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Swiss record label cultivates tradition

rock-a-billy new Europe Swiss

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While the rest of the independent music world seems ready to move completely into the digital realm, Swiss label Blue Lake Records, located in Vevey on the banks of Lake Geneva is firmly rooted in tradition.


Its roster of such traditional rock-a-billy style groups as Rewinders, Jerry & the Rockets and Hot Rhythm and Booze include many that have recorded on the affiliated JCR Recording Service.


The studio is equipped with vintage analogue and tube sound and recording gear to capture the mood and feel of mid-fifties rhythm and blues and rock n’ roll recordings.


The studio and label’s approach is spelled out in a kind of mission statement on its index page:

Instead of trying to develop a commercial activity, our goal is to have fun by sharing our passion.

Check out the label’s catalog and shopping pages including a vinyl section. But remember, this is not an oldies or re-release label. These are new recordings by new European groups. Crazy, Daddio!


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Spoon slide guitarist offers unique sound

Hannes Coetzee

Watch this YouTube video clip of South African spoon slide guitarist Hannes Coetzee from the David Kramer documentary Karoo Kitaar Blues.


Coetzee’s notability is still being debated for inclusion by editors over at Wikipedia and frankly the music is new to me, but my own two cents is that it deserves a wider audience based only on the little I’ve heard.


Visit David Kramer’s homepage for more info and for music from Coetzee and other musicians from around the world be sure to check out Calabash Music, dubbed the world’s first fair trade music company.


Add any thoughts including more information on music available from Coetzee below.


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