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Help me give feedback on this blogSorry about the long hiatus. Burning the candle at both ends again between my day job (though I’m off this week) and a second gig editing this business blog over at the Creative Weblogging network which is slowly becoming an increasing focus of resources.

However, in view of a good natured warning from reader wookin’ pa nub, I’m going to slip another post in here in hopes of generating some feedback.

As I’ve hinted in the past, I’m currently working on the possibility of incorporating this website into a larger project which I’m hoping will provide not only additional content on a variety of subjects but also in the future perhaps free blogging service for others with a passion to communicate something on the Worldwide Web.

I’m thinking the first step in this process will be a network of some kind including this blog and a growing family of others to appeal to a variety of readers.

I’ve already gotten some useful feedback from visitors here at n10ah about some other blog subjects that might have an audience and, although I can’t guarantee we will use all the ideas, I’d love to hear more.

What subjects do you think might be interesting to read about as part of a new blog network and what kinds of features do you think should be included in a free service offering high end blogging to readers? Include your suggestions below or e-mail me here with your ideas. Thanks.

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  1. wookin' pa nub said

    Check it out!! wookin’ finally finds some lovin’ on a n10ah topic!! Give it up for me!!

    Just looking at my own life, aside from music which is already covered here, what am I passionate about? Video games, sports, and woman. A site that lets me talk about all three would be great for me! Also, let’s make sure we leave politics out of it, seems like half the boards I post on get muddled and turn into screaming matches whenever the subject comes up.

    Something else to think about, is the new vouge of the 1980s. Seems like the music, movies, and TV shows from that time period are all enjoying a comeback–so how about something for the MTV generation?

  2. Hessinger said

    Thanks, dude. All pretty friggin’ good thoughts. Maybe we could incorporate some of them somehow.

  3. Tiberius said

    Beam me up S-Hess! How bout we create a relaxing place to talk Trek around here? Let’s face it, the majority of the Trek boards on the net are filled with lame nerds, but that’s not you and me, right?

    Think about it, there are all kinds of series out there to talk about: Classic Trek, Next Generation, Deepthroat 9, and more!

    C’mon S-Hess, what do you say?

  4. Hessinger said

    Actually Tiberius, when I said in the earlier post that I had already gotten some useful feedback from visitors, I had you in mind specifically. More broadly, however, I believe we will be looking at a space dedicated to fans of Science Fiction and fantasy in both television and film, but ST will definitely be a big part of that. More later.

  5. Tiberius said

    Now that’s what I’m talking about!! Great thinking S-Hess! I didn’t even think about all the other sci-fi crap out there! Let’s let the Space 1999 and Battlestar Galactica people show up here too! And let’s not forget the Godzilla fans too!

    I can’t wait for this new change, what kind of time frame are we looking at here?

  6. Tom Servo said

    Hey let’s not forget Mystery Science Theater 3000! Anyone else here a fan?

  7. Hessinger said

    We’re probably looking at something toward the end of the summer, Tiberius. One of the challenges facing us is time. I’m going to have to try to further juggle my chaotic schedule and arrange for upgraded host capacity somewhere to allow not only better bandwidth so that the websites are more reliably available but also perhaps the ability to let people sign up as members and maybe do some guest blogging on some of the sites (with some restrictions, of course). This would be a little more than just leaving comments like you do here, but actually allowing members who have signed up to ad blog entries, perhaps with photos, on certain sites within the outlined topics. I’ve also got to make some arrangements to somehow monetize the sites so they pay for themselves. There could also be some retail sites for electronics, toys, online auctions etc. and some blogs on business and entrepreneurship (some of my other interests). As well as some other sites for musicians, writers and other how-to and informational stuff. This is all pretty ambitious, I know. In the interim I’m hoping to set up another blog so that I have a place to keep folks updated on our progress. Will let you know.

  8. Hessinger said

    There’s no girl like that, Baba Gooey. At least I don’t think there is. Anyhow, I’m not trying to get anyone’s hopes up, but I think this might be a realistic goal, both short term and long term, given that a couple of things come together properly. Number one being my ability to shift more of my resources (mostly time) into maintaining a larger network. Number two that I can upgrade this and other blogs to provide the necessary capabilities and bandwidth to make it all happen. Number three that there is sufficient traffic and means to create revenue to pay for the whole thing. Stay tuned to see if I can pull it all off!

  9. Helen of Troy said

    So a site with Star Trek, video games, sports and woman is what we’ve seen mentioned so far. Looks like my days here may be numbered…

    Just kidding, I enjoy two of those four (sorry boys, woman is not one of them!). I do like the 80s music idea though. I remember as a kid my older sister used to have all these magazine pictures of Wham and Duran Duran all over her room, hearing some of that music really takes you back.

