Shawn Hessinger

Shawn Hessinger is an independent musician, songwriter, producer and the proprietor, chief cook and bottle washer at the n10ah Online Music Network created to link fans and creators of independent music via the Internet.


A bootstrap entrepreneur and business journalist, Hessinger also edits BootStrapMe.com: How to bootstrap your business to fame and fortune for the Creative Weblogging Network. He lives in rural
Pennsylvania in the
United States with his wife and son.

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  1. Melissa said

    Hi Shawn,

    Whats the best way to email you about a news story for BootStrapMe.com? I represent a technology company about to announce a very cool communications and collaboration service for the small/home business audience, that I think you will be interested in. It would make a for a nice technology piece on Bootstrapme.com and I also think you’d be the perfect person to test it out (as a beta user). Let me know what you think. Good luck with your new venture, and hope to speak with you soon, Melissa

  2. Cindy Curtis said

    Thanks for the great information, Shawn. And has anyone ever told you that you look like that actor from Sideways, Paul Giamatti? If I wasn’t married, you could “bootstrap” me anytime!

  3. Mac Attack said

    Just checking out everything on the site. Impressive resume! Hey, here we are talking about music and I see you’re a songwriter. Do you have any music of yours that you can post, SH?

  4. Mac Attack said

    Just checking back to see if you had responded to my earlier request about your music endeavors, SH. Do you have a site about your music we can go to?

  5. Big Ben said

    Hey I like this site, so don’t get me wrong but does anyone think “boot strap me” sounds like something a chick asks you do after she’s had one too many? I think I’ve heard it before…

  6. ponyupbigtime said

    I think Cindy up above agrees with you, ben. Sounds like she’s got a thing for guys that look like Paul Giamatti.

    Did anyone ever see him in the Illusionist? He’s really come a long way since the Howard Stern movie, Private Parts.

  7. Mac Attack said

    Hey cool…another Giamatti post. Again, the Truman Show scenes are a real tearjerker, but now that I think about it, his Planet of the Apes appearance was equally riviting. You will believe an ape can talk.

  8. Babagooey said

    Goddammit! Does anyone care that there’s a picture on the website that could be causing seizures!?! Please let the administrators know that you have issues with the guitar picture…I’m not coming to the site anymore until it’s fixed. That pic is like the first thing that pops up and my eyes feel like I’m figuring out one of those Magic Eye puizzles.

  9. Mac Attack said

    Hey, I know I’m just as guilty for getting off-topic, but this thread is the ABOUT page, so let’s try and keep things on target. Hey Shawn, can you tell us a little more about yourself and your history of writing/producing music, what kind of music you write, any albums, etc. I think all of us here are into small label stuff (and aspiring musicians, right? Well, I try at least…) Tell us more about it.

    Hey, after all, this is YOUR page, right?

  10. Babagooey said

    Ok, so I’ve been told I’m being stupid about the pic, so I’ll stop. I guess my eyes are more sensitive to that stuff than others.

    Back to the thread, I agree with Mac. What songs have you written? I love music and consider myself a struggling musician (I play the keyboard) but I can’t write lyrics and don’t even know how you start. What tips do you have, Shawn?

  11. Gai Ramone said

    Mmmm… hey, I think he’s sexy. I love bald men though so I’m a little partial. 😉

    But cool, I want to hear about your music too. (Hey Ben! Thanks for texting me about this site.)

  12. Mac Attack said

    Just checking in with this thread. Let’s talk creating music. So how does one start, Shawn?

  13. Mac Attack said

    Geez… I’m beginning to think we’re all talking to ourselves here. C’mon guys (and Shawn)…let’s talk how to start creating music here. Any tips, bossman? 🙂

  14. Tiberius said

    Hey I posted this in another topic, but maybe it has a better chance of being seen here. Are you a Star Trek fan? I noticed the obsure Trek reference you used and I was just wondering. Have you ever seen or heard of Net Trekker?

  15. Amok Time said

    Name the quote:
    “Are you Jean Luc?”
    “And more.”
    “The more frightens me.”
    “And belates us. We wish you could understand the glorious journey that awaits.”

  16. Mac Attack said

    Jeez…guy’s… again…this isn’t about Star Trek. It’s about making music. Or at least I thought it was. Hey Hessinger. I’m starting to think you’re ignoring us posters. Does anyone else feel like we’re not getting any questuions answered?

