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After another depressing election season (May here in PA), it’s nice to find something that’s really worth supporting with all your heart and soul.


No, I’m not talking about do-nothing political candidates. I’m talking about great independent music!


SongFight! offers a weekly roster of artists performing songs written around a common theme or phrase selected by the site’s creators. Visitors do the rest via the voting section.


Here are some examples of recent entries and a sample of a recent ballot.


At least there may finally be some democracy in the music world even if there isn’t much anywhere else.


Make your voice heard!


Photo credit: Dawn M. Turner, Morguefile



  1. my left nut said

    Hey losers! Check me out! Finally got the first post!! In your face!!!

    Guess I’ll go check out that site now…

  2. Hessinger said

    I don’t know exactly what this first post thing is all about, but maybe we ought to come up with some kind of official recognition or something. Gotta give it some thought.

  3. pol tax said

    I just want to say I agree with the political sentiments Shawn mentioned! There’s no democracy in the US anymore thanks the the President and his unjust war on innocent people! I better watch what I say or else the Patriot Act will have me hauled off to Gitmo!

    Vote Obama in 09!

  4. Hessinger said

    Y’know, pol tax, I don’t even think that would help. I’d be more supportive of a more revolutionary (but peaceful, nonviolent and one that would in no way violate the Patriot Act, of course) change. I think significant weakening of the two major political parties would be an excellent start followed by some serious campaign finance and ethics rules. Like legislators not being permitted to take one red cent from any lobbyist, special interest or individual or any gifts whatsoever regardless of the value.

  5. test=results=negative said

    Hey pol tax, I don’t know where you’re from but I live in NYC and you may have heard about this big hole we have in the ground here–it happened about five years ago. Maybe you should come visit it sometime before you go railing about the US killing “innocent” arabs!

  6. Hessinger said

    I had no idea I was going to start this kind of political discussion with the above post. Test Results, the question, though I know in the silly political discourse spoon fed to us by the mass media it’s rarely aparent, is which “innocent” people Pol Tax is talking about. It gets a little complicated from there, and perhaps is the kind of serious political discourse Americans should be having instead of what generally passes for discourse in the mass media I have already finished railing against. Hey, I think there may be another blog in there somewhere!

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