about my own persona here at Noah, I kind of agree with S-Hess.

    I think, after reading these posts, what seemed to get everyone going here was that they felt they were contributing more to the site than S-Hess was. And when I read and reread the past posts, it seems like a lot of people that seem to love this site–me included–were posting simple questions to learn more about you, S-Hess. I mean, I’m finding posts here that go back MONTHS from posters innocently wanting to know more about you and your music, etc.

    I think that by not answering them…it felt like you were ignoring them for a reason. Man, I’m just looking at all these and you can see why people started to work themselves up into a lather.

    I’m not throwing blame in any direction, but you have to admit, it took a cou-day-ta (or however you spell that word…I’m not a write, you are) to get you to post at all.

    C’mon man, we’re all music lovers here…and it looks like you’re the closest one to ever Do anything about it. I’ve read post after post of people really interested in what you’ve done…and thery’ve all gone ignored. That hurts, bro…

    As posters, we all share a lot of ourselves… I think all we wanted was for the moderator to share a little bit more of himself, that’s all.

    CAN I get a witness to all this, people?

  127. Gaga Googoo said

    I confess… I was the one that posted on Bootstrapme. I’m sorry, S-Hess.

    Look, you want honesty, you’re gonna get it. Do I have a family…no. Kids…no. Do I have a freakin’ life?!!? Again, no. Please, if any of us had lives, would be be friggin’ bloggers, for Christ’ sake!?!? We all secretly know the truth… real people experience life and we sit at our computers at 3am and pretend we do. The thing is, I’m not ashamed to say that. That’s me… I live in my parent’s basement…yeah, I watch Star Trek and I’ve only had one girlfriend…and I don’t care. I’m willing to lay money down that most of us on this site fit that bill.

    I guess I felt like you were pretending to be something you weren’t…and at Noah, I think everyone here (well, NOW everyone, since Peter confessed to being a wigger) is honest about themselves. Hell, has anyone really forgotten Ben!!! He died and some of us that knew him poured their hearts out on this blog.

    Maybe that’s why I took things so personally…but S-Hess, for me (and I’m guessing most of us), this is the best thing we have to communicating with other people and I don’t think we want to see it die.

    Please don’t kill Noah because of me… I need it more than you’ll ever know.

  128. Shaky-me-jewels said

    Wow… leave the post for a few days and look what happens.

    Hey, scroll up and you can see I’m new here and never really a part of all this, but man, after reading all this bitch-slapping, especially after I’m the guy that brought up Mr. Hessinger and the produce business, I feel kinda guilty.

    Boy, now that I reading these older posts (you guys actually had someone die?!? I’m so sorry!), I can’t believe all the shit this bog has been through. Deaths, boycotts, did some poster actually have a seizure watching a YOUTube clip?) Holy shit! Yet, you guys still post…and more than ever.

    Hey, again, I’m new here because I got that “free TV” offer, but now that I’m here, I kind of like the diverse mix of people. You guys don’t gabber about the same crap… it’s always different. Like sitting at a bar with your friends talking about life, you know? Not like many of you would know that feeling (hey, your words Gaga… not mine!) but you get the drift.

    Maybe that’s the direction this site should turn. Hey S-Hess…I’m just like you. I got a job…yeah, the pay’s decent, but please, who wouldn’t want a nicer slice of the ol’ pie, am I right? I’ve tried my hand at a few business opportunities (sounds like some of these posters have too) and well, let’s just say my dreams haven’t reached my goals just yet…but I’m trying. Here, you guys want to attack one of my dumb ideas? I once tried to start a door-to-ddor cat grooming service in my condo association here in FL. Lots of old people with cats in their windows and hands too arthritic to comb them… thought it would rake it some decent change…and lo and behold, it didn’t. Live and learn.

    It seems to me we’re ALL “triers” who other people think are “losers” but at least we try, right? I say, let’s ALL stop pretending to be something we’re not (taking a page from Pete G’s post above) and break out some honesty.

    And make this site something we can “honestly” be proud of.

  129. Hessinger said

    Some thoughtful comments. A reexamination of what this website is and what it could be is in order. Posting on my two blues releases during the 1990’s soon. Along with a photo. We’ll be making some other changes too, but as for the move to another address, we’ll see.

  130. Shaky-me-jewels said

    Now that’s what I’m talking about. Hey everyone, let this be a new direction. To those that have combed the internet to find inconsistancies with our moderator’s past, I say this:

    We’re here for the community this blog brings us. Why are you all so quick to tear it down? The passion you’ve taken to bring all this to the surface proves something: that you care about this site. But let he who cast the first stone point a finger at themselves. Fine, our moderator works for a small-town newspaper with a small circulation…at least he works! And keeps trying new things. Again, people in glass houses shouldn’t point fingers!!! It’s like that whole “I am Legion” thing. We’re all no different than each other…so let’s stop fighting each other and embrace it.

    I for one can’t wait to see the blues releases… and hope to soon. It sounds like other posters that have shown interest will be equualy thrilled, S-Hess.

  131. Gaga Googoo said

    Oh my god… that’s all we could ask for. This is great. This is great. Again, I apologize so much for being so agressive, but man, this site’s all I got some days. I guess it just felt like all the times everyone would post asking for advice, information, etc. we were all being ignored. And when everyone was defending your silence to working on booksand albums and screenplays, it was believable, but then when I discovered you weren’t as big-time as people were saying I felt slighted. But it doesn’t matter if you’re not successful, and you’re right, YOU never said that, we did. None of us should have said that, because everyone thinking you were sucessful turned into all this. Man, I’m such an assh–e!

    I’m another that can’t wait to see the 1990’s stuff! And to get so much feedback from you personally… even if it was arguing at first. I felt…alive!

  132. Amok Time said

    Does this mean Shawn will be answering posts that relate to Star Trek too (now that we know he’s a closet trekkie!) That would be great! Here’s a test for you, Mr. Moderator: Which episode is it where you would have heard the expression “One…One…One” and “Herbert! Herbert! Herbert!”

    It’s even related to indie music in a way… if you know the episode and the connection.

    Brak War Tuh!

  133. Hessinger said

    Lord help me. I think I know this one. Hope I’m wrong though. Is it “The Way to Eden”? Man, I’m a hopeless geek. Don’t ask me about any of the new shows. I never watched them that much.

  134. Amok Time said

    Give the man a cee-gar!!! Two more points if anyone remembers the instrument Spock broke out from his home planet to pay along with the space hippies. Anyone?

    And please, tell me about it. There was only ONE captain of the Enterprise and we all know who that was (just disregard the Priceline commercials and that whole Boston Legal crap though!)

  135. Amok Time said

    NO ONE…knows the answer…and don’t cheat and use Google, everyone. This is a serious Star Trek question here!

  136. Hessinger said

    Don’t know it off hand, man. Didn’t it sort of sound like part electric guitar and part hammond organ? It’s been a while. I’d have to watch it again.

  137. Totally Numb said

    Please…this is easy! Spock can play at least two musical instruments: his Vulcan lyre, and a piano. He sat down and played a Brahms waltz for Kirk so he could dance a bit with Reyna in Requiem For Methuselah. So Spock can read and instantly play a new piece of music without practicing it first, which is a pretty spectacular talent. He might even enjoy composing music himself. I don’t know if the tunes he plays are original tunes, but they might be. In past episodes, we;ve have seen him performing for his shipmates on the lyre more than once, so he does like an audience now and then. In fact, performing musically is the one thing that can coax him out of his corner.

    Or so I’ve heard.

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