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Hessinger Media is live!

Just posted the first entry at the new Hessinger Media Blog which will chronicle the launch of the new network.

Though n10ah will continue to be part of the larger network, questions about our overall setup can better be answered by reading regular entries there and making your suggestions for content and other features.

Please confine comments to suggestions about the new network and what features you believe should be offered.  Think of it as a continuation of the conversation in the previous post.

Posts here, however sporadic as I’m trying to get things up and running, will continue to be mostly about independent music.


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I could use your help

Help me give feedback on this blogSorry about the long hiatus. Burning the candle at both ends again between my day job (though I’m off this week) and a second gig editing this business blog over at the Creative Weblogging network which is slowly becoming an increasing focus of resources.

However, in view of a good natured warning from reader wookin’ pa nub, I’m going to slip another post in here in hopes of generating some feedback.

As I’ve hinted in the past, I’m currently working on the possibility of incorporating this website into a larger project which I’m hoping will provide not only additional content on a variety of subjects but also in the future perhaps free blogging service for others with a passion to communicate something on the Worldwide Web.

I’m thinking the first step in this process will be a network of some kind including this blog and a growing family of others to appeal to a variety of readers.

I’ve already gotten some useful feedback from visitors here at n10ah about some other blog subjects that might have an audience and, although I can’t guarantee we will use all the ideas, I’d love to hear more.

What subjects do you think might be interesting to read about as part of a new blog network and what kinds of features do you think should be included in a free service offering high end blogging to readers? Include your suggestions below or e-mail me here with your ideas. Thanks.

Photo Credit: ©Nicolas Raymond, Morguefile

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The Peopleized interview

Halil Peopleized Shawn Hessinger interview

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A few months ago, I was interviewed by a guy named Halil from Stuttgart, Germany whose new site Peopleized offers members the opportunity to create conversations with friends, associates or perfect strangers.


The result will give regular readers of this blog a little behind the scenes info on me and some of my other projects in case you’re interested though it is more about the blog.


You can join and do your own interviews on-line. I’m hoping to use the site myself to do some musician interviews in the near future. Enjoy.

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N10ah on MyBlogLog

MyBlogLog music community

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If you weren’t aware of it yet, n10ah is on the MyBlogLog community and becomming a member is FREE. 

You can upload your own image for your profile (please use some discretion here, folks. I’d rather not get any cranky e-mails from the  MyBlogLog support staff), interact with other readers of this blog via our group’s message board and wander around the MyBlog Log community making other friends and contacts. 

Just sign in here to get started, create your profile and then go to the n10ah community and select the Join Community button. It’s that easy! 

Hope to see you there!     

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N10ah is evolving!

dinosaur skull

After almost four months on the Internet, n10ah is undergoing a transformation.


Though originally intended as a network for both creators and listeners of independent music, we’ve decided to focus our attention on developing this website into the premier guide to independent music online.


Past forays into the behind the scenes how-to’s of independent music for those interested and involved in the indie music business both online and in the F2F world will continue on a new website soon to be announced.


And of course there will be some overlap and cross linking in future features where obvious connections exist.


We also don’t expect this shift in focus to diminish in any way the community spirit we’ve tried to foster here at n10ah and still strongly encourage you’re comments and other input.


Increased focus on citizen journalism with reviews of online music and shared favorite links from readers is one place we particularly hope this sense of community will thrive.


And, of course, information from bands, artists, independent labels and podcasters particularly connected to music with a high availability online is still welcome.


We’re simply looking for a way to allow independent music listeners to focus more on finding the music they love or new music they can get into online without wading through post after post of do-it-yourself recording techniques, info on how to start an independent record store or other topics best left to another forum.


In this case, we’re hoping less will be more in the sense that less focus on info aimed at the music professional will leave more room for just plain music.


We hope you agree. For input or questions about some of our future plans and how you can be involved, e-mail us here.

Photo Credit: Bobainsworth, Morguefile

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N10ah Online Music boutique open for business

n10ah black shirt They’re here! Get ‘em while they’re hot! 

Four shirts and a tote to show your support for the new n10ah Online Music Network. 

This is just the beginning and lots more content is planned, so don’t miss out.  

Check out our new online store and place an order for the Hanukkah or Christmas holiday. There are several sizes and colors available. 

Selection includes two short sleeved shirts each with the n10ah logo and shirts for Hanukkah and Christmas. There is also a Christmas shopping tote available. 

If you’d like to find out more about how to put branded merchandise together and set-up an online store for your own band or musical endeavor, check out the blog or the next few posts for more details.

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n10ah is rearranging the furniture!

Rearranged furniture Under a week in n10ah’s new home and we’re already moving things around a bit. The main changes are on your right hand rail.

In place of the long and ponderous blogroll which was not a very good way of helping visitors find subjects of interest to them, you’ll now find a range of links arranged in much more specific categories.

Those categories include Artists, Resources, Broadcasts and Podcasts, n10ah Network Links and Music Press.

We’re also planning a category called MySpace Music for links to the many independent music sites on MySpace.

If you have suggestions for other links or more categories, drop us an e-mail.

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