  17. Mac Attack said

    Posting back again… I don’t want to seem like a jerk, SH…but I really want to start writing music and I really don’t know where to start. It feels like the only person that has in this blog is you, so I’m asking you from the bottom of my creative heart… can you offer some advice?

  18. Baba Gooey said

    I’m back! Getting back to my original request, I play keyboards and want tio start writign music and songs. Let’s talk tips…

  19. Casey Jones said

    Ben! What the hell, man! This site has nothing to do with reefer, dude.

    You guys are right though… this guy does look like that actor.

  20. Tiberius said

    Is that from the first season episode Lonely Among Us? I remember the scene, it’s Beverly talking to Picard. Man, you must be a hardcore fan to remember that one!

  21. Amok Time said

    Precisely right, Tiberius. For bonus points, how many fish were swimming around inside Picard’s round wall fishtank in that scene?

    Answer: ZERO (they weren’t fish. They were Quazlots inside the tank from the Raudian nebula.)

  22. Peter Guzenya said

    Jeeses… friggin nerd alert! You guys need to get soem puh-puh-pussy, holmes.

  23. Casey Jones said

    Ben! Tell me how to wipe out my e-mail, dude. And don’t come over tonight. My mom’s ragging.

  24. Casey Jones said

    Ben, scratch that. Pop by around 12… she’s out like a light. I forgot she worked a double at the diner today. I’ll leave the back door open (don’t wake up Goldy… she’ll bark and wake the whole house up.)

  25. Casey Jones said

    Ben, if your home and don’t picking up your phone, I’m gonna be pissed.

  26. Casey Jones said

    Ben, youre such an ass. I was up til 3. Pick up your phone!

  27. Randy Bot said

    I agree Cindy. He does look like him a bit. Not bad to look like someone famous, right?

  28. Shazbot Winx said

    Time for a joke, guys!

    What’s the worst thing about eating a vegetable?
    Getting them back in the wheelchair!

    Anyone got any good jokes?

  29. Shazbot Winx said

    Wait… I have a chain we can do. My girlfriend is so fat…

    She puts mayonaise on an aspirin.
    She looks like triplets sharing a head.
    She irons her pants on the driveway.
    The back of her neck looks like a pack of hotdogs.

  30. Hasbeen Done That said

    I’m down… here’s one!

    Hows a pizza delivery guy like a gynocologist?
    They can smell it but they can’t eat it!

  31. Mac Attack said

    Jeezzzzz… C’mon Shawn! Where is the reply I keep asking for? I really want to discuss how to write songs and these guys aren’t sticking to the thread. I see you answered a post from yesterday about why you call it NOAH, but what gives? Is this going to be an information site or what? I’m going to see if I can figure out what you’ve produced by Googling you.

  32. Peter Guzanya said

    Forget writing songs, dog. Try to bust out some rap. Let me hit you wit’ one real quick…

    Shizzle to the dizzle to the cold mean streets, I gotta rhyme, do the crime cause I got big beats. You think your ass got some class cause you just got paid. So watch your back, when I attack cause poppa just got made.

  33. Peter Guzanya said

    Here’s another bomb I be droppin:

    Don’t see my ones, don’t see my guns – get it
    Now tell ya friends Poppa hit it then split it
    In two as I flow with the Junior Mafia
    I don’t know what the hell’s stoppin’ ya
    I’m clockin’ ya – Versace shades watchin’ ya
    Once ya grin, I’m in game, begin!

    First I talk about how I dress and this
    And diamond necklaces – stretch Lexuses
    The sex is just immaculate from the back I get
    Deeper and deeper – help ya reach the
    Climax that your man can’t make
    Call and tell him you’ll be home real late
    Let’s sing the break!

  34. Baba Gooey said

    Hey guys, I’m back. Mr Hessinger, is there a way you can make the YouTube clip move faster? It’s really slow on my laptop.

  35. Hessinger said

    Mac Attack,
    Sorry about the wait. The number of threads is growing exponentially and is a problem to maintain at times. We’re likely to have more on music creation as well and a whole other blog on the aspect of getting involved in music as a business or career is in the works. I guess the question you ask is a hard one to answer and depends on the kind of music you want to create. I’ve written a lot of different kinds of music from rock, country and blues to more experimental material. One of the reasons I created this site was in the hopes of having a place to share music outside the current mainstream sysyem and I hope to eventually be sharing some of my own as well. If you’d like to discuss this in more detail, please drop me an e-mail at idea_man68@yahoo.com and we’ll talk further.

