The Peopleized interview

Halil Peopleized Shawn Hessinger interview

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A few months ago, I was interviewed by a guy named Halil from Stuttgart, Germany whose new site Peopleized offers members the opportunity to create conversations with friends, associates or perfect strangers.


The result will give regular readers of this blog a little behind the scenes info on me and some of my other projects in case you’re interested though it is more about the blog.


You can join and do your own interviews on-line. I’m hoping to use the site myself to do some musician interviews in the near future. Enjoy.



  1. Halil said

    Thank you for your interview and your post.
    I would be great if you use Peopleized.
    Regards Halil

  2. Baba Googoo said

    Holy crap! How did Hagee get his own icon? I wonder why the rest of us can’t get our MyBlogLog logos up on here.

  3. Hessinger said

    Baba, the photo of Halil is simply one from his website that I decided to run with the article. It is not an icon. The only way that you might (and I stress might so don’t blame me if it doesn’t work) be able to get an icon to display next to your comments would be to go to, sign up for an account yourself, upload an image and then it might (I’m stressing might again Baba) display next to the comments on other WordPress hosted blogs. It seems to me has a similar system which allows images of commenters who are also on Blogger to be displayed. Good luck.

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