    Jeez, listen to me ramble about the good old days–I’m starting to sound like my grandfather!

  10. my left nut said

    Hey folks! I’m back from my vacation at the shore! I forgot to tell everyone I was going away for a few days, hope you all missed me!

    It great to hear about the new changes coming, although, we’ve been hearing this for months now. Still I”m not going to rain on this parade yet, let’s just wait and see what S-Hess comes up with!

    And what the hell is mystery science theater 3000? I’m too sunburned to google anything right now. ouch.

  11. Hessinger said

    May I suggest, since you’re the only lady commenting right now, you make some suggestions that might help us broaden that audience as well. Left Nut, it’s true I’ve been working toward trying to figure out what to do with this amorphous thing we call n10ah for quite some time. Mainly, I’ve been trying to figure out how I could maintain it full-time or at least less sporadically than at present. I think I have part of that problem worked out but time will tell whether all the pieces will come together. Thanks for being patient.

  12. Odd Jobless said

    Christ on a cracker! Is anyoen else rock hard right now just thinking about how cool this site is about to become?

  13. Harper's Fairy said

    Hey Helen isn’t the only girl who posts here!! What about me? Something that interests me that I’d like to see a place for here is anime and manga. I’d even been willing to write for the section, maybe do a review of a series or DVD once in awhile. I’m not suggesting the site change it’s focus or anything–I’m not a hardcore fan or anything who dwells on the subject 24/7 like some other crazed fans I’ve seen.

  14. Hessinger said

    Sorry Harper’s,
    Just hadn’t heard from you in a while. That sounds like a pretty good idea and there are probably some other cool features we could introduce like doing interviews with emerging artists. I already know of one I did for my other site. Check the article beginning with this post . What I want to do very soon because of my time constraints, is to set up a seperate blog just catalogging the progress of the set up of the blog network and collecting suggestions from you the readers. I’ll pass on the URL when I’ve got it set and probably keep creating cross posts from here so no one gets too confused.

  15. Peter Guzinya said

    Sorry gents and girls,
    Been away working on some new beats over the summertime months while outta school. I’m lovin’ this new direction and can’t wait to break out a new rhyme to celebr-br-br-brate! Kick it real, homies!!!

  16. my left nut said

    Well I can’t say I’m “rock hard” just yet…but my left nut is always ready for some action!

  17. Sailor Man said

    Hey if you want relevent anime information you need a real otaku, not some pretender! If Harper’s Fairy is too good for cosplay, she doesn’t know jack about j-pop! Here’s a picture of me from Anime Expo last week:


    Now that’s hardcore otaku!!

  18. my left nut said

    Oh my burning eyes!!! Why would you post that Sailor Man? Ahhhh!!! It hurts…it hurts.

    Forget the fact that I’ll NEVER be rock hard again now…now I have to decide what I’m going to do about Satan really existing!

    Oh hell…back to the fetal position…

  19. test=results=negative said

    Oh no! Sailor Man looks just like my 9th grade shop teacher!! Is that you Mr. Millar? No wonder he was always asking to stay after class and help him “clean up”! I told my mom those shorts she used to make me wear were too tight!

    Looks like I’m going back to therapy!

  20. Peter Guzinya said

    Holy snappers!

  21. Hessinger said

    Well, Sailor Man, I just don’t know what to say. I hope we can find a way for you to…er…contribute to…er…one or more of the proposed sites…er…God, that was kind of disturbing. Anyway don’t knock Harper’s Fairy. She’s a regular here, and we hope you will be too.

  22. Harper's Fairy said

    Well I’ll leave it to the regulars here, who do you want to get anime info from, me or a 40 year old guy who dresses in a sailor outfit of a japanese schoolgirl? Anime is great, but it’s fringe can be pretty scary!

  23. Dirty Sanchez said

    wait… that was a guy? I just thought it was a Goth chick… they all look like overweight men anyway!

  24. Sailor Man said

    Sure guys have your fun, but I had plenty of guys tell me I looked great in that outfit! I might have even won the cosplay contest, but I forgot to enter! Anyway, I’ve seen plenty of sci-fi geeks dress like Klingons or Stormtroopers, its just a fun way to enjoy something you’re passionate about!

    Don’t knock it until you try it, that’s my motto!

  25. my left nut said

    Hey Sailor Man, my motto is: if you have to shave your legs to do something, you shouldn’t do it!

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