  36. Hessinger said

    Baba Goey,
    Yep. It’s the dial up. I am similarly cursed! One of the downsides of this digital music revolution thing will be the need for faster access. It’s not this site but your connection to YouTube and there are even longer downloads we’ll be linking to, so maybe let it download while you’re doing something else. Also, if you’re having trouble, I would suggest roaming the YouTube site to see if they have suggestions.

  37. Baba Gooey said

    So you have dial up too? See, everyone tells me I’m like the last person on the planet to have dialup and I tell them they’re wrong. OK, I’ll take your advice. I usually will go pee or something while it’s loading or do something else.

  38. Peter Guzenya said

    Yo all… jus’ lettin’ you know that one of our own met the maker this weekend. Shout out your respects on the spoon guy post. Peace.

  39. wookie-huning-nookie said

    Hey Shawn, I’m looking forward to you sharing some of your music with us at the community. You seem to be pretty well versed in the music world, as a writer, producer, and singer. Do you have a site where we can buy some of your CDs, or are you on ITunes under a different name? I’ve searched Shawn Hessinger but nothing shows up there.

  40. Peter Guzenya said

    Hey, I’d be about that. Might pick up some pointers. Hook us up with your tunes, brother!

  41. Gaga Googoo said

    After reading all these posts, I’m so sorry KC. I’m so so sorry.


  42. Monkeyseal said

    Just posting ona few threads here. Pretty slick site… anyone got any idea where you can get tickets for bands on the cheap? Like a Priceline.com type site for iondie bands? I need to save a few pennies and that advice would be great.

  43. Hasbeen DoneThat said

    What’s an iondie band?

  44. Will Ingham said

    I think he met indies, ya jackass!

  45. chippy_the_k said

    Hey Judy, who’s KC and why are you sorry for him?

  46. Baba Gooey said

    CAsey Jones’s real name is KC… KC meaning Casey. He’s really disstraght by all this.

  47. Hasbeen Done That said

    KC… us bloggers hope that you feel better soon. I know you’re feeling guilty, but just because Ben was on his way to your house when he passed, that doesn’t make it your fault. In fact, if he had left earlier like you had asked him to, he wouldn’t have been as high. In a way, you almost saved him… try thinking about that, KC. It’s time to heal.

  48. my left nut said

    Man does anyone else around here feel like Shawn thinks he’s Moses and we’re the early Israelites? Like he’s up on some mountain somewhere and every once in awhile he can be bothered to come down and speak with us? He’s promised updates his background in music, and we still have zip. I have no faith in this guy.

    Enough I say! Let’s start building a golden calf! Who’s with me?

  49. Monkeyseal said

    I think My Left Nut is right. I don’t know… what I enjoy about this community are the people that make it up, but I think we could create this kind of magic anywhere in a less racist environment where the administrator addresses the needs of the community.. or at least speaks to them on a daily basis! If you’re feeling the same way, my private e-mail is smith23@yahoo.com If Big Brother doesn’t yank this, then e-mail me and we’ll start our own community until things clean up around here.

  50. Monkeyseal said

    I’ve got eight bloggers now. My Left Nut, if you’re still out there… thank you for helping me with this. The world changed after the whole Don Imus dilemma and this is out chance to make a difference. I believe that and bloggers, I know My Left Nut believes it too.

    I just got an e-mail from Will Ingham… thanks Will! That makes 9.

  51. Monkeyseal said

    Ponyupbigtime just sent an e-mail as well. Administrators, I hope you’re listening. I know you may not think this is serious, but it is. We want no more racism, daily communication and our questions answered. You guys created this site, right You want us here, correct? Then give us a reason to stay.

    I’m letting everyone know to cease and desist with posting here until these actions are in place.

  52. Alex said

    Thank You

  53. humpback mountain said

    Hey Alex, you’re welcome. I mean that, you’re welcome!

  54. Fredinstein said

    Hey, it looks like they used to have a lot of great conversations going here. Looking forward to blogging with you all.

  55. chippy_the_k said

    “used to have a lot of great conversations” is about right. The longer Shawn waits to update the site, the more people I think are moving on. It’s been nearly two weeks since we’ve seen a new post from the site creator. Some of us think he’s moved on.

  56. Baba Gooey said

    Dude, give hima break.The guy’s a musician and he’s writing abook